Month: August 2019


CPW Godiva Championship Eli Conners def George Team Madness def 666 Pack & Iron Serb Shauna Shay & Lucia Lee def Luna Rox & Alfie Rogue Tommbie & FIFI def G6 Will Starr def James Cross Jordan Blaze def Morris and Imperial Dragon ===================================== Match Of The Afternoon Tommbie & FIFI vs G6 Performance Of


Summerfest 4 Results CPW Heavyweight Championship Niall Fairchild def Kieran Young CPW NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship No1 Contenders Match Apollo Vela def Imperial Dragon, Tommbie and James Cross Kat Von Kaige def Lucia Lee Will Starr def Jordan Blaze Charlie, FIFI and Morris def Mr Ace, Jimmy Vice and Iron Serb G6 def Team Madness


Hello there once again CPW Galaxy, Frankie Summers back once again with the rundown of the events that happened on this in-between season edition of CPW Live. It was certainly an action-packed show this time with 8 matches filling out the card. We had rivalries coming to a head, both old and new, we had


CPW Underground: Secret Society *Warning, this will contain swearing and graphic descriptions of violence, discretion advised. Welcome back CPW Galaxy, Frankie Summers here with another rundown of the events of our latest CPW show. That being the 16+ first show in the history of CPW, a more adult-themed show with more swearing, violence and carnage


The first show of Season 7 and it’s going to be a BIG DRAMA SHOW!! It’s going to be an epic night of family wrestling entertainment as stars like FIFI, Will Starr, Lucia Lee and more return to action whilst female international wrestling star Claudia Bradstone and Steve Valentino make their CPW debut and it

Booking now open for the CPW Supershow in September…..

The second show of Season 7 is going to a HUGE one and takes place Saturday 28th September LIVE from the Henley Green Community Centre in Coventry! See your favourite CPW stars take on the best from around the world in this epic 2.5 hour family wrestling special featuring the main event marquee match UK

7 Questions Special – Wes Handley

Q.1 Thank you for agreeing to do this interview, You are arguably the greatest fan CPW has ever have. Tell us about how you came to find out about CPW and what was your first experience of a CPW show like? So a friend of mine was having a boxing match (not my kind of

Huge Main Event for Summerfest 4……

Niall Fairchild makes the first defence of his CPW Heavyweight Championship as he goes one on one with G6 member Kieran Young in a huge Summerfest 4 main event. Don’t miss this awesome main and get your tickets today at the CPW BOX OFFICE


With season 7 approaching and everything going to be bigger and better than Season 6 for FiFi this will be no different FiFi wants to remain at the top but also push to be better than ever. FiFi is going to...….


CPW have teamed up with the Leicester Sports Centre to bring you a day of fun activities including Bouncy Castles, Soft Play, Games, Stalls and also a FREE Wrestling show!!! Yes, Summerfest 5 is going down Sunday 25th August LIVE at the Leicester Sports Centre in Leicester. Enjoy the Fun Day from 1pm ahead of