I think it’s fair to say that if you look back on even just the past 3 months, the landscape of CPW was far different from what we have now. I told you all before that it all seemed a little too peaceful. We had slain the Beast. We had seen the most extreme match up in recent CPW History with the highest stakes imaginable. We saw Mr Richards pass the torch to the hero of the CPW Galaxy, Will Starr. Dominic Dewinter whispered something into the ear of Will not long after the match, and people wondered what he said. It could have been a threat, it could have been something personal. But now it seems to all be coming to a head.

After the Genesis 6 made themselves known at New Blood, they have done nothing but wreak havoc on the CPW roster. I realised that I never gave them a proper role call last time, but now with their manager Dominic Dewinter on their side, I do seem to be giving them what they as a group want by giving them this attention, but the truth must be told and it must be brought up first. Before the usual rundown.


First is the man I consider the real leader. Kevin Isaac. The technician. A man who started coming to training one day who took a long time out of wrestling, but came back to chase his dream of becoming a champion. He has come back and after an unsuccessful run being the sportsmanly and talented mat technician he is, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he was thrown out of Elimination in the fastest time of anyone in the match, which caused a small section of the fans to start laughing at him. This changed something in Kevin, and it turned him bad, when drawn in by the bag of 30 silver coins. So driven by greed, he set his sights on Will Starr and his CPW Championships. Would he walk away with one and accomplish part of his dream?

Next on the list we have Kieran Young. The seasoned veteran. A former CPW Champion who was a fan favourite for a long time, and has made on/off appearances in CPW over the past year, but never on a consistent basis. Why he’s joined the G6 I cannot figure out, and he’s been quiet about it, but I’m sure he will inform us when the moment is right. He’s hoping to regain some former glory he once had and is using the number strategy to make it happen. The man is a good enough wrestler to do very well alone, so why has he chosen this route?

George, the speedy trickster of the group, is another turncoat who was the plucky underdog of CPW, showing regardless of his small frame and young age, he is tough and can rumble with the best of them, as was proven with multiple wins over Bashby, including his debut where he won the Nextgen Academy title, along with a short run as Nextgen Champion after a trilogy of matches with Alex Conners. Despite this, George felt bitter as he still wasn’t the young wrestler in the hearts of the CPW Galaxy. Despite all of his achievements and his great match record, in singles and in tag wrestling, he feels angry that the fans still chant for Morris, as they wanted Morris to come out and save Will from the G6. This lead to the match with Morris at this show, in a special attraction Bullrope match. No pins or submissions, no countouts or DQ. The only way to win is to tap all 4 corner pads in succession. Would the leader of the NBO Warriors overcome the odds, or would the G6 make their mark?

James Cross is the heavy of the team, but is also a classic victim of little man syndrome. He was given a dream chance when he first came in and wrestled Will Starr in the main event of the Superstars 1 show back in November. He did quite well against him until Will turned the tables on him in spectacular fashion. Since then he has been on a one man redemption crusade. Early attempts were unsuccessful, racking up multiple losses in a row, until Superstars 2 where he beat Dr Gage by Submission and gained a title shot at the New Blood championship. Since then it’s been kind of quiet for him, but joining up with a group of disgruntled newcomers seemed like a fast way to success, but let’s just see what he makes of it.

Next we have the former ring hand employed as the assailant of the group. Dingo. The Australian Nightmare. He trained in the Outback and has experience from dealing with deadly creatures as well as foes in the ring. He took some time out, but has come to CPW to make it his base of operation. Little is known about him, but so far he has made in impact with that devastating spear that he levelled Will Starr with and will continue to do so as time goes by. He seems to have potential, watch out for this guy.

Lastly we have Ryan Lance is the man I’m referring to as the Shooter from now on as he has long legs that give powerful kicks, as well as short sharp offense in tight weardown hold and quick technical moves. With sniper like precision, you can be taken down by him at a seconds notice. He’s also the shooter because he likes to run his mouth. He’s only had one match which was a great effort against Leyton Simms which nearly won him the New Blood championship on his first time out, but as I’ve commented before, his attitude is what holds him back. He’s cocky, arrogant and smug, but doesn’t care what you think, man!

A special mention goes to We all know who Dominic Dewinter is. The turncoat COO of CPW. Formerly a man of the CPW Galaxy, the man who gave the people what they wanted. I would say that he is the leader of their group, but he is more their guide, the overseer. While not directly involved with the action in terms of in ring competing, he’s not above throwing in a cheap shot now. We’ve seen him take this route before and we got him off it in the past. But can we do it again with this level of firepower?

So now after that little explanation it’s time to get onto the show. This will keep match detail to a minimum as these are best viewed for yourself on the CPW On Demand service via our Patreon page for a small monthly fee.

