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Summers Gazette Entry #33 -F**K U!

*Warning, this blog contains adult themes and strong language, reader discretion advised* By the order of CPW, welcome Galaxy to this rundown of CPW Underground and the show christened as F**k U. I like to think it’s after what I yelled at Alex Conners in his match with Eli but it could be for any


Reload 2019 In the words of the great Don Callis, “What just happened, Josh?” Of course, the Josh is figurative; he could be any one of you reading this. What a mad and crazy show this was from start to finish, as all New Blood shows tend to be. There is always a shock moment

Summers Gazette Entry #31 – LET’S GO

Let’s Go! Greetings once again CPW Galaxy and welcome to the newly revamped and reformatted CPW Blog now entitled the Summers Gazette after the suggestion made on my new T-Shirt that can be bought on the CPW Website along with the T-shirts for season 7 of many other stars like Lucia Lee, James Cross, Team