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New episode of NextGen Wrestling is now available….

The latest NextGen Wrestling Moonlight Episode featuring The CPW Galaxy is now available to all CPW On Demand subscribers. This 2.5 hour family wrestling entertainment show features all of the major stars from our yellow brand such as Shawty, Morris, Taco, Tommbie and the CPW Heavyweight Champion Leyton Simms whilst the ‘Machine’ Emma Cross gets


UK Wrestling Superstar Damian Dunne returns to CPW after 7 years away and man what a match he will be returning to as he will face former friend and the CPW Unified Heavyweight Champion Will Starr. The CPW Lineal Women’s Champion Chantal Jordan will also be LIVE! in action Saturday 14th May in this non

Adrenaline 2022 – Tickets are still available……

Tickets for this Saturday’s Adrenaline 2022 Show in Coventry featuring the CPW Unified Champion Will Starr, Morris, Tommbie, CPW Lineal Women’s Champion Chantal Jordan and more!! The show also features a Chairs Match, Coffin Match, Kendo Stick Match, Ladder Match and a Death Row Weapons Match!!! So be there LIVE! for this big night of

The Extreme Season is here……

As we continue on the Journey to History 9 the juggernaut stops off at the Extreme station with CPW Underground Presents Restricted Zone SEE ALL YOUR FAVOURITE CPW STARS IN THIS NIGHT OF EXTREME ACTION!!! Tickets are available for as little as £5 and can booked at the CPW BOX OFFICE

Elimination 2022 Results…..

Some have already called it the best show yet and we can’t argue with that because we were all just part of something very very special and memories were made that will last forever, we are truly blessed to have been able to deliver a magical night of wrestling entertainment to the CPW Galaxy. Elimination

Dark Ages – Cinematic Match

CPW On Demand bring you a brand new cinematic match this time around Dark Ages sees Tommbie take on Cleo in a battle of another realm. The short film also features Vidar, Little Susie and Emma Neenan playing the Goddess Of Weeee. DARK AGES

Family Wrestling Entertainment returns 29th in Coventry……

CPW Primetime returns with their 3rd edition from the Night Of The Lioness franchise which only means one thing and that’s our Lionesses will take centre stage for the first show of 2022 and what an explosive night of wrestling entertainment it promises to be with Alfie, Emma Cross, Mia Cortez, Natalie Wild, Harley Faith,


The Dale & Nathan Show returns as the duo review the CPW Superstars Project Season 6 shows and also preview our upcoming Xmas Tidings Show which features the CPW Prison and they are also joined by SP6 Student Shannon ‘The Cannon’ CPW On Demand – Subscribe Today https://www.patreon.com/coventryprowrestling