Super Secret Showdown Hello once again CPW Galaxy, this is Frankie Summers reporting with a quick rundown of a surprise show that came to you on 9th November from the Performance Centre at the North Point Church. The first show we’ve held there since Summerfest 3. Yet it still felt like only 5 minutes ago

Summers Gazette: #34 Halloween Nightmares

Halloween Nightmares MWAHAHAHAAH! Welcome puny mortals to this, the Halloween edition of the Summers Gazette, brought to you this time by the Phantom of CPW. We were especially not short of thrills on this occasion with shock and horror and jubilation at the events that unfolded before our eyes. Myself and the now zombified Caitlyn


Xmas Bash 2019 Results ===================== CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship Will Starr def Morris CPW Heavyweight Championship Niall Fairchild def Jimmy Vice via DQ NextGen Heavyweight Championship James Cross def Scott Oberman, Tommbie & Bashby CPW Women’s Championship Lucia Lee def Lana Austin CPW Tag Team Championship Living Proof def 666 Pack Special Attraction Match Dan

NXTUK Superstar T-Bone added to the Xmas Bash 2019….

What an amazing addition to the Xmas Bash 2019 card Special Guest GM Lauren Starr has announced as NXTUK superstar T-Bone will compete for the first time in a CPW RING!!! The WWE NXTUK star will face off against CPW HOF Dan Evans in a special attraction match and you can be there LIVE to

CPW Superstars Project Season 4 Christmas Package..

Can’t find anything special or surprising for your loved one? Then treat them to the ultimate CPW Wrestling Experience with a CPW Special Christmas Gift. This once in a lifetime chance to become a cpw superstar and the opportunity to live a dream A 10 week intense training camp inside the CPW Training Facility followed


BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE Our annual Christmas extravaganza and will feature the highly anticipated CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship match between the champion Will Starr and Morris and the long awaited return of the UK female sensation Lana Austin!!! Meet & Great all the stars of the Xmas Bash 2019 from 5pm onwards and then settle

The return of the CPW Prison…..

BOOK YOUR TICKETS TODAY The night where Xmas becomes a little bit dark as the CPW stars get set for the return of the CPW Prison!! See Will Starr take on Kevin Issac’s and Morris vs James Cross LIVE inside the steal also the CPW Women’s Champion Natalie Wild will also enter the Prison as

Halloween Nightmares Results! New Champions crowned….

On the eve of the clocks going back CPW Primetime Wrestling hosted Halloween Nightmares and what a night of trick or treating it was!!! The show brought to a close 8 straight weeks of CPW shows for all of us at CPW so thank you to all of our staff for their sacrifices and hard

Summers Gazette Entry #33 -F**K U!

*Warning, this blog contains adult themes and strong language, reader discretion advised* By the order of CPW, welcome Galaxy to this rundown of CPW Underground and the show christened as F**k U. I like to think it’s after what I yelled at Alex Conners in his match with Eli but it could be for any