Month: July 2021

History 8 is available now On Demand….

It has been described by many as the greatest night in CPW History and you can now relive all the magic and wonderment that History 8 provided in full with the History 8 – Final Edition which is now available exclusively on CPW On Demand!!! CPW On Demand – Subscribe Today –

The Summer starts this Tuesday…..

Ahead of Season 9 in September we will now enter into our first ever Summerfest Season which will begin Tuesday 27th July and will finish just before the start of Season 9! The Summerfest Season will see new match ups, new match concepts, LIVE PPV’s and the chance to see new ‘outside’ stars try out


History 8 Results CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship – Mr Richards def Cleo CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship – Cleo def Dale Richardson CPW Lineal Women’s Championship – Ladder Match Harley Harris def Alfie & Chantal Jordan CPW Heavyweight Championship – Alex Conners def Leyton Simms CPW Women’s Championship – Kat Von Kaige def Shawty CPW New