New Blood: Destination History

Hello once again CPW Galaxy, this is Frankie Summers coming to you with a breakdown of what happened on the most recent show, Destination History in our Hat Trick of annual shows which ends in the biggest and last show of the year. History 6. Last years was an immense show and we need to set the pace going forward to make sure this year’s History has the same magic as last year and then some. We came to the CPW Galaxy from our home at the Henley Green Community Centre with an 8 match card. Now match details will be an absolute minimum this time as I was away from most of the action due to being on in the 3rd match and helping out after the events of a certain match that I will get to. For now this will be more just a breakdown of how things stand and how they got that way.

We opened up the show as we did last time with an open challenge Golden Standard match for the Golden Ticket briefcase as Isaac Quentin took on whoever would be brave enough to take him on. The crowd assumed it would be Morris I’m sure, but he had another match later on and his want to get his hands on the G6 was far greater that night than his desire to beat Isaac. However the man who answered the challenge was none other than one half of the House of Beards tag team, Lucky Bowden. We’ve not seen this man in a CPW ring since the Xmas Bash in an unsuccessful attempt at getting the tag team titles from the Merseyside Murder Squad. The crowd seemed to get behind him despite what his old partner Jay J Roberts has set his sights on. However anyone who stands up to wipe the smirk off Isaac Quentin’s face is always seen favourably in CPW. Lucky fought valiantly but came up short as Isaac managed to snatch the win in typical fashion.

Isaac always gets results whether you love or hate him. Whether you agree with his tactics or not he always seems to overcome whoever faces him, and only ever loses when he takes it upon himself to bail out (which hasn’t happened since Xmas Bash) or in controversial fashion. Personally I cannot wait to see who steps up for the next Golden Standard Challenge.

Next we had a big man clash of titans as the King of Beards Jay J Roberts took on the Natural Niall Fairchild. It was size vs power between these two tall athletes. Jay J nearly beat Will Starr for the Unified Championship at a previous show, so we know what the man is capable of. Niall on the other hand was Breakout Star of the Year for 2017 for all of his feats in the ring. He was unsuccessful in taking out Isaac Quentin III, but with a little assistance from someone who’s name slips my mind he managed to overcome the Imperial Dragon at Survive. This was going to be explosive. Niall put up a great fight against Jay J but came up short as the big Welshman got the victory over the CPW fan favourite. This shows that Jay J was still in the running for the main event picture and anyone who stands in his way needs to watch out. Niall is showing still why he’s called the Natural. He’s taken some time out and it’s taken its toll, but he has been training hard to improve his craft and re-establish himself as a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Next was the Godiva Championship as I, Frankie Summers, stood as the last bastion against the challenger George, representing the G6. He had Dingo and Ryan Lance in his corner, so I had to stay alert. The match is a blur thinking back, but we seemed to both give as good as we got. George, despite his stature and age is a very tough opponent. We opened with some chain wrestling. Something the CPW Galaxy hasn’t seen me do before. I don’t think George, let alone anyone else was expecting it. It was a mix of power, running strikes and power hits for both of us. In this match I learned if you give George an inch, he takes a mile. That’s not quite what happened here though, on 2 occasions I made the amateur mistake of letting myself get distracted by Ryan Lance and Dingo. While arguing with Ryan Lance on the ring apron, I turned around and was greeted with a high knee to the face that knocked me right off my feet. Softened up, George picked me up and spun me round into a Ripcord Codebreaker. It drove the wind right out of me. I was pretty much out. He pinned me and the battle was over.

The G6 came into the ring and kicked me to the other side, before pulling out the hit list and crossing me off it. George said something to me before he left that I didn’t quite catch, but the feeling I’d let down the CPW Galaxy once again set in. Dominic Dewinter said from now on I should zip it. Covering my face I dashed into the back in shame. I won’t zip it however. I am the voice of the people and soon that voice will be heard louder than ever as we decry your devious actions, Dominic. We will not stand and let you take CPW from under us. I may have failed in my own efforts, but I’ll continue to help out with those who can and will resist you. They’re fighting all the time and we need to rally together to make it count.

