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Xmas Tidings 2020 PPV Results CPW Heavyweight Championship Coffin Match. Tommbie def Casey Wild & Jimmy Vice Golden Ticket Cash in for the CPW Heavyweight Championship Kurt Pliskin def Tommbie CPW Heavyweight Championship Alex Conners def Kurt Pliskin Interim NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Bashby def Danny Doherty CPW PRISON MATCHES CPW Lineal Women’s Championship No1

NextGen Wrestling Moonlight will be LIVE on PPV this Wednesday…..

CPW’s yellow brand returns with the 11th episode of NextGen Wrestling Moonlight.What will the fall out be from the Xmas Tidings 2020 PPV? One thing we do know is that the new CPW Heavyweight Champion Alex Conners will be a hosting Thanksgiving to the Coalition celebration! CPW stars like Will Starr, Tommbie, Morris and Jimmy

CPW RELOAD iPPV details…..

We are pleased to announce that in conjuction with Coventry IPTV Reload 2019 will be available on iPPV from any device!! You can join us LIVE from the comfort of your own home and virtually ringside to see all of the huge matches that Reload has in store for The CPW Galaxy!! BOOK YOUR iPPV