I was the master of ceremonies for this event, coming off feeling victorious after my title win over Imperial Dragon, where I got a round of applause from the CPW Galaxy as I came out with my belt for all to see. We opened up with the usual run down of sponsor, match card, vocal warm up and Sweet Caroline. 8 matches were signed for this show, this is CPW Survive.

We opened up with an open challenge match for the Golden Ticket Briefcase. Sir Isaac Quentin III came out and laid down the briefcase and said that there was no one in the back that had the guts to face him. So he called whoever was brave enough to come out. Seemingly no one wanted to, and I wasn’t going to do it, I had a show to announce. Then to the surprise of everyone,coming out through the crowd was his opponent. None other than the king of Superkicks himself, Bashby.

Isaac told Bashby that he didn’t need his help this time, as he had it all under control. This was before Bashby snatched the microphone from Isaac and told him that he didn’t want to help him. He wanted that briefcase, and was willing to go through Isaac to get it. This was an unexpected turn of events as Bashby has been known as a bad guy for ages. The wrestler who got under everyone’s feet, who it was satisfying to see get his comeuppance. But he seems to have turned a new leaf fighting against Isaac to get that briefcase off him.

This match was an unexpected surprise for the fans and they really got behind Bashby, and why not? He has been a hard working mainstay in CPW for a while now. Former 2 time Academy champion. Has wrestled with people at all levels of experience up and down the roster in singles and tag. He’s even wrestled me. This match was hard hitting and brutal as both of these guys favour fast strikes. Both run all round styles but Bashby was giving up a lot of size and had to make up for it with speed.

Isaac kept cutting Bashby off with his power and trickiness and walloped Bashby all over the ring, but he never gave up. Bashby went for the superkick and Isaac ducked under it. After a quick exchange Isaac got the better of the situation and pulled up Bashby and smashed him with the Lungblower to get the 3 count.

Isaac won once again and keeps up this streak. He then pulled Bashby up and hit him with the move again, while yelling at me and Dale. He snatched the briefcase and stormed to the back in triumph. Dale and I assisted Bashby in getting out of the ring. He slipped from our grip and ended up flopping to the floor. Considering his small size he’s tricky to hold up. We managed to get him to the back and they made sure Isaac was away from him while the EMTs checked him over.

Isaac’s rampage knows no bounds, and it seems to be that he is picking off threats as they come along. Let’s see where that takes it in future.

Next we had an anticipated match between 2 CPW stars we don’t see that often anymore. The last Triple Threat champion, the Roadman Anthony Mafia taking on Pimpin’ Morgan Black. We’ve seen Mafia lately in very high profile matches including a fantastic match with Will Starr for the CPW Championship. Morgan hasn’t been a regular on CPW shows since the beginning of last year but it’s always great seeing him back. Last time we saw him he was tagging up with Jake Casanova as team Casalicious. On paper this was a fantastic match as both men are evenly matched.

So it opened up with Anthony calling out Morgan, trying to get the fans to agree with him that Morgan is a wasteman. This didn’t work as the CPW Galaxy agreed with Morgan that it’s in fact Mafia who is the wasteman. This wasn’t taken well.

The match was very back and forth with a perfect balance of athletic and power based moves from Mafia and a mix of technical, power and surprising agility from Morgan. Mafia won the match after an impressive aerial display which left Morgan dazed. I went up to him to ask if he needed the EMT, but he stayed strong and said no and left to an impressive ovation by the crowd.

Next we had the match I was looking forward to with high anticipation and some slight concern considering how it came about. The ‘Natural’ Niall Fairchild taking on former CPW Godiva Champion, the Imperial Dragon. A big match between two big and dangerous men. Dragon focusing on strikes and intensity, while Niall focuses on power and technical skill. I’m glad I wasn’t inbetween these two.

I must point out the crowd reaction to Dragon when he came out. This just annoyed him more and probably put him in a mind set to hurt Niall and in turn myself more. The variety of chants made me struggle to stay neutral, such as “Frankie took your title” and “Where’s your title gone?” really made my day.

Dragon tried to make it about me as he throttled me in the corner, insulting me over his loss at New Blood. I didn’t fight back as I didn’t want Niall to get disqualified, but I shoved him back when he did it the second time, right into a forearm by Niall. I hopped out and the match ensued. Dragon, enraged was all over Niall. Heavy strikes and controlled pushing to corners with a mix of power moves to take out body parts to weaken Niall’s best asset. His amazing strength. These two went hold for hold and counter for counter with each other the whole match. Dragon used his kicks and chops. The roll over senton from the apron, the armbreaker, and a moonsault. All of his all round assault was thrown in here to punish the Natural as much as possible. Niall kept in with it however despite the arm injury, and tried to put Dragon away with the Rainmaker clothesline, but Dragon countered twice and hit him that that devastating Black Mass kick.

