Reload 2019

In the words of the great Don Callis, “What just happened, Josh?” Of course, the Josh is figurative; he could be any one of you reading this. What a mad and crazy show this was from start to finish, as all New Blood shows tend to be. There is always a shock moment in these shows, and I should know better than anyone as at the last New Blood show, I pulled off the impossible. Could lightning strike twice? We will find out in this episode of Reload. I must apologise in advance for any confusion and distress caused by the Fire Alarm, it was a fault and there was no danger, in the end, we reset the alarm and stopped it from going off by itself.

I was master of ceremonies for this show with what was billed as a 6 match card, but it wouldn’t stay that way as we got further into the show. We billed a gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for Big Eli Conners’ CPW Galaxy championship, however, this was changed to a 4 man single elimination tournament. We started the show with the first of two semi-final matches. This opened with a return and a debut as Simply Delicious Morgan Black pimped his way back from Sweet City to lock horns with the debuting Jayrow, a man known on the East Midlands scene who has been wrestling for a while, so it was time to see what he can do. He calls himself the Jester, but would he just be the fool?

It was power vs speed in this match with Morgan using his size and strength to mow through Jayrow. However, with cheap tactics, the trickster managed to keep himself in the game. The match ended when Jayrow tripped Morgan by the ropes and pinned him with the assistance of the ropes, putting both feet on them out of the view of the referee, Tango.
This put Jayrow in the final and a very strong position right from the very start as we still don’t know much about him and we know he’s not above cheating. His opponent in the final, whoever it would be would have to watch out for this and take it right to him.

Next was the New Blood championship match as Dr Gage took on Jay J Roberts in his second chance at the title. The last shot he had was against the Iron Serb in an unsuccessful effort but he put up a herculean effort. Let’s see how he’d get on this time? Well, in short, this match was the big brawl we all expected, with Jay J smacking Gage all over the place and Gage yelling for more. These two battered each other in short and the crowd yelled for more the whole time. Despite his best effort, Jay J was able to avoid losing to the chokeslam and hit the choke bomb on Gage and the match was over. This is one that you need to watch rather than read about. If you want a good old fashioned punch up, this is a match you need to see. It’s a shame we couldn’t bring the New Blood belt back to the Madness camp but give all the credit to Gage for trying as hard as he did.

Next was the second Semi-Final for the Number 1 Contendership for the CPW Galaxy Championship, and as far as things to announce, that has been one of the trickiest and longest to try and say flowingly. This match pitted the Superkick King Bashby against the Vicious Jordan Blaze. Jordan and Bashby have history and have rumbled a few times but never one on one. They fought in the gauntlet match at CPW vs the World and faced off at Let’s Go in the 8 man tag match.

On paper, if you look at the stats, Jordan has the advantage through height, weight, strength and ferocity, but Bashby has heart like you’ve never known. I know first hand what this young man is capable of after my match with him at Superstars 2, his win over Dan Evans proves how capable he is. This was again power vs speed but the smaller guy being the one the crowd wanted to root for, so a nice little role reversal. Jordan was on the defensive for most of the match as Bashby came out all cylinders firing against the dangerous Blaze. Bashby went high risk in the middle of the match, trying to hit a top rope cross body press. Blaze caught Bashby and planted him with the End of Days. The second time he’s done it. Bashby kicked out however and the match carried on. Bashby managed to bait Blaze in and make him miss a move which gave Bashby the chance to his that Superkick and he got it. After positioning him he felt froggy and went to the top and hit the Frog Splash. It landed perfectly and Bashby got the win over the Vicious one.

What a victory for Bashby as he storms forward to his battle with Jayrow for the Number 1 Contendership for the CPW Galaxy championship. Jayrow came out and tried to blindside Bashby but it didn’t work as Bashby spotted him, he eventually disappeared to the back and Bashby made chase. This is one that will be super exciting to watch and I’m looking forward to a lot. The winner of that match with face Eli Conners for the title later on down the line. Either match will be fantastic to see.

We closed off half one with the tag team championship match as the Saints of Sin, Tommbie and Imperial Dragon took on Dan Evans and Scott Oberman, the Merseyside Mercenary Squad, celebrating their 463rd day as Tag Team Champions as Mr Oberman reminded me as such when the exact total slipped my mind. This was evenly matched as you like. The tall aggressive one and the short stocky one on each team.