Next, to close the first half was the first semi finals of the Queen of the Galaxy Tournament as the Golden Girl of CPW, Lucia Lee took on the woman who is in the eyes of the CPW Galaxy already the Queen. That being Natalie Wild. We’ve not seen Natalie in a while, and we’ve missed her being in our CPW ring. She beat the deadly Nightshade to advance in the tournament, while Lucia Lee fought hard against all odds to beat Luna Rox to get her spot in the tournament. For CPW, this is a dream match as Natalie is a renowned veteran and Lucia is the talented young newcomer who has been doing very well for herself. A natural in training and always adding new moves to her arsenal. Some you have to see to believe. However in this case experience trumped heart as Natalie Wild beat Lucia in a closely fought contest. The two didn’t have any ill feelings afterwards as the match was fair and square. They hugged in the ring and left together. A nice thing to see with all of the trouble we’re having in CPW is some good old fashioned sportsmanship.

After the break we opened with the 6 man take as Lineal Champion Will Starr teamed with Leyton Simms and Morris to take on James Cross, Dingo and Ryan Lance of the G6. These three are fast becoming some of the most hated people on the CPW Roster. The reaction they get when they come out is some of the most hostile I’ve seen, and this is where we’ve had the Hillbillies, The Beast working with the Merseyside Murder Squad and plenty of others that have made the crowds be as angry as these guys make them. Not bad considering they’ve not been wrestling for long. Will, still feeling the effects of the loss of his CPW Championship was not deterred and lead the charge, as they are equally three of the most popular competitors in CPW, so this fits well. 6 men, good vs evil. Good prevailed in this case as Will, Morris and Leyton managed to pick up the win. But their celebration was cut short when new CPW Godiva Champion George ran out and the 4-3 advantage got the better of this heroic team and once again they started beating on Will Starr. Will couldn’t take the punishment for too long and was once again beaten down. However, some music hit and none other than Tom Lindsay came out to save the day with a steel chair. We’ve not seen him in months, and he’s there fighting on the side of CPW? Maybe he had seen the error of his ways? No such luck as after he cleared the ring, he whacked Will with the chair, right on the top of his head, knocking him out. He ran off smugly as Tango came in the back to get me to help with the emergency stretcher. I seem to be helping to drag lots of prone people out of the ring these days. Dale, Tango, myself and even some of the fans helped to get Will onto the stretcher and out of the ring. It took 6 of us to get him out in safety. We got him to the EMT as soon as we could and he was patched up. This war with the G6 is far from over.

Next we had a very special happening and something very different to our usual content. We had the funeral of the chicken, Her Ladyship. A memorial service was conducted by Alex and Eli Conners as they told us about the life of the hen who was pretty much their leader. My final thoughts for her are that she came to a brutal and needlessly cruel end, that’s why I came dressed for the occasion if they needed another pallbearer. It’s a shame that some of the people found the obituaries funny as this was the guiding light for the Deep South we’re on about here. I know some people had ill feelings but this was a chance to repent for them. Some were left feeling sad, others were left just feeling hungry. Someone did offer to cook her up on the hot dog plate at the concessions stand to send her off properly, but that was respectfully declined.

However this lead to a shock. We’d seen it happen last year but now it has overblown fully. The Deep South has collapsed and the Conners Brothers are no longer a unit, which lead to this impromptu match. Alex vs Eli. This is a match that shows what two people can do when they know eachothers moves set inside out. Eli has proven that he can be loved in the eyes of the public before and now, without influence from his other siblings, he has been allowed to break free. Eli won the match after powering Alex up and planting him for the 3 count. However this will not be the end of this little fable. The next match will be at Road to History and it will be a loser leaves match between them once again. Can Eli repeat the success or will Alex win and carry on with his wicked ways?

