Hi there CPW Galaxy, my name is Frankie Summers, and I’m coming to you with the first of an ongoing journal of the events happening within this promotion of CPW. I’d like to first express my gratitude to Dominic and Mr Richards for my opportunity to be part of the CPW family as part of the broadcast team. I will be doing a run down of every show as they happen, and I will also be at shows conducting interviews with fans and stars alike so please keep an eye out for me if you have any opinions you’d like to share with the world about CPW. Adam used to do this, but due to a change in circumstances he has had to move on from us and won’t be able to continue in this role. I for one would like to thank Adam for everything he’s done for CPW and wish him well for the future and hope we get to see him back again one day. Now I started with CPW as a trainee back in March, training to wrestle and also throwing out other ideas which is what landed me with this position. I started after I had a tussle with a wrestler who will go unnamed after he came at me with some quite personal remarks that I didn’t take too well. My personal recount of CPW isn’t that vast as my first CPW show was in February and things were different even then. We’ve had some great newcomers in the Bashbys, Morris, Leyton Simms, Shaun Ruben, Neon Defender, the Hillbillies and a whole host of others. The title scene has changed vastly too. We’ve also made it to new venues around the city, but perhaps the most shocking happening of all, was the career ending injury for our hero Mr Richards. However this isn’t the end, he’s coming back to rumble one last time with Tom Lindsay for the CPW championship, which you’ll have to believe will be an absolute barnstormer to top off History V. As if Road to History wasn’t crazy enough. Even without Beast vs Brandon Thomas and the return of Millie McKenzie, this show was still a cracker. We got an impressive performance from Shaun Ruben in a match against the debuting high flyer Kameron Solas. We got a new number one contender for the Academy championship in the ever improving Big Bad Bob Bashby as he beat Eli Conners. Who was in turn distracted by his own stablemates, costing him the match there and then. Fifi got a hard fought victory over the Hooligan Leyton Simms, obviously his skills weren’t “ON DEMAAAAAAND” enough to deal with the wily Fifi. There was also the Triple Threat title match with Jake Casanova, Morris and the defending Anthony Mafia who managed to swipe the victory away from Morris, like he would your car stereo. Next was an absolute shock as the reigning tag team champions West and Joy lost their match and had their chances of being champions after History V well and truly killed off by Dan Evans and Seth Skyline, the Merseyside Murder Squad. The women’s title match was meant to be between the defending champion Athena Furie and Defiant Wrestling Women’s champion Millie McKenzie, but couldn’t happen due to a booking issue. That didn’t matter however as we got a hard fought triple threat match with the number 2 and 3 contenders in Natalie Wild and Shauna Shay, which ended in Natalie overcoming both girls, after they had previously beaten her in separate matches, which means one half of the power couple has gold around their waist once again. Lastly is where the controversy starts. The final match was billed as a 6 man match with golden ticket holder 2018 Danny O’Neil, former Next Gen champion Will Starr and Mr Richards joining forces to take on CPW world champion Tom Lindsay, current Next Gen champion Isaac Quentin III and Hillbillies leader, Alex Conners, making these three perhaps the most hated coalition in CPW in a long time. This had to change as Mr Richards was attacked at the top of the show by all 3 of his opponents. Mr Richards’ tag partners made the save but it was too late, the damage had already been done, leaving Mr Richards sidelined from the match. This now made the contest a 3 on 2 in a match of seemingly impossible odds. Danny and Will fought valiantly but it just wasn’t enough as they ended up getting brutalised in a vicious armed beatdown by the opposing team, they were taken out, along with both refs Dale and Steve, and even Dominic Dewinter was assaulted by these
ruffians. Mr Richards heroically staggered back to help after being patched up at the hospital, but also fell victim to Tom Lindsay and that dreaded sledgehammer. The most deplorable however were the actions of a certain Marcel Delice who was supposed to be in New York for a month, but instead came back, (goodness knows how he got past security) and ended up hitting Dominic with a low blow in front of his wife and daughter. So now we have all 4 of these guys, and they’ve got the highest rated guys on the roster on the run, as well as management and even us in the broadcast team. The most shocking and disgusting attack came from Alex Conners after Cali, our ring announcer came in and tried to get some semblance of control by slapping Tom Lindsay, as I can only assume was a return for him trying to go for her with that hammer last time at Destination History. Alex punched Cali and knocked her to the floor, which is just despicable and unacceptable. I realise I’m putting myself in the firing line here for all 4 of these guys, and putting myself at risk. Not that them all beating me up will prove anything. Not taking anything away from any of these guys as far as in ring talent and what they can really do goes, but they need to realise that the roster, management, the broadcast team and especially the fans will not tolerate these actions, or be bullied by the likes of a quartet of 2 bit goons like you. I’m sorry for all the big words, I know you struggle with them, Alex. Come History V it’s make or break for all of you. Tom, we can only hope that you get a taste of your own medicine, Isaac and Alex, no punishment is too merciful for either of you, and Marcel, you in particular need to watch your step as all of the CPW Galaxy is after you for what you’ve done. You must be awfully pleased with yourself for making the children cry and everyone else universally despise you. You’ll all get your just reward soon enough. This is Frankie Summers signing off.

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