Summers Gazette – #37

Night of the Lioness Ladies and gents, Frankie Summers reporting and happy new year to you. Our first show of the year was Night of the Lioness, a show to celebrate the CPW Women’s division by showcasing their talents with most of the ladies in the division having matches on the show with a mix

SUMMERS GAZETTE – CPW Superstars Project Season 3 Part Two

Summers Gazette CPW Superstars Project Season 3 Part 2 Greetings once more dear friends of the CPW Galaxy and welcome to this second half of the two-part blog breaking down the second event of Superstars Season 3, brought to you from the Hagard Centre in Willenhall, an old home for CPW that we always seem


Super Secret Showdown Hello once again CPW Galaxy, this is Frankie Summers reporting with a quick rundown of a surprise show that came to you on 9th November from the Performance Centre at the North Point Church. The first show we’ve held there since Summerfest 3. Yet it still felt like only 5 minutes ago

Summers Gazette: #34 Halloween Nightmares

Halloween Nightmares MWAHAHAHAAH! Welcome puny mortals to this, the Halloween edition of the Summers Gazette, brought to you this time by the Phantom of CPW. We were especially not short of thrills on this occasion with shock and horror and jubilation at the events that unfolded before our eyes. Myself and the now zombified Caitlyn

Summers Gazette Entry #33 -F**K U!

*Warning, this blog contains adult themes and strong language, reader discretion advised* By the order of CPW, welcome Galaxy to this rundown of CPW Underground and the show christened as F**k U. I like to think it’s after what I yelled at Alex Conners in his match with Eli but it could be for any


Reload 2019 In the words of the great Don Callis, “What just happened, Josh?” Of course, the Josh is figurative; he could be any one of you reading this. What a mad and crazy show this was from start to finish, as all New Blood shows tend to be. There is always a shock moment


CPW vs the World Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls, we were live, we were worldwide, it’s CPW vs the World. Our first ever iPPV show hosted by our friends and broadcasting colleagues at Coventry IPTV. Coventry’s local sports and broadcasting network that add a professional touch to all of the external work we do


Big Drama Show Ladies and Gentlemen, Frankie Summers reporting, and welcome to Season 7 of CPW! We came to you from our base at the Henley Green Community Centre for the Big Drama Show; a highly anticipated season opener with 3 debuts and a couple of big returns to action for some fantastic grappling action.

FRANKIE SUMMERS BLOG #29.5 – The Birthday Show

The Birthday Show Hello once again CPW fans, Frankie Summers reporting and welcome to a very special edition of the blog for a very special occasion. So after my next entry, the blog will be renamed the Summers Gazette in honour of the Season 7 T-Shirt made just for me. Enough about that, just a