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New Blood Wrestling Box Office Show match card

What an amazing night of CPW entertainment awaits us this Wednesday at 8:15pm GMT as we see the return of IQ3, the long awaited rematch between the CPW Lineal Heavyweight Champion Cleo and Will Starr, Emma Cross vs Carrie and more and you can watch it LIVE via Box Office for only £3.99!! CLICK TO

New Blood Wrestling returns…..

CPW New Blood Wrestling brand returns this month with Love Me, Love Me Not!! Don’t miss another special appearance of the Silk Brothers as they defend the CPW Tag Team Championships LIVE. Natalie Wild will be looking for revenge as she envokes her rematch clause for the CPW Lineal Women’s Championship and will face champion


Hello once again, CPW Galaxy. This is your War Correspondent Frankie Summers reporting. Welcome to my 20th rundown of a main roster show. It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing these for this long, and I feel that this number is kind of fitting for me as things come full circle. This is a show

Destination History…….

Yes it’s that time of year and New Blood Wrestling returns with it’s last show of Season 6! See Lucia Lee take on Natalie Wild in the 2019 CPW Queen Of The Galaxy Tournament, Dr Gage vs Iron Serb for the Hakimpur New Blood Wrestling Championship, JJ Roberts, Niall Fairchild and lots more! Tickets can


Its the latest addition to the CPW family as New Blood Wrestling takes centre stage this month. Saturday 27th April LIVE from the Henley Green Community Centre in Coventry the first show of a new era takes place and will feature the eagerly anticipated debut of Lucia Lee as she takes on Luna Rox in