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Super Secret Showdown Hello once again CPW Galaxy, this is Frankie Summers reporting with a quick rundown of a surprise show that came to you on 9th November from the Performance Centre at the North Point Church. The first show we’ve held there since Summerfest 3. Yet it still felt like only 5 minutes ago

Summers Gazette: #34 Halloween Nightmares

Halloween Nightmares MWAHAHAHAAH! Welcome puny mortals to this, the Halloween edition of the Summers Gazette, brought to you this time by the Phantom of CPW. We were especially not short of thrills on this occasion with shock and horror and jubilation at the events that unfolded before our eyes. Myself and the now zombified Caitlyn


Xmas Bash 2019 Results ===================== CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship Will Starr def Morris CPW Heavyweight Championship Niall Fairchild def Jimmy Vice via DQ NextGen Heavyweight Championship James Cross def Scott Oberman, Tommbie & Bashby CPW Women’s Championship Lucia Lee def Lana Austin CPW Tag Team Championship Living Proof def 666 Pack Special Attraction Match Dan


NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship FIFI def James Cross CPW Galaxy Championship Eli Conners def Alex Conners Jimmy Vice & Alfie Rogue def Lucia Lee & Will Starr Tommbie & Imperial Dragon def 666 Pack Shauna Shay def Harley Harris George def Morris Mr Ace & Team Madness def Dingo, Zak Northern, Jordan Blaze and Iron

Big Drama Show Results

CPW New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Championship – Death Row Match JJ Roberts def Morris, Drake Wynter, Jordan Blaze, Dingo & Bashby CPW Women’s Championship Lucia Lee def Alfie Rogue CPW Heavyweight Championship No1 Contenders Match Jimmy Vice def Jake Casanova CPW Tag Team Championship No1 Contenders Match Imperial Dragon & Tommbie def Iron Serb &


CPW Underground Secret Society Results ================================== Champion vs Champion Match Will Starr def George via DQ Sole Survivor Match James Cross of G6 was the Sole Survivor JJ Roberts def Morgan Black Kat Von Kaige def Mariah May Tommbie def Mickey Rowley and Troy Jones Morris def Drake Wynter ====================================== Match Of The Night Will


WOW… What a hot and action packed Season 6 Finale History 6 turned out to be!!!! For our talent, our entire team and anyone who has contributed to CPW in Season 6 we thank you some people may not still be part of our promotions but still we thank you for all of your contributions


Road to History 2019 Welcome back CPW Galaxy to this final stop on this train service before we get to our Biggest show of the year. That being Road to History. The last NextGen Wrestling show of the current season and it certainly left a wonderful impression among the fans and showed that despite what

Nextgen Wrestling Live – June Edition 2018

Saturday 9th June the NextGen Wrestling stars come together for one last time this season at the NextGen Wrestling LIVE – June Edition See the likes off Jake Casanova, Anthony Mafia, Leyton Simms, Morris and also the final confrontation between NextGen Wrestling Champion Issac Quinten III and his History 5 challenger ‘The Chosen One’ Will