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Summers Gazette – #37

Night of the Lioness Ladies and gents, Frankie Summers reporting and happy new year to you. Our first show of the year was Night of the Lioness, a show to celebrate the CPW Women’s division by showcasing their talents with most of the ladies in the division having matches on the show with a mix


2020 Elimination Show Results ========================== 2020 Elimination Match for the CPW Heavyweight Championship Winner – Cleo CPW Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match 666 Pack def Silk Brothers 2020 Queen Of The Galaxy Tournament Qtr Final Lana Austin def Mia Cortez 2020 Queen Of The Galaxy Tournament Qtr Final Natalie Wild def Hannah Taylor CPW Galaxy

Summers Gazette #36: The Big Xmas Bash

Summers Gazette Entry #36: The Big Xmas Bash Season’s Beatings CPW Galaxy, Frankie Summers reporting on the final show CPW of the year and of the 2010s, and it was an absolute doozy, a crazy Christmas show just for you. We came to you from the Henley Green Community Centre. Thrills, spills, surprises and holiday

Summers Gazette Special: The 2019 CPW Awards Show

The 2019 CPW Awards Show Hello, once again CPW Galaxy and welcome to this rundown of the CPW Awards show for 2019. CPW always has an awards presentation for its stars and fans and we have had various formats over the years. Last year we presented awards as the winners came to the ring for

Summers Gazette #35: Xmas Tidings

Xmas Tidings 2019 By the order of Team Madness, welcome once again to the Summers Gazette, the only rag you’ll ever need to get your fix of CPW action. All matches are available with commentary on CPW on Demand in case you missed them. I must say right off the bat, thank you to those

There’s No Stopping Us Results…..

There’s No Stopping Us Results CPW Women’s Championship Hannah Taylor def Lucia Lee NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship James Cross def CJ Carter, Scott Oberman and Bashby CPW Tag Team Championship Silk Brothers def 666 Pack Special Attraction Match T-Bone def Dan Evans Taker Of Souls Ladder Match Tommbie def Imperial Dragon Mr Ace def Iron


Super Secret Showdown Hello once again CPW Galaxy, this is Frankie Summers reporting with a quick rundown of a surprise show that came to you on 9th November from the Performance Centre at the North Point Church. The first show we’ve held there since Summerfest 3. Yet it still felt like only 5 minutes ago

Summers Gazette: #34 Halloween Nightmares

Halloween Nightmares MWAHAHAHAAH! Welcome puny mortals to this, the Halloween edition of the Summers Gazette, brought to you this time by the Phantom of CPW. We were especially not short of thrills on this occasion with shock and horror and jubilation at the events that unfolded before our eyes. Myself and the now zombified Caitlyn


Xmas Bash 2019 Results ===================== CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship Will Starr def Morris CPW Heavyweight Championship Niall Fairchild def Jimmy Vice via DQ NextGen Heavyweight Championship James Cross def Scott Oberman, Tommbie & Bashby CPW Women’s Championship Lucia Lee def Lana Austin CPW Tag Team Championship Living Proof def 666 Pack Special Attraction Match Dan