Xmas Tidings 2020 PPV Results

CPW Heavyweight Championship Coffin Match.

Tommbie def Casey Wild & Jimmy Vice

Golden Ticket Cash in for the CPW Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Pliskin def Tommbie

CPW Heavyweight Championship

Alex Conners def Kurt Pliskin

Interim NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Bashby def Danny Doherty


CPW Lineal Women’s Championship No1 Contenders Match

Kiara def Kat Von Kaige

New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Niall Fairchild def Drake WynterMorris def Will Starr

Cleo def Eli Conners

Match Of The Night

Tommbie vs Casey Wild vs Jimmy Vice

Performance Of The Night

Kiara overcoming to beat Kat Von Kaige inside the CPW Prison to become the No1 contender for the CPW Lineal Women’s Championship held by Alfie Rogue.

OMG Moment Of The Night

The unbelievable ending to the PPV which saw 3 new separate CPW Heavyweight Champions crowned, crazy tings!!

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