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New episode of NextGen Wrestling is now available….

The latest NextGen Wrestling Moonlight Episode featuring The CPW Galaxy is now available to all CPW On Demand subscribers. This 2.5 hour family wrestling entertainment show features all of the major stars from our yellow brand such as Shawty, Morris, Taco, Tommbie and the CPW Heavyweight Champion Leyton Simms whilst the ‘Machine’ Emma Cross gets


The Superstars Project has been a huge success with many CPW stars coming from the Project and the 7th Edition once again proved to be an amazing night for all of the students as they got to perform in-front of their family and friends in a night they will remember forever and the full show

Elimination 2022 Results…..

Some have already called it the best show yet and we can’t argue with that because we were all just part of something very very special and memories were made that will last forever, we are truly blessed to have been able to deliver a magical night of wrestling entertainment to the CPW Galaxy. Elimination


It was a sensational way for CPW to end 2021 and they done it in style. The full Xmas Bash 2021 show is now available on CPW On Demand to our Gold Subscribers and features Chantal Jordan, Will Starr, Brandon Jordan, Drake Wynter, Nadia Sapphire and more. CPW On Demand – Subscribe Today

Dark Ages – Cinematic Match

CPW On Demand bring you a brand new cinematic match this time around Dark Ages sees Tommbie take on Cleo in a battle of another realm. The short film also features Vidar, Little Susie and Emma Neenan playing the Goddess Of Weeee. DARK AGES


It was arguably the best season ever of our CPW Superstars Project Franchise as the students stunned their family, friends and The CPW Galaxy with two nights of incredible wrestling entertainment and tonight from 8pm Gold Subscribers can watch both nights in full exclusively on CPW On Demand. CPW On Demand – Subscribe Today


We take a pause from Season 9’s Savage Kingdom for the next few weeks and head into the CPW Superstars Project Season 6 LIVE shows. The Students of Season 6 have been hard at work since September and now their journey is almost complete and this Saturday they get their moment under the CPW bright

Halloween Nightmares 8 Results……

Halloween Nightmares 8 Results CPW Lineal Women’s Championship No1 Contenders Match Natalie Wild def Kat Von Kaige Season 9 Lion’s Golden Ticket Ladder Match Bashby def Taco, Jayrow, Dread Callier and Casey Wild Special Attraction Main Event Tommbie def Gunnarsson Mixed Tag Team Match Batgirl (Shawty) & Robin (Leyton Simms) def Natural Born Killers CPW