NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
FIFI def James Cross

CPW Galaxy Championship
Eli Conners def Alex Conners

Jimmy Vice & Alfie Rogue def Lucia Lee & Will Starr

Tommbie & Imperial Dragon def 666 Pack

Shauna Shay def Harley Harris

George def Morris

Mr Ace & Team Madness def Dingo, Zak Northern, Jordan Blaze and Iron Serb


Performance Of The Night
Nathan Lewis on his first outing as the Head Of Operations for NextGen Wrestling.

Match Of The Night
Eli Conners vs Alex Conners

OMG Moment Of The Night
Harley Harris losing control and dishing out some violent beats on Shauna Shay


CPW Championship Landscape

FIFI out gunned the ‘wrecking ball’ to remain the NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

Eli Conners successfully defended his CPW Galaxy Championship against his Brother Alex Conners in a very tough encounter.


We will be returning to Leicester in November so keep a look out for more information in the next few days.

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