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Building and maintaining a successful wrestling entertainment promotion alongside an ideology of helping to make peoples lives better has it’s rollercoaster moments and like many we are trying to sail through the storms that the current world finds itself in.

If you like what CPW do you can help CPW continue it’s good work both in the community and with what we do best entertaining the CPW Galaxy and as we are forced to look more digital we are also striving to improve and add to our CPW ON DEMAND content and are looking for support to help us improve this aspect of CPW so we can continue to provide even more excellent content to our fans.

You can help support CPW by subscribing to CPW ON DEMAND or you can gift anonymously and safely via PayPal or leave your name or email us your business details and we will give you a shout out or plug during our various live and non live CPW content broadcasts.

We thank you in advance for any support you are able to give.