Niall was in trouble so off instinct I jumped on the apron and got the attention of Dragon to buy Niall some time. I owed Niall one for saving me from Isaac Quentin III in Elimination from possibly having my arm broken and wanted to show Dragon that I’m not going to be pushed around because he couldn’t take a loss. Dragon went for me but I dropped off the apron before he spat on me which irritated me, and as he was yelling at me, Niall got to his feet and pushed Dragon to the corner. Dragon hopped over Niall and attempted a victory roll but Niall kept his balance and kneeled down and pinned Dragon for 3. We jumped into the ring to celebrate, but much to the displeasure of Dragon. We faced off and yelled at each other as I defiantly held the belt up at him. Eventually Dragon left with the crowd mocking him. Niall and I celebrated once more in the ring. It’s good to have people who have your back in this game.

The first half ended with what was the dream match of the show as CPW Women’s champion Chantal Jordan took on former 4 time CPW Women’s champion, and current defiant wrestling champion Lizzy Styles. The past and the future butting heads in the present day. This match came about as CPW management had been wanting to bring back Lizzy for a long time as the fans had been asking for her for a while. Not being one to disappoint, she found a gap in her busy schedule to make the long trip down to join us one more time. Chantal has been showing why she is known as the baddest girl on the planet by taking on all comers and using her brutal aggression to chop and kick down anyone who opposes her. This match didn’t last long but it was as impactful and as hard hitting as you would come to expect. It was a mix of technical, striking and power in the space of a few minutes that just flew by. In a big surprise, the plucky young up and comer Chantal managed to snatch the victory out of the clutches of Lizzy. It just goes to show how far Chantal has come in this time. Lizzy still continues to have great success elsewhere but it just wasn’t her night to make her number of championship reigns that hand filling five. Next we had the fan access where Lizzy stayed in the ring and was joined by Lucia Lee and a few of the other CPW stars.

After the break we opened up with my most anticipated match of the night. The Bull Rope match between Morris of the NBO Warriors and the arrogant upstart of the G6, George. This came about because of the reason George joined the G6 in the first place. Jealousy. George said that despite everything he has done in CPW, the crowd always chanted for Morris and wanted Morris more. I think I have a reason for why this is, George. Your skill has carried you to right near the top of CPW in your rookie year. You’ve breezed through most of your opponents, winning championships and taking out massive competition along the way. You’ve only been beaten a couple of times in your CPW tenure, but with Morris it’s a different story, as his had that infamous losing streak that got shattered after pinning Shaun Ruben at History 5. You’ve both seen the top, but had way different journeys to get there. Also, I don’t appreciate you stealing my championship like that man, poor show.

A bull rope match has no rules apart from you need to tap all 4 top turnbuckle pads in succession and without interruption. This is one that for the spectacle I highly recommend you just watch on demand. It was a great display between two of the best that the academy has ever produced. Power vs Speed and of course both being creative with the offence with the rope. Morris seemed to have the match well in hand after planting George and going for the corners, but of course, Dingo and Lance had to interfere. While Lance distracted Morris, Dingo set up for the spear and levelled Morris with it, all legal as the match was a No DQ. They dragged the prone George around the ring to tap all 4 pads and win the match in a flagrant display of foul play. I can’t say it was cheating because it’s not cheating when there’s no rules. This was a display of power once more by this devilish group. This numbers game needs to be negated somehow.

Next was the long awaited non-title Nextgen match between Nextgen champion, the Taker of Souls, Tommbie against Russell Hardwood. Russell has been making an exclamation as loud as that surf shirt that he wears. He and Chantal Jordan beat the Deep South at New Blood. Russell does seem as loved as Fifi, and his entrance is just as long it seems. He’s also mastered the art of the long and elaborate entrance. However this one had a twist. He came out applying baby oil to his skin before getting in the ring. I assume to deflect strikes, but he ended up putting so much on his hands that he had to wipe it off somewhere, so he chose my beard. To really add to this he gave me a kiss as well. How European. Tommbie came out with a renewed sense of vigour after his conquest over the Deep South in his last challenge, but now he has a completely different kind of challenge in Russell. Wily and unpredictable with a new set of moves as evidenced by the tag team match.