This match was worth the price of admission alone. The Imperial Dragon and Tommbie seem to have put their differences aside in common cause for now as they sought to dethrone the hated MMS. There was brawling, high flying, displays of power, the works. All culminating in a double team Occult Assault where Dragon kicked Dan Evans which pushed him into the drop to complete the move, flattening him for the 3 count, the crowd exploded with cheers, the Saints of Sin are your new Tag Team champions. This was a landmark moment for 2019 and with a performance like that, these guys will be hard to unseat, as were the MMS. It took a special team to know them from their perch, let’s see where it goes from here and who is going to make the challenge for those titles next. Next order of business will be some new custom decals on those belts. Tommbie is an artist so I’m sure he will come up with something.

After the interval this lead on to the first-ever episode of Choo Choo TV for a contract signing regarding Will Starr vs Morris at the Big Xmas Bash at the end of the year. I had been holding onto the contract in my clipboard, which only Fifi and Katie Smith and I knew. Fifi came out to host the

show and bring out Morris and Will Starr so they could sign the contract, Morris can hand over the briefcase and the match would be set.

The signing got heated immediately and the contract was never signed. Partly due to a clash of personalities between the two competitors and partly because the music for IQ3 hit and he walked out from the back, shoving me and grabbing my microphone, begging to be part of the match at the Bash, stating he had beaten both of these men in recent times and deserved the title shot more than anyone. While this is true, he’s not Golden Ticket holder anymore and Morris beat him for the contract at History. Then, more music hit and it was a very familiar face in Kameron Solas, accompanied by Rulebreaker Harry Taylor. Harry didn’t say much, he just went around popping the balloons on the set. Kameron said he was sick and tired of being overlooked and not getting the respect he deserves. It’s sad really as because of his great personality, the fans have always love Kam, even when he was unknown and thrown in as a last-minute replacement in his debut when no-one even knew his name. The fans gravitated towards him instantly. Harry is back on the scene having not wrestled since History as part of Team Superstars. He seems to have gone in a different direction since, being taken under the wing of IQ3. While it’s touching that IQ3 is giving his knowledge to young talent, this may be the wrong path, the same for Kameron. This then led to a 3 on 3 tag match as Will Starr, Morris and Fifi took on IQ3, Solas and Taylor. There was back and forth between all 6 competitors with Will and Morris at each other’s throats the whole time. Morris wanting to do things his way, Will wanting him to cooperate and Fifi just wanting them to get along. While this was happening it lead to the opposing team getting the advantage.

This broke however after the good guys managed to swing back momentum in their favour, they threw out Kam and IQ3, leaving Harry at the mercy of all 3 of his opponents. In the end, Morris hit the NBO drop and pinned Harry for 3, establishing that nothing will stop this epic and polarising match from happening. It’s more complicated than previous conflicts like when Will faced IQ3 or the Beast. He’s facing one of his longed attending students, and that student has gone rogue, rebelling against his teacher. The fans love both of these competitors and it shows. They scream the house down for both of these men and right now it’s extremely tough to pick a favourite considering the accolades both have right now. It’s the biggest event in CPW right now apart from the G6, but with this, we need to wait 2 more months to get our conclusion. I’m sure it will be worth it when we get to it. Right now I can’t pick a favourite, as it’s my sparring partner facing the man who trained both of us. I am supposed to stay neutral and for this time I’m reserving that right.

Next, we had the CPW Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4 Way match as Niall Fairchild defended against Craig West, Jimmy Vice and Mr Ace. Jimmy was number one contender for the CPW title anyway, as stated in his video thoughts. Craig and Ace seem to be wildcards, but CPW Management gave them both the chance for their efforts, how Mr Ace got the shot, I assume his charms actually worked on Katie Smith, it’s the only explanation I have.
The match was mostly between West, Vice and Niall. That’s where the meat of the conflict was.

They mostly cast Mr Ace aside, just focusing on each other, which brought out the best moves of all 3 of these men. Ace tried to interject himself numerous times but was just thrown out of the way by the more experienced men. It all concluded when Niall hit the Natural Disaster on Mr Ace, Jimmy then hit the Slice n Vice on Niall, Craig took out Jimmy and was about to go for the cover when Craig West was rolled by Mr Ace, grabbing the tights to pick up the 3 count. Mr Ace is your new CPW Heavyweight champion.

