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They were denied there moment under the magical CPW lights in March but now they will finally take that prestigious walk to the CPW Ring LIVE in front of their family, friends and The CPW Galaxy this September Tickets are available from the CPW BOX OFFICE or Superstar Project Trainees. IF you wanna embark on

HISTORY 7 is here!!!!

It was a dream we thought wouldn’t come true but as usual we have overcome the odds and the Season 7 Finale History 7 is now upon us!! TICKET ONLY EVENT Join us for our biggest show off the year as we bring you History 7 two and half hours of the best family wrestling

R2H Match Card

It’s shaping up to be a massive penultimate show to History 7 as the biggest names in CPW put all on the line for one thing. Legacy TICKETS ARE LIMITED AND CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED ONLINE AT THE CPW BOX OFFICE, PAYING ON THE DOOR IS NOT AVAILABLE we have strict covid 19 protocols in


The final stop before our biggest show of the season History 7 and what a show it promises to be!! What will be next for the CPW Lineal Heavyweight Champion Will Starr and his History 7 challenger Cleo after the devastating impact Cleo caused at Adrenaline 2020. How about Lucia Lee? Can she make it

The final journey…..

It’s finally happening!! BOOK HERE The CPW stars and the CPW Galaxy will reunite for 3 weeks of non stop CPW wrestling entertainment as we bring Season 7 to a climax. See all your favourite CPW stars like Will Starr, Lucia Lee, Morris, Cleo, Tommbie and more. **Tickets are very limited due to a cap