Hello once again CPW Galaxy, Frankie Summers reporting with a rundown of the NextGen show Ready or Not, brought to you by Hakimpur Cash and Carry and hosted at the Henley Green Community centre.

This was another great show that carried on the events going on for a while now. We opened the show with myself coming out to address the audience and to perform Sweet Caroline as is tradition on all of our shows. I had some help with me this time as Niall Fairchild came out to assist with the performance, and he announced he will be returning to CPW and will be back for his first match at New Blood. He’s issued an open challenge to whoever wants to wrestle him. Personally I will be turning down that challenge as I’m sure management have someone else for me to face, or someone who would request to face me, and as I’m in the public eye a lot, that could be one of many people.

Word of note, some of these will not be as detailed as I wasn’t in a position to take down notes. If you want to see the matches if you missed them, or want to see them again, join the CPW Patreon page and you can watch the footage On Demand. Also due to asking someone else to keep watch while I was away to give me a brief idea of what happened, all of my match notes seem to be out of order, so apologies if I get some of the matches mixed up here.

I introduced Dominic Dewinter came out to address the crowd and made a few announcements regarding upcoming shows and events and a rundown of what would be happening later in the show. Then handed the show over to myself to make the introduction for the first match.

I’ve decided to take a more simplified form for the blog from now on as people were complaining about information being incorrect, so I’ll just give a breakdown of circumstances surrounding the match and who won from now on. This will reduce the chances of misinformation. My main issue is that I have to write down my own play by play and watch at the same time, so sometimes I’ll miss things because I can’t write legibly and watch at the same time. It’s tricky even with people helping. So I hope you enjoy this new format.

We opened up Ready or Not with a non title match between Stevie W and CPW Godiva Champion Imperial Dragon. We’ve not seen Stevie in a while and it’s fair to say the CPW Galaxy has missed him. He and the Dragon are no strangers to eachother, they have wrestled before and Stevie came out on top. However, this was before Dragon showed this savage mean streak that won him the Godiva Championship in the first place from Morris.

Dragon tried to get the early psychological advantage by insulting and taunting Stevie, even gnawing away at him in the corner, the intimidation didn’t work and Stevie fought back locking in a headlock. Dragon tried to counter and hip toss Stevie over after a whip off, but Stevie caught Dragon in a hip toss. Dragon hit one of those savage corner chops that we know him for, and everyone in CPW fears. After getting some advantage, Stevie fought back but cut him off with a slam, then later a backbreaker. No matter what high impact move Dragon came up with Stevie kept fighting back, and when he seemed to be nearing the win, Dragon picked up that damned Kendo stick and whacked Stevie with in and got himself disqualified.

Personally I don’t know why Dragon would do this as his title wasn’t on the line and he had nothing to gain from it. I guess he’d sooner leave on his own terms with a DQ than face defeat. The thing is, while he has that stick and his bag of tricks, he will have that title for a long time. He assaulted Stevie after the match, hitting him with a Tombstone Piledriver and multiple times with the stick. In the end, Dale and I tried to help Stevie up. We got him to his feet, but he angrily shook us off and hobbled out of the ring. I don’t think it’s over between these two, I really don’t, but where Dragon is involved it can only get uglier. I interviewed Dragon backstage afterwards where I decried his actions as deplorable and he made his intentions very clear. The full interview is on the CPW Facebook page

Next was the first of 2 Debuts in CPW. ‘Sugar’ Jimmy Vice against Anthony Mafia.

Mafia seems to have some respect from the fans after his matinee performance against Will Starr back at the Free Show, even if he is still a bad guy, and he likes to show this off with uzi like repetition. Appropriately enough that is. ‘Sugar’ Jimmy Vice however is brand new to CPW, he reminds me a lot of someone else on the wrestling scene, albeit a more family friendly and more amicable version. I was surprised he didn’t have a certain song as his entrance music, but I found out that’s because someone else uses that.

Jimmy gave the crowd lollies as he went around the audience. If it was an attempt to sweeten them towards him I don’t think he really needed it. The crowd seemed to take a shine to him pretty much instantly. Mafia attacked Vice on the outside which got him an early but cheap advantage.

Back in the ring Jimmy fought back and hit a big body slam, before pulling Mafia up and attempting to finish it quick with the Sugar Bomb. Mafia slipped out and feigned a big move, but just slammed Jimmy instead. Then he took him down and got a 2 count. Mafia took advantage with his smashmouth offence. Feigning another move and slapping again, before hitting the kick between the shoulder blades. Another 2 count. Jimmy got the advantage after a withstanding a whip exchange and dropkick. He dodged one kick and countered with a Famouser. It didn’t last long as Mafia rolled out, then got to the top and leaped with a Missile Dropkick. Mafia took control once again but Jimmy kept fighting back.

