No Retreat No Surrender Results….

No Retreat No Surrender Results

CPW Heavyweight Championship

Alex Conners def Will Starr

CPW Lineal Women’s Championship

Kiara def Harley Harris via DQ

CPW Tag Team Championship

CI CI CI def Dewinter Dynasty

New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Niall Fairchild def Leyton Simms

CPW Special Attraction Match

Morris def FIFI

CPW Women’s Division Tag Team Match

Shawty & KVK def Alfie & Emma Cross

Dan Evans def Danny Doherty

Jayrow def Morgan Black and Drake Wynter

Match Of The Night

Alex Conners vs Will Starr

Performance Of The Night

All 4 Lionesses in the CPW Women’s Division Tag Team Match

OMG Moment Of The Night

Our show Hosts Eli Conners & Mike Skinner ambushing Will Starr and joining the Coalition 😳😮

CPW Championship Landscape

Alex Conners defeated an out of sorts Will Starr to retain the CPW Heavyweight Championship.

CI CI CI made a successful first outing in front of the CPW Galaxy with a resounding victory over the Dewinter Dynasty.Niall Fairchild was able to end Leyton Simms bid at becoming a 3 time New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and in doing so keeps his long reign as champ on the track.

Kiara was able to hold onto the CPW Lineal Women’s Championship but only just by DQ in a hard fought match up against Harley Harris.


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