Match Agent: Nath | Match Duration: 10 mins | Card Pos: TBC | Match Winner: Shawty

My Requirements

I really hope (as i’ve said to both of you) that the two of you sit, talk and resolve whatever the issues are because in my opinion the friendship and closeness you both have/had with each other is a relationship that should not be lost because of something like minor.

If you can’t resolve it then you must both live up to your roles as champions and act nothing but professional.

Shawty will play the aggressive heel role allowing Emma to have another match acclimatising to being a baby

Be savvy with your crowd work try and get a “let’s go Shawty” “let’s go Emma” chants before you start and then a quick hand shake before you start, these actions this will help the fans understand that it’s a face-face match

Match Requirements

You two have worked together enough to put something together with your Match Agent

Kick out of each other signature move


Shawty hit’s one Did You Get The Memo and Cross kicks out just

Shawty then delivers a second as Cross feeds up to her hands and knees for the victory

After the match hug it out

Emma leave and Shawty do your after match pagentary

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