It came to a head when on the second attempt, Jimmy hit the Sugar Bomb, then the Slice n Dice

which is his finisher, but Mafia kicked out. He went for another one, but Mafia slipped out and hit the backstabber, followed by his roll through dropkick before getting the pin for 3. Mafia wins.

This was a very exciting match and a great debut for Jimmy Vice. I hope we see him back again some time as the fans took a real shine to him, his moves were impressive and crisp in the ring, and he was a great match up for Mafia. I got an interview with him back stage, and despite the sugar he is an advocate for good mouth hygiene as well, that’s on the CPW Facebook page, please give it a watch under the videos tab.

Next was another match that was highly anticipated was the women’s match as Nadia Sapphire took on the returning Shauna Shay. Nadia had been gone from CPW for a while, and is still down in history as the first ever CPW Women’s champion. A belt with great prestige and by some fantastic women over the years, with the likes of Lana Austin, Lizzy Styles, Athena Furie, Natalie Wild and numerous others, now currently held by Victoria Adams. Shauna, in her last appearance fought Victoria for that belt in an unsuccessful attempt, but she fought valiantly and in her last interview with me, she said she would be back. Now here she is with her chance to win the new Women’s Lineal championship and the Queen of the Galaxy Tournament.

Funny instance here as Nadia was coming out she was carrying her faithful mirror, checking herself out in it and enjoying how she looks, a little self-absorbed but you have to praise someone to have that much confidence in themselves. Of course that mirror is her treasure and it was passed to me.

I was tasked with protecting it before handing it to Eightball and Skinner at the sound booth. Of course I took the time to check my reflection, make sure that I still looked presentable, which annoyed Nadia immensely. I must say though Nadia, it is a very good mirror and I can see why you use it. The weight is fine, you keep it clean and it has magnifiers on the back. Even I looked presentable in it, making me feel like Prince John in Disney’s Robin Hood.

It was an even match but Shauna seemed to have the advantage for a good part of the match, showing that in her time away she has been training hard and getting tougher, faster and even better in terms of her technical skills. She showed that she is a great all rounder once again with takedowns and quick wear down moves that took Nadia by surprise. Of course Nadia fought back with her roughneck tactics, using her power advantage to overwhelm Shauna throughout.

The big, shocking moment and turning point came during this moment where both women were down. None other than Lucia Lee came down to the ring and jumped onto the ring apron with unknown intentions. She was still angry at having lost to Nadia at Superstars the week before, and it was enough of a distraction for Shauna to take Nadia down and get the 3 count. Lucia jumped in the ring and hugged Shauna and celebrated with her as the disgruntled Nadia slinked off. Not before grabbing her mirror and yelling at Eightball and Skinner again.

Lucia then called for the microphone which I gave to her and she gave the big announcement that the person who was given the place on the main roster was her and she was staking her claim to become the first CPW Lineal Women’s champion and Queen of the CPW Galaxy. She will face Luna Rox her main roster debut in the Last of the Quarter Final rounds. Then we will have the final four and the set up to find out who the Queen of The Galaxy is in CPW.

Next was our first half main event and it was a special attraction match as CPW Unified Champion Will Starr took on the returning Jay J Roberts of the House of Beards tag team. Jay J is the bigger of the two beards and he came here to represent his home nation of Wales and to prove the tagging isn’t everything he’s about. He’s also an accomplished Singles Wrestler and wanted to prove it in a non-title match against Will Starr. Will is never one to turn down a challenge. He has wrestled all over the Midlands and has taken on opponents way bigger than him numerous times, not just Beast and Mr Richards. He will always have an answer for what most will throw at him.

Jay J came out and almost immediately the crowd got on his case, insulting his heritage with a chant of Sheep. Of course Jay J had an answer for them but it did get under his skin a little bit. Especially when the crowd you’re performing in front of used to cheer you.

In the end Will got the 3 count and the win over the big Welshman, but only just as he kicked out seemingly on the 3, but was it a 2.99 count or a 3? I was in the back interviewing Will about the match after it happened and Jay J stormed into the interview and got into Will’s face, saying that the officiating of the match was poor and a disgrace and that he should be granted another chance. Also, Will should put both halves of the Unified championship on the line, if he was man enough. Will accepted after not much convincing, but I feel that to negate the issue and to prevent any further issues like this, perhaps some kind of extra enforcement may be needed. Be it a guest ref, a ref on the outside or even a nominated party from each side. However that last one may be open to abuse.

Then we got the second half where I conducted some interviews, all of which are available on the CPW Facebook Page. Shauna, Lucia Lee, Jimmy Vice, Fifi, Steve and Morris all got in the ring for photos at Fan Access.

