New episode of NextGen Wrestling is now available….

The latest NextGen Wrestling Moonlight Episode featuring The CPW Galaxy is now available to all CPW On Demand subscribers.

This 2.5 hour family wrestling entertainment show features all of the major stars from our yellow brand such as Shawty, Morris, Taco, Tommbie and the CPW Heavyweight Champion Leyton Simms whilst the ‘Machine’ Emma Cross gets the chance to become a Unified Champion in her own right as she faces the CPW Lineal Women’s Champion Chantal Jordan and the Main Event sees the CPW Unified Heavyweight Champion Will Starr facing a mystery opponent.This is a must see episode and this 2.5 hour spectacular contains several Season 9 changing moments as we move onto CPW Primetime Presents – Road To History 2022 on the 18th June so what you waiting for?

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