The celebration he did still wasn’t a patch on what he did at Let’s Go when he got the win with us at Team Madness. He grabbed the belt and his shades from me and posed in the ring. I believe he may have teared up a little and that’s why he put the shades back on. This makes Ace the 3rd Superstars entrant to win a championship, after myself and Lucia Lee. Of course Mr Ace is the first one to win one of the top 3 belts in the men’s division. While I don’t agree with the way he did it, I can’t exactly talk because I needed some help when I won the CPW Galaxy title at the first New Blood Show and a win is a win in that respect. However Ace, this is a warning from your old mate Frankie. You now have a gigantic target on you, and everyone in the division will be coming for you. You’re still inexperienced, even if you’ve had frequent matches over the past few months. They’ve been tag matches and multi-man, also due to your attitude, there are plenty of people on the roster wanting to teach you a lesson and would gladly take that title from you. So be careful who you flex on as Management’s discretion is used at their will, and anyone can get a shot at you for any reason, and whoever you face you will need to be ready for them. Pick up your game and take this more seriously and you won’t immediately lose the belt due to getting stomped by the first person you take lightly.

Moving swiftly on, we got to the Women’s Championship Triple Threat as Lucia Lee defended against Kat von Kaige and Alfie Rogue. Lucia has taken a pin from both of these women and not in a completely sporting fashion either. It was essentially a two one one affair for the whole match, Lucia fighting off both women, but inevitably one had to be the winner and it quickly turned sour and Alfie was thrown out of the ring, headfirst into the railings. I dashed over to see if she was ok, she told me she was and to move and stay quiet as she picked her spot. Kat was then thrown out of the ring by Lucia who then went to work on Alfie, taking her down, hitting the Big Elbow and getting the pin to retain the championship. Kat couldn’t make it back into the ring, but she said that she’s still unpinned in CPW which is true. Alfie in a rage attacked Lucia from behind, but Lucia fought out of it and hammered away to get Alfie off her. Lucia grabbed my microphone and challenge Alfie to an I Quit Match at F**k U; where the only for the match to end is for someone to say the words I Quit. Both of these young women are tough and I can’t see one giving up easily. Lucia has done No DQ before with Sarah Skylark and Alfie is no stranger to weapons if the stories are true. Lucia needs to be careful; in terms of wrestling she seems to have most people beaten in a straight fight, but she’s not adverse in weapons. I know Lucia fights tooth and nail and will give it her all and we can only hope that neither of them comes out too busted up. Or because it’s a 16+ show, you may want the opposite of that, you sicko.
Lastly, we have the main event as the G6 with Dominic Dewinter took on Mr Richards in a Let’s Go to War match. No DQ, No Count-Out, no Draws. There must be a winner, falls count anywhere, the first pin wins it. Mr Richards came out and stood defiant against all 6 competitors. That coward Kieran Young didn’t show which was a disappointment. Mr Richards said that there was a defector among their ranks and started a familiar chant of HEY HO! LET’S GO! This was, of course, the prompt for George to join alongside Mr Richards. Dominic started grandstanding about how it was time for the end of CPW, but an equalizer snuck up behind them. Will Starr, Morris and Niall Fairchild came through the crowd while Dominic and the G6 didn’t notice and slipped into the ring. Mr Richards told Dominic that he may want to turn around. It took him a moment but he was greeted by these angry figures and all-out war broke out all over the Henley Green Community centre. Will Starr slapped Kevin Isaac through the crowd. George tussled with James Cross. Fairchild and Morris took care of Dingo where Dominic ran away. Mr Richards dealt with Ryan Lance personally, toying with him before powerbombing him on a set of chairs that Morris threw in there while arranging furniture. In the end, Dominic was left alone in the ring and the remaining 4 G6 members stood in the archway and said “Forget it” before leaving to go and lick their wounds. Then, surrounded by Team CPW, they lay in the final blows before Mr Richards handed the last strike to Dale who hit a picture-perfect Pedigree on Dominic and Mr Richards got the pin. The crowd exploded as I jumped in the ring to announce the winners. The G6 was no more and Dominic Dewinter is now fired. Mr Richards called out Fifi who brought out a shopping trolley as we loaded Dominic into it and carted him into that wet rainy night. It was a momentous moment and as Mr Richards himself put it, this is OUR HOUSE. We’ve proven once again that the big bad cannot stand in CPW, and that those who believe in the rules, the fans and performing fairly will always overcome cheats and ruffians, even if we have to play them at their own game. Once again CPW is at peace, but there are still some who seek to make their presence known and we need to be ready for them.

We have some great shows coming up including the Halloween Nightmares show, then after that, we have the 2 part special with the Superstars Season 3 shows. I will be documenting it all for you. For now,

Frankie Summers is signing off, I will see you at F**k U at Dhillon’s Brewery.

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