Lioness Triple Threat Match

Match Agent: Nathan | Match Duration: 10 mins | Card Pos: TBC Match Winner: Luna Trix

My Requirements

Firstly, Welcome Aluna and Luna to CPW it’s a pleasure to have you both join our Women’s Division.

Our crowd are very giving and will absolutely get behind the match if the performers give them the right reasons to, Ruby can fill you in on our fans but it’s important that you do your crowd work.

It’s important we establish that Aluna is face and Luna Trix is heel so i’m going to put Ruby out first and when Aluna comes out second Ruby help cheer her in and when Aluna get’s in the ring give her a hug

Luna, really heel up your entrance walk

Match Requirements

Luna talk some smack to both Ruby & Aluna

Ruby & Aluna fire up on Luna maybe a few tag team sequences and bump Luna to the outside

Ruby & Aluna go at it and spill it to the outside

Take it from there


Come up with a finish with your Match Agent that sees Luna pin Aluna for the win.

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