We opened up the second half with James Cross taking on Fifi. This came about about James got bloodied at the hands of Fifi at Elimination. Also that he was revived with mouth to mouth CPR that he did not appreciate. So this was war regardless.

Fifi immediately opened the match up by kissing James, which made him bail in disgust. Fifi chased but got cut off, James attacked outside and took advantage before rolling Fifi in for a 2 count. He hit a German suplex and got another 2. Fifi fought back with the gut kick, but got cut off with a clothesline that floored Fifi. I know this too well, James hits like a truck when he gets you with that clothesline. It can take almost anyone out. It got him another 2 count, he carried on with a splash in the corner, and a fisherman’s release and still just getting a 2. Fifi fought back and came back with a barrage of hits of his own, which culminated in the stinkface in the corner. Followed by a Fifi Factor attempt that James bailed on. He managed to get a mule kick in while the ref had his attention diverted. Fifi was put in the Crossface, but managed to get to the ropes to break it. While James could smell victory, he went for Fifi once more, but a surprise roll up got Fifi a hard fought win.

Great performance here by the winner of the Elimination rumble, showing his resourcefulness once again. James Cross goes home embittered and annoyed, but will have his sights set on something else soon I’m sure.

Next was another CPW debut as Wild one Casey Wild took on the Iron Serb. Little was known about Wild coming in, but we knew he was from Wales and was looking to scope out some new competition in a new area. He got just that here, as the Balkan Nightmare, the Iron Serb was more than willing to take his challenge. Casey came out in bright glowing neons that really seemed to light the crowd up. It was very enjoyable even from where I was standing.

Serb seemed more agitated than normal this time, he decided to get in my face as is tradition now. I just let him get on with it these days. I know his quarrel is with his opponent. I don’t know if this was the clever thing to do as to open up, Wild, the far smaller of the two men decided to open up with a brawl, which Serb got advantage of, and after missing one charge, hit another and took out Wild quickly, before yelling at the crowd. He took the lead, stomping and hammering on Wild, before following it up with an avalanche in the corner that got him a 2. At this point he took control with more strikes, slams and ground work, including a devastating suplex. Wild tried to fight back but got caught with a bearhug. The hand count reached 2, and Wild fired back with a series of running aerial kicks, taking Serb down, hitting a Cannonball and getting a 2. Sensing victory, Wild went to the top, and Serb caught and crotched him. He attempted a Superplex, but Wild used his head literally and headbutted Serb taking him off the buckle, and in a burst of desperation hit the cross body block from the top for 3.

The fans raised the roof for the victorious Casey as he joined the fans for a dance to his entrance theme. Serb sat in the ring, seething with rage and frustration for being beaten by a debutee. I asked him politely to leave but he wouldn’t, but the crowd pretty much booed him out of the building with their usual choice chants that the give the Serb. I decided to stay well out of his way, even if we did have a show to do.

Next was a match I didn’t see much of as I was doing interviews in the back. A tag team match as Morris and George teamed up against Bashby and the returning Drake Wynter. Bashby said that his partner was supposed to be Shaun Ruben, but he decided that there needed to be a change, with someone bigger and stronger and more dangerous, and that’s why Drake was there. Morris and George came out to take them on, and I had to go to the back and as a result missed this one.

From what I’ve heard it was close and back and forth and a great show the ability of all 4 of these young men. It ended with Drake getting the pin over Morris showing that Bashby’s new heavy was a wise choice. It got him what he wanted for now. But what about the future? Bashby has made a ton of enemies in CPW, and even with a show of respect to myself after Superstars, Bashby is back to show that he’s back in business and he’s packing heat this time. Only time will tell what use he will put him to. It harkens back to the old days of him ordering around someone bigger than him to do his dirty work. I think the entire New Blood division needs to be on guard for this eventuality.

Lastly, we had the main event as the Deep South, the team of Big Eli and Alex Conners took on the team of The Fallen. New Blood champion Leyton Simms and Tommbie.

Lastly we got to the main event of the evening between The Fallen, the team of New Blood Champion Leyton Simms and Nextgen Wrestling Champion Tommbie as they take on the team of the Deep South, Alex and Eli Conners.

The Fallen were the most successful tag team in CPW history until the MMS came along and were also one of the most Dangerous and still are. When you have Tommbie who is a mix of power, intensity, speed and endurance, and the dogged determination and grit of Leyton Simms, that’s a dangerous combination. However they’ve got the Deep South to deal with.

