Hello again CPW Galaxy, this is Frankie Summers here coming at you again with another edition of the CPW blog which we will definitely need to come up with a catchy name for. So here we are with the final station stop before History V, the biggest show of the year that brings everything in the mad season to a close.

An amendment first. West and Joy are still tag champs and it was the chance for MMS to get a crack at the belts rather than vacate them. It’s fantastic that CPW has given you great fans the chance to come to the last Primetime wrestling show of the year for free if you buy a ticket for History V. You will not want to miss history now that we have all the pieces set up, and it’s set to be an absolutely explosive 8 match card. Before we get into the breakdown of Primetime, I have to give a big shoutout to my friend and yours of course, Danny O’Neil and his partner Shannon, after they announced on Facebook that they’re expecting their first child together. Just call him Daddy O’Neil now (thanks for that one Dominic, you beat me to it.) Now since Road to History, the fallout of the show has spread and a certain Marcel has come out and made a very unnerving video stating his supremacy with his new established stable. Marcel himself states that he doesn’t have to fight anyone, and by rights that’s true, he has 3 heavies working for him, a fine blend of speed, intelligence and power in those, but only one attribute per guy, Marcel pretty much said so himself. Marcel himself of course has the managerial know how to top it all off and make it function. Except as a manager goes, Marcel is powerless, but what can we really do when he has 2 world champions and a potential number one contender with his own entourage with him?

So in total, that’s a group of 6 people that we all have to worry about, and if Social Media is anything to go by, Marcel now has the Beast on his side too, that makes 7, and that’s quite a diverse band right there. Of course only 5 are active performers, if you include Scarecrow Conners, but Summer and of course Marcel are not above interjecting themselves and I have a feeling we will see a lot of it in the coming times I mean sure, all he’s done is make some mildly insulting memes so far, but that’s pretty much how anyone makes an argument anymore. Look at any Facebook comments section on any public page with any polarising post and see people throwing memes at each other when they don’t agree with your opinion. Will, Danny and Mr Richards all have their work cut out of them, as do the rest of the roster.
I know that Marcel is clever and can get people on his side when it counts. But if you want me to be your stooge Marcel, then you’ve got another thing coming. I won’t side with anyone who advocates for hitting female announcers, be they my colleague or not. I know you haven’t seen me in the best favour lately either, ever since you choked me out for not bowing down to you. I, so you know Marcel will NEVER bow down to you or your cheap shot artist band of flunkies.
Marcel further reinforced this point at the opening of the show in a talk with Dominic DeWinter. Marcel came out with a sling on his arm, which immediately got the crowd mocking him which was cruel but, let’s admit it Marcel, you deserve everything you get. It lead to a contract signing, or what would have been one where Marcel said due to his injury he wouldn’t be able to wrestle or sign the contract. It turned out it was all a ruse after Dominic signed it on his behalf, to which the cloth was pulled off revealing that Marcel was not injured at all, but it just means that Tom Lindsay will have Marcel in his corner at History and Mr Richards will have Dominic in his corner in this “Let’s go to war” match.