The match was a lot more evenly matched than you may think. I know that Russell even in his past gimmick has come up short against some stiff competition, but he has also overcome some stiff competition too, even beating international star Robbie E for the CPW Championship in the past. It was a high class mix of technical skill, strikes and power from both men. However the baby oil seemed to play a part as on multiple occasions, Tommbie tried to pull off a heavy power move but couldn’t get the grip to get Russell into the move, even an attempted Occult Assault. It’s a questionable tactic but one that absolutely worked as Russell Hardwood picked up a shock win, increasing his momentum as we head towards History. What may be in store now? We will have to see. Tommbie was upset and frustrated regarding this circumstance, as he doesn’t like to be made a fool of, but the Taker of Souls is still champion and has a date with destiny set for June 29th as he takes on Fifi, in whatever guise he arrives in.

Next was the 6 man tag team match as the team of the Deep South, Alex and Eli Conners and cousin Harley Harris took on the team of Leyton Simms, Dr Gage and the Golden Girl of CPW, Lucia Lee. Lucia has been continuing to impress since her arrival on the main roster and Simms and Gage have lost no momentum since this war with the Iron Serb. The Deep South have been licking their wounds after being beaten a few times in a row, but their thoughts don’t seem to have been with their matches as much, they seem to have been on Her Ladyship who was hospitalised and put in a coma by Tommbie. This on paper, was going to be a great match either way.

Another evenly contested match with a combo of a power, technical and scrapping. We saw a combo of everything here. It’s another one you should watch on demand. We saw the tag team continuity of the Conners Brothers which is amazing to behold no matter how many times you watch it, love them or hate them. We saw more of what Harley can do and how her experience and of course being part of the Conners Clan has made her wily and unpredictable. We of course saw Leyton Simms take a licking and keep on ticking as he always does. We saw the power and strength of Dr Gage clash with that of Big Eli in a clash I’ve been wanting to see. The real story here however was Lucia Lee. She got the tag from Leyton that forced the Conners Brothers to clear the ring and go one on one with Harley. Lucia dealt with her with class and efficiency pulling out her staples that are fantastic to watch every time. The best one was seemingly her new super team finisher. The Super Starr Elbow off the top of Dr Gage’s shoulders. Leaping about 7ft or more with the point of her elbow landing right in the cruel heart of Harley Harris, which lead to Lucia and Team Madness picking up the win. Teamwork can come from the oddest places as we have seen here. Lucia continues to make waves in CPW, and her success will surely be rewarded in future. Gage and Simms have gained momentum back after Simms lost the belt to Iron Serb, but I know for a fact that it will come to a head sooner than you may think.

Lastly we got onto the big one, as the leader of the G6 Kevin Isaac took on Will Starr for the CPW Championship. Not the unified title, just the Heavyweight belt. Which confuses me. I know that it may have been a ranking issue but if you have a chance to go for all the gold you can, you take it, even if you’re unsure of what you can do. Of course I have a feeling I know why this was. More on that later.

This was a show of technical skill through and through, because even if you don’t like the guy, Kevin is a very accomplished wrestler with a lot of in ring ability, training wherever he can, whenever he can. Will, of course is pretty much Mr Wrestling and can grap with the best of them. This was another one that you have to watch to fully appreciate. The skill of both of these men is impeccable and it really could have gone either way, but with the crowd behind Will, they managed to keep him in it as he managed to pick up a hard fought win over Kevin. However this wasn’t the end of it. Will was sat in the corner after I announced him as the winner and gave him his belts. Dominic Dewinter then came out with the G6. Will, who I was next to told me to take his belts away so they couldn’t be in range of the G6. We had a feeling we knew what the COO had planned. In a follow on and a mad display of stroke from our power drunk boss, he overruled my announcement and Dale’s decision. The match was to restart and it was to be 4 on 1 with no holds barred. The beatdown ensued but in true fight or flight response, Will swung wildly and took out the G6 one by one and kept doing so until he was blindsided by one, then the others got to work on his already beaten up form. George and Lance held the prone Will up as Dingo speared him nearly out of his boots. They dragged him to the centre and Kevin got the pin, making him the new CPW Heavyweight Champion.

In what world do we live in where actions like this are allowed to stand? Just because the boss doesn’t like the fact his guy won he throws a tantrum and puts the man he’s standing against under impossible odds? I don’t buy that at all. The whole move is bull. I know I’m speaking out against the man who is running things here, but I have to in this case. If people don’t stand up against this regime that Dewinter has with the G6, then they will take CPW out from under our feet just like Marcel tried to last year. We have to unify against this group of two-bit punks if we want to stand any chance against them. I know I’ve got a massive target on me in having the Godiva Championship, and it puts me in danger, but what you have to understand is, good or bad, if you don’t stand with the G6, you’re in danger as well, especially with the boss on their side. We must prepare for war.

For now, this is Frankie Summers signing off, we shall see you at Destination History.

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