CPW Hall Of Fame consists of trailblazers and those that have done something special and unique for CPW those special people will now forever be immortalised in the CPW Hall Of Fame.

Lizzy Evo

Despite her young age Lizzy was inducted into the CPW Hall Of Fame because the Women’s Division was created on her blood, sweat and tears and Lizzy still stands as the most decorated female in CPW.

Dale Richardson

Started out as a runner and is now the glue that holds the promotion together from his role as Head Of Talent Relations too being the Senior Referee in the company. Dale is without doubt a true CPW Hall Of Famer.

Simon & Katie Morris

The duo have gave so much of their time and energy to CPW that there place in the CPW Hall Of Fame was a given. Unselfish in their desire to make the company better and also giving their son Morris everything in his pursuit of wrestling greatness.

Danny O’Neil

One of the most decorated male performer in CPW history and despite a retirement Danny is back and still going strong but his main event matches and leading The Fallen in arguably the most successful season in CPW history means Danny deserves his place amongst the CPW greats and being immortalised in the CPW Hall Of Fame.

Carl Haley

Carl was head of security for four seasons and his contributions behind the scenes and helping the promotion grow will never be forgotten.

Lynn Morgan

Lynn was a CPW Super fan before departing to Scotland. Lynn’s contributions and loyal support will always be remembered by everyone at CPW..

Sean Wilson

He is the man who has managed the music and front of house logistics for years now. His help has and always will be appreciated.

Lewis Franks

The voice of CPW entertained the CPW Galaxy for over 3 seasons and his annual Elimination Match appearances were also legendary. Lewis will forever be part of our CPW family.

Mr G & Shanghara Singh

The owners of the Binley Banqueting Suite where CPW really came into their own and the duo allowed the promotion to build, their venue will always be considered…. Home.

Dan Evans

His contribution to CPW has been unrivalled. Dan was part of CPW from our first season and since then has gone on to have a wonderful CPW career which has saw him win the NextGen Wrestling Championship, wrestle for the NWA Heavyweight Championship against Nick Aldis and has been the ‘go to go’ for all the big matches. Dan is also the only CPW performer to host his own CPW show!

Joe Williams – The Beast

Joe brought the curtain down on his 9 year wrestling career at the Xmas Bash 2018. Joe came to CPW in Season 3 and instantly stated his claim to be the best ‘big man’ of all time. Joe was a CPW Tag Team Champion and was also the CPW Heavyweight Championship.

Malcolm WyattDominic Dewinter

Better known as CPW CEO Dominic Dewinter Malcolm has helped transform CPW into a leading promotion in the UK. His experience and knowledge is imprinted everywhere you look in CPW and he continues to help CPW grow and prosper and he is a valuable member of the CPW family. Malcolm has also lead factions New Blood, G6 and the Dewinter Dynasty onto super stardom and many CPW stars can thank their careers too him.

The Carolan Family

Martin and Kelly and have been CPW Super fans since Season2 and rarely miss any of our shows. We have watched their children grow and there is no family more worthy than being in the CPW Hall Of Fame than the Carolan Family.

Nathan LewisFIFI, Russell Hardwood, Freddy and Cleo

Nathan is one of the all time greats in CPW with an in ring resume that not many can rival. Best known for FIFI, Russell Hardwood and Cleo Nathan had a career that will be forever immortalised. Nathan backstage contributions are also Hall Of Fame worthy and Nathan is also an integral part of our CPW Academy.

The Bush Family

Andrew and Jenny Bush are simply the best fans ever and with “Mother In Law” and Dylan they make up the Bush Family, we are extremely humbled to have them as the loyal fans that they are.

Jake Casanova

The CPW Galaxy will always hold on of the CPW ‘OG’s’ in their hearts after Jake has entertained them for over 6 years. Jake is a Grand Slam winner form the previous era of CPW and has had memorable feuds with the likes of Dan Evans and Tom Lindsay.

Ray Forbes

A Super fan who is unassuming but is a valued member of the CPW Galaxy. Ray has been a fan of CPW ever since the ‘Wild Binley Era’ and has since followed us where ever we have travelled.

Emma Shaw

What a Super Fan Emma is! Emma supports her favourite CPW stars with passion and is always loud and pride to be a CPW fan. Emma’s dedication is rarely matched and her Lion tattoo dedicated to Mr Richards is testament to her devotion too CPW.

Natalie Wild

Natalie is known in CPW as the ‘Queen’ and she has certainly earned the right to that name. Natalie was the face of our CPW Women’s Division for over 3 Seasons but Natalie has remained one of the leading Lionesses for over 6 seasons, her smile is beautiful and her energy even more infectious Natalie will go down as one of if not the greatest CPW Lioness of all times.

Merseyside Mercenary SquadDan Evans & Scott Oberman

MMS are without doubt the greatest Tag Team in our history. Dan Evans and Scott Oberman held the Tag Titles for over 400 days and in doing so gave credibility to the division which has since flourished and its growth is all down to MMS. This induction makes Dan Evans the first ever two x CPW Hall Of Famer.


This stable was led by Alex Conners and they made history by becoming the first ever Tag Team Champions. Members included Eli Conners. Scarecrow, Daisy, Sunshine Conners and who could ever forget Her Ladyship may she RIP