Meanwhile onto the show. To kick off with we got a couple of debuts in one show. We got a new referee in Scott who is the youngest member of the CPW crew and is a welcome addition. We got a friend of mine in Man Like Dereiss who has a long and storied history in wrestling. He’s wrestled all over the Midlands and if you got to any show in the local area, chances are you may just see him. He went up against recent birthday boy Shaun Ruben, to whom I extend best wishes. Shaun met his match this time it seems. Only. TJ Sky has been able to overcome him so far, but that still doesn’t mean he isn’t a formidable opponent and this time he had to outsmart Dereiss by using his own moves against him. Dereiss rolled Shaun up in a bridging pin and Shaun shifted his weight on top of Dereiss which got his shoulders off the mat. When the 3 was called by Scott and Dereiss’ music started to play the crowd went crazy, but Steve who was officiating outside called that Shaun was in fact the winner. The fans didn’t like this decision and turned on Scott and Steve but Dereiss in good sportsmanship defended the decision. This was not Scott’s fault and it seems bad that his debut has been tarnished by a controversial finish. It was an impressive victory for Shaun either way as he continues this fantastic run. I can see him getting a shot at that academy or even the triple threat belt down the line.
Next was one of Marcel’s unit in the man who’s unpopularity speaks for itself, Alex Conners taking on the ever revered Morris. A surprisingly even contest when you add it up. As much as he and I don’t get along, I have to give Alex this, he has more experience than you may think and is surprisingly agile for a man his size. His intensity is second to none and his ability to brawl, and his willingness to hurt himself to hurt his opponent more makes him a very dangerous opponent even without bringing the other Hillibillies into it. Morris however despite his record is not one to be underestimated, he’s strong and tough with an great all round style and can lift and throw people much heavier than he is. Alex lead off proceedings by out-wrestling Morris a couple of times, but Morris caught him by surprise. I have the feeling Alex misjudged Morris as he quickly lost that edge he had at the start. It got ugly fast with brawling, yelling at the crowd and after Morris got the upper hand, he was subject to the interference of the Hillbillies. This didn’t stop Morris as he hit the stunner on Alex Conners and went for the pin, and Scarecrow pulled Alex out in front of Steve. The distraction wasn’t enough however as once Alex was back in the ring, Morris got the crowd behind him again and kept on attacking. Alex however was backed up into a corner, he tripped Morris with the double leg takedown, put both feet on the ropes and stole the match, which surely makes him think of the good ole days of cattle rustling back at the ranch.

Now earlier I was speaking about the Academy championship, our champ Bashby threw out an open challenge for his championship belt. I would have loved to have taken the challenge but we got another debut and a challenge gladly answered by George, who has been with the Academy a little while now and surprisingly does have wrestling history behind him. Hecertainly is a hard worker with moves that can and will surprise you. When Blitzkrieg Bop hit from the sound system and George came out we instantly had something to get behind him with. Also the fact that Bashby has been running his mouth for so long and thanks to Bob in part he has no more challengers. Until this point. It opened up with a simple grapple game that Bashby was surprisingly beaten at. His frustration showed in the end as he’d clearly underestimated George. He gained control at times but it just wasn’t enough as George pulled off a win out of nowhere after reversing Bashby’s finisher and turning it into his own. For a kid in his early teens to win a title off a long standing holder on a debut is certainly an achievement. But leading to History V, his first title defence will be against Bob Bashby, a man who is tough and dangerous, with size and intensity and despite his age is in the Academy division for his short stint in the business. I don’t like George’s chances but someone referred to him as the Dragonslayer at the show. I put it forward that if he wins at History V, we start calling him Dragonslayer George.
There was the beloved Fifi and the despised Dan Evans in a singles contest in the lead up to the tag team gauntlet match at History V between 2 of its qualifiers. It was an even match, which was surprising and Fifi even seemed to get the better of Dan and hit him with the Fifi Factor before Seth Skyline dashed in and broke up the pin. Then a double team beat down ensued. Fifi got the upper hand for a moment before trying to take them both out with an aerial assault. It didn’t work as Dan and Seth killed that momentum with a double chair shot, then hit a low blow with the chairs too. It was a brutal and shocking occurance as they left of the of heroes of CPW Galaxy beaten and broken, knowing Neon Defender wasn’t there to help him. A cowardly and disgusting action. I managed to get an interview with them afterwards, after they said they had a message for the World. It turns out they sent that message by saying nothing at all, and it seems I just wasn’t worth their time. Next time you can interview yourselves, Merseyside Murder Squad.

Then during the interval, George and a few of the regulars came out to have photos with the fans while we got some promos done in the back, which is the reason why you all heard chanting from backstage. Due to other commitments I missed the 4 way tag team match as The Bank Job , Iron Serb and Bob Bashby, TJ Sky and the returning Jason Joshua and Jake Casanova with the surprise entrant of Eli Conners all faced off against one another in what I have heard was a knock down drag out affair, I’ve seen pictures and short clips however and some of the action looked brutal. Lots of high impact moves from the 8 tough guys in the ring, most of them are brawlers as well which makes it most intense and most exciting. The Bank Job pulled off the win, further building their momentum going into the tag team finals at History V, and making sure that Anthony Mafia’s Triple Threat belt stays around his waist longer too as he won’t have to defend it. If the Bank Job overcome West and Joy, Rainbow Boys and the Merseyside Murder Squad, it will catapult Leyton Simms up the rankings for sure and make Anthony Mafia one of the hardest hitters in the company for sure.