Being brothers the Conners have been a team for a long time, even in their native Kentucky, many years ago they got their start watching old territory wrestling on their huge 14” monochrome TV and wrestling at county fairs. They were eventually banned from them for destroying one too many chilli stands. Moving to modern day, they have honed their skills and have a tag team continuity that you just don’t see anymore. So many tag team tandem moves, mainly ending with Alex’s knee going into his opponents head.

The Deep South entered first much to the disgust of the crowd and and requested that the crowd please rise for the US National Anthem. They stood proud as always and surprisingly The Fallen came out and interrupted proceedings. The Deep South scattered and Tommbie pressed Simms above his head and launched him at both Conners Bros, taking them both out. Alex got back into the ring where Tommbie was waiting for him taking him down with an arm wrench, into the arm lock, but Alex escaped to the corner to tag out to Eli. Tommbie tagged in Leyton and they went at it, locking up. On a couple of exchanges, Leyton got the better of it and tagged Tommbie who got to work on Eli with strikes, a neckbreaker and tagging in Leyton to do his leaping elbow drop over the ropes. Leyton tagged out again and Tommbie did Old School, walking the ropes before hitting a double axe from the top. Simms tagged in again, then powerbombed onto Eli before working on him more with uppercuts. Eli caught Leyton just enough to tag in Alex who was well rested at this point charged in and took out Simms with the knee. Then the double teams begin. With the Inverted atomic drop into the knee strike. Eli was legal here and mocked Leyton at this point, before planting his head into the buckle. Alex tagged back in who hit the pumphandle backbreaker, then tagged Eli in again. Another double team, slingshotting Leyton into the knee of Alex. Sensing the end, he stomped Leyton a bit more and called for the big finish.

Leyton countered with a double axe handle and tried to break free to tag. Alex pulled Tommbie off the apron and attacked him on the outside. Eli maintained control, stomping on Simms, and Alex joined him again. Taking it in turned, first with a running cross body from Eli, and a senton splash from Alex. Despite all this, Simms kept fighting. Alex caught a kick and held Leyton up in a stall suplex and planted him on the knee again. Alex picked Leyton up again and both hit the ropes and charged at eachother, hitting a cross body at the same time, winding eachother. This gave enough time and space for Leyton to make the tag to Tommbie who came in blazing. Taking down Alex before picking him up and hitting the Snake Eyes in the corner. Leyton went to the top as Tommbie set Alex up as Leyton hit the Team 3D diving headbutt, hitting him right below the belt. Leyton fought Eli to the outside as Tommbie was left alone with his arch rival, Alex Conners in the centre of the ring.

Tommbie went for the Occult Assault on Alex who slipped out of it and said no. In anger and wanting to drive something’s head into the canvas, Tommbie set his sights on something. In the corner. Her Ladyship, the chicken! So in front of Alex, Tommbie hoisted up the chicken in an amazing feat of strength and drove her head first into the mat and knocking her clean out. Alex was distraught by this. He fell to his knees and begged Dale to help. Dale then tried to administer CPR to her Ladyship.

During this, it came to a head with Leyton Simms being handcuffed to the top rope in the corner. Tommbie was left at the mercy of the Deep South who disposed of him with a Double Go to Sleep, and got the win while Leyton was yelling for help the whole time. After the match ended, 3 of us including myself tried to break the cuffs off him but they were stuck fast. Then the Iron Serb came out and gave Leyton a massive beating with the flag pole for a good few minutes. Myself and Dale were screaming at Serb to stop, but it wasn’t working. He was a man possessed and wanted to put the man who humiliated him multiple times on the shelf. He left after a while and eventually we broke the cuffs off and Leyton was free, but at what cost? I held the flowers under Leyton’s nose to try and revive him. Thankfully it worked and we managed to help him to his feet, but seething with rage Leyton went straight for management and said he would put that New Blood title on the line against Serb, and it would be at Adrenaline.

His full announcement is on the CPW Facebook page. The match has been set. It’s going to be a Belgrade Brawl match, which is our code for a street fight. It’s going to be brutal and bloody and no amount of therapy or flowers have been able to stop the monster that lives inside Leyton’s conscience. Maybe this will be the way to get rid of it once and for all. Weapons and brutality, as 2 men who hate each other try to destroy each other.

This isn’t just about the title, it’s about revenge and I wait eagerly for what will happen in this match. It won’t be pretty, and when we advise you to stay in your seats for this one, we will mean it. I say this about every match on the show as the theme here is hardcore matches. There will be chairs, tables, kendo sticks and probably some other weapons that will shock us all. They may be blood, but most of all, there will be chaos and brutality as these men and women beat eachother senseless. Titles will be on the line, as will honour and future opportunities.

Once again another CPW show ends in Chaos and destruction, but there is far more to come when we see you at Adrenaline!

This is Frankie Summers signing off.

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