Month: February 2019

Ready or Not match announcement……..

The newly crowned CPW Unified Heavyweight Champion Will Starr will be LIVE at Ready or Not as The CPW Galaxy get to witness the new KING perform as he clashes in a non title match with JJ Roberts who makes his return to CPW in singles action after a previous stint with the promotion as

Ready or Not match announcement…….

What a tag team match we have in store for the NextGen Wrestling fans as their champion Tommbie teams up with the Hakimpur New Blood Champion Leyton Simms to take on two members of The Deep South Alex Connners and Eli Conners. Tickets are available now from the CPW BOX OFFICE

Ready or Not match announcement……

FIFI booked his place in the History 6 main event with his Elimination 2019 Match defeating 19 other men and one of those guys was James Cross who asked for this match after FIFI broke his nose and he has got his wish LIVE at Ready or Not!

Ready or Not match announcement

Saturday 16th March will see the CPW Galaxy being treated to one hell of a Queen Of The Galaxy Quarter Finals match up as the former 4 x CPW Women’s Champion and CPW Hall Of Famer Lizzy Styles returns to face her old nemesis Nadia Sapphire! These two females were the pioneers of the CPW


Tickets are now available at the CPW BOX OFFICE  for the return of CPW legend and the pioneer of the CPW Women’s division Lizzy Styles!! It’s been 3 seasons since we have witnessed the CPW Hall Of Famer in our ring but the wait is almost over as Lizzy returns to face old foe and


Well that was an experience, and what a way to kick off the year by hosting the first show of the year. The Free Show, the first stop on our calendar for 2019. The show came to the people from the Henley Green Community Centre. The venue we held Superstars at last time. As a

FRANKIE SUMMERS – CPW’s top 10 most shocking moments of 2018

It’s fair to say that CPW has had it’s fair old share of jaw droppers in the past year. I can’t say from personal experience what crazy surprises have happened, but this has certainly been a fantastic year for surprises no matter when you join. Every show something monumental in some way seems to come

FRANKIE SUMMERS – The Best Moments Of 2018

What a lot has changed in the last 12 months in CPW. In January I barely knew what a CPW was. I’d seen some of the talents around at other shows, but didn’t know who any of them are. My first show I came to see wasn’t the best experience but I came out with

FRANKIE SUMMERS – The Xmas Bash Blog #14

Happy new year, and hello there once again CPW Galaxy. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. I want to welcome you to the last show breakdown of 2018. This time is for the Big Xmas Bash. An annual tradition in CPW always full of thrills, spills and surprises. This show was no exception.