Next was a partner vs partner singles match as Craig West and Justin Joy face one another to find out who is the best of the two. This match was all high impact, flying and primal rage, especially from Justin who I must say does a great impression of a peregrine falcon when flying through the air, he’s our very own bird man. These two come up with new moves seemingly every single show and they will always come up with something that will just shock you. Justin’s combination of slams, suplexes and aerial strikes against Craig West’s innovative ‘make use of the ring’ offence and even a move that he hadn’t tried before when he guillotined Justin on the middle rope. The crowd was firmly behind Justin throughout this whole match, as they have been during their whole run as champs. I will admit that West and Joy were the first team I ever saw in CPW, and I knew something was special about them. Both of these guys seemed dead even until West hit a reverse out of nowhere after kicking out of a tilt a whirl slam from Justin. He pinned him 1 2 3 in the centre of the ring, but in the end they shook hands and left the ring together with no hard feelings. Sure some fans were left sad, but they got once of the most close and tense and most exciting matches this side of an Ospreay/Ricochet match. Yes, I am putting these two men in that category. I mean their moves aren’t as spectacular, but their chemistry makes them just as enjoyable to watch and that’s what it’s all about. They know each others moves, they know how to counter those moves and will always have an answer for one another. That’s what being a tag team is all about. You have to know your partner as well as your opponents, whether the situation is like this for just a friendly match, or if your partner goes rogue and you have to fight them and beat them to show you were the better member of the team. How many times have we seen that throughout wrestling history?

Finally we got to the main event, a tag team match which is definitely a warm up for History V and The Chosen One Will Starr and the returning Lucy Sky took on the golden combination of Women’s champion Natalie Wild and Next Gen Champion Isaac Quentin III. Will and Lucy have teamed up before, but Nat and Isaac haven’t, and there was no champions advantage here, only in the sense of confidence and an edge and being the current best in your division. It started out strongly for Will, getting an early edge over the champ, but once Isaac felt the heat, he immediately tagged out to Nat, which meant Will, who was a house of fire at this point was forced to tag out and the girls went at it. Lucy fought bravely and did get a short time with the upper hand, but a cheap shot by Nat stopped that momentum. Even Isaac got in the ring to take a crack at her, and after a desperate struggle, Lucy got back in and tagged in Will, who just exploded with offence on Isaac, which was good retribution for all the suffering that he has caused over the past few months since Super Card back in March where Isaac cashed in the Golden Ticket to get the belt in the first place. The action spilled outside once both girls were tagged back in with Will giving Isaac a brutal beatdown outside the ring in the angriest display I’ve ever seen him do. In the end Natalie pinned Lucy to win the match, which resulted in the action continuing between the two men. Will finally got the better of Isaac in extra curricular, but this is what sparked Isaac to throw out that the match at History V will be a British Wrestling rules match, with 8 3 minute rounds, best 2 out of 3 falls/submissions. I assume public warnings and 1 Knockout rules will be in place like in All Star American Wrestling which was the evolution of World of Sport after that stopped the first time. As much as I hate to say it, Isaac has gotten under Will’s skin and and he may be playing into his hands. But here’s the thing. These two men as much as you may hate to admit it are almost perfectly matched. Both have similar physiques and are about the same height. Both use a similar style. Both have minor techniques that they favour over the other to get small advantages here. I wouldn’t like to call who will win this from here, but Will is a different man who is in it more than just for a title belt, he’s in it for pride and revenge. Isaac has hurt him and his friends, and he’s gone against us the fans. We can only hope that justice will prevail and Will beats the living snot out of Fancypants Quentin. The odds are stacked against him though in a stipulation he didn’t pick against a man who has never lost in CPW by hook or by crook. This promises to be one hell of a match and I’ll be bringing more to you as the matches on the card get announced before the show. Look out for interviews and promos from myself and the other members of the CPW Roster. I hope you enjoyed this more journalistic approach to a show breakdown. This will be the format after every show now, and inbetween it will be build up to upcoming shows and reactions to

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