Next we had a showcase match as the ‘wild one’ Casey Wild took on CPW mainstay Dan Evans. Dan has been a co tag team champion with Scott Oberman since History last year. That’s over 330 days as of writing this. He has been dominant ever since and barely anyone has been able to get by him. Together or in singles the MMS have been pretty much unstoppable. Casey was in a tag team match for the title belts against the MMS not long ago so he knows what Dan is all about in the ring. He beat Iron Serb in his first appearance, and has made a good impression on the CPW crowd. It was a close match that everyone thought that Casey would most likely lose due to who he was facing, but there was always the slight hope. After the recent events of CPW shows, we know now that anything would happen. That very thing happened, as Casey shocked the CPW galaxy by getting a cheeky surprise win over the Liverpool veteran. Dan wasn’t happy about it but the fans certainly enjoyed it. Casey is still unbeaten in singles competition and he has beaten 2 very stiff pieces of competition. Dan may have lost some momentum going into History and his one year anniversary of winning the CPW Tag Team Championships. Casey has only gained it as he claws his way up the ranks for the Godiva and New Blood championship contenders spots.

Before we carry on, you may have noticed on the CPW Facebook page that we have a new feature. The current CPW Singles ranks, with our top 10 wrestlers in the division and above them, the champion. We have this for all of our championships. The ranks for the New Blood, Godiva and CPW titles have been released so far with some more pending while management weigh up all of the stats. It felt good to be at the top of a league just once, especially on the first ever list for Godiva. This will be a convenient way for you to track what your favourite CPW stars are doing in relation to their wins and losses. It’s also good for you fans who like top 10 lists.

Lastly, speaking of ranks. We had the number 10 rank on the New Blood list, Dr Gage taking on Iron Serb for the New Blood Championship. This was brought on due to the association of Gage with Serb’s rival, former New Blood champ Leyton Simms. Iron Serb basically dared Gage to come and take the belt from him, and as with all New Blood stars, when given a chance at glory, we take it. This was a match between two big grizzled men who have both been through rough experiences in and out of wrestling. Now it comes to a head in the biggest match of Gage’s career.

This was the clash of giants you’d expect, with tons of heavy strikes and big power moves. These two men rocked the ring, it was a genuine struggle for both of them, with Gage’s strength and durability and Serb’s in ring experience which he used to his advantage to try and outclass Gage. Gage stuck with it however and he even managed to kick out of a World’s Strongest Slam. However it wasn’t enough as Iron Serb kept on Gage and managed to get the 3 after a valiant effort from Gage. With a performance like this, with time and practice and his large frame, don’t be surprised when one day Gage shoots up the ranks and takes on every big nasty villain that comes along. Keep your eye out. I can’t wait to see what comes of it. However this wasn’t the end of proceedings. I gave Serb back his belt as he proceeded to attack Dr Gage while he was down. I begged him to stop, and he did after laying out Gage in the centre of the ring and draping the Serbian and English flags over him. He stopped just long enough to reach out and growled “Microphone!” at me. I gave it to him and he expressed his feelings before saying that not even Leyton Simms could stop him. Leyton angrily hobbled out of the curtain to face Serb once again. Serb leapt out of the ring and myself, Dale and Leyton jumped to the aid of Gage, picking him up and helping him out of the ring. I told you I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Dr Gage put up an amazing fight and Serb already made the point by pinning Gage in the centre of the ring. This wanton assault was needless. I know he wanted to send a message and it’s the way he does it and he wants to get under the skin of Leyton, but he’s proven that he can beat you, Serb. You continue to be dominant, and this means that with the card announced for Road to History, Serb is going into History 6 as New Blood Champion and it appears that he may be facing the fearsome challenge of the former New Blood Champion. I can’t wait to see how it progresses.

So that’s the end of another show and the set up to History 6 is still incomplete as we have one more massive show to go on 8th June and that is Road to History. We have the full match card announced and we will see you there. Looking forward to the return of Victoria Adams when she takes on Shauna Shay in the semis of the Queen of the Galaxy tournament and the Fatal 4 way for the Nextgen Championship. That and a whole lot more, we shall see you on June 8th!

This is Frankie Summers signing off.

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