Well that was an experience, and what a way to kick off the year by hosting the first show of the year. The Free Show, the first stop on our calendar for 2019. The show came to the people from the Henley Green Community Centre. The venue we held Superstars at last time. As a tribute to our fans, we decided to make the show free of charge as we know money is tight at this time of year, but we still wanted to provide you all with the top wrestling action that you have come to expect from CPW. This was a bit of a nail biter for me as it’s the biggest show I’ve ever hosted and the first time hosting at the Henley Greencentre. I’ve only hosted 3 shows before and 2 were at the Performance Centre, the other was at the Hagard. I’m glad you all liked the outfit, I’ve had people say it looked like all sorts, an Italian American gangster, A butcher, an Amishman to even the man from Del Monte. No Jake, you can not have 50 oz of steak mince.

As I mentioned before at the show, if you are able to take photos or video clips from the show, please post them up on the CPW Facebook page and groups so we can see them, we always love to hear from our fans, and please look out for information for the upcoming shows next month.

On Feb 9th we have Warfare with the main even being an amended CPW title match between Will Starr and Anthony Mafia. As well as the first ever match for the Hakimpur New Blood championship with George putting the Academy belt on the line to exchange for the new belt, or potentially lose it to one of 4 competitors. House Draper will be making their debut in a shot at the tag team championships and lots more.

Then on Feb 23rd, we have our annual tradition show that we know as Elimination. A match with a Multi man elimination Battle Royale. The show was not called Elimination last year, as it was the Nick Aldis Supershow, however the match took place and Tom Lindsay valiantly went coast to coast and outlasted 19 other competitors. Usually it’s 20 entrants, however I’m not sure if the number will increase or not, More info will be provided nearer to the time. Also as I mentioned at the time, in case you missed it, I, Frankie Summers, would like to announce my entry into the Elimination Rumble. Just to prove to the naysayers that in my year of being with CPW I am more than able to rumble with the big boys. Also to the ones who are always concerned about my safety if ever I step in the ring. If I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t have said I’d enter into the match. If I didn’t want it, I’d have never stepped into that ring to train in the first place. The whole reason I got into this is to try and conquer my nervous disposition and to overcome my fear of any kind of conflict. You can tell with the way I talk that I have confidence issues sometimes, but wrestling is helping, sure there’s some out there I’m more fearful of facing in CPW than others, but with some of them it’s rightly so. But if I don’t face my fears I will never overcome them. I have been gaining more confidence lately and the chance was offered to me to be in it this year, so I am going to take it. It gives me a chance to try my hand in an environment I have a bit of experience in, but most of all, it gives me a chance to get my hands on some people who have been giving me some trouble over the last year.

Anyhow, the case in point. The Free Show. The show to kick off 2019 in style. Right now the CPW championship scene has been very up in the air as Mr Richards has brought in his own championship after losing the CPW belt to Beast in ultra-controversial fashion. Will beat Beast for that belt and now a 6 month rivalry that was based on respect before, but on revenge now. This would all come to the boil in my live episode of Talking Hype at this show.

This was a 9 match card that was not one to be missed, and the toll free gate brought in a crowd of around 150, With a mix of new local people and our regular CPW Galaxy patrons. The other part of this show was the annual awards that we give out to the CPW talents who are voted for by the fans, and I had the task of presenting these awards to the wrestlers as they came out for their matches (mostly).

We opened up with our usual run down and our live performance of Sweet Caroline that we do every show. But then onto the action. The opening contest was a singles match as the Iron Serb took on Leyton Simms in a grudge match from the Big Xmas Bash last month. Leyton’s team beat Serb’s team in the 6 man tag team match in impressive style and Serb took exception to this. He wanted to prove the he could beat Leyton Simms and showed his displeasure on the CPW Facebook page in a self-filmed video segment that you can watch there.

I announced the Serb first so he could come out and have his moment to scoff at the crowd. He came out with his flag and tried to intimidate the crowd, as well as me in his usual fashion. Standing right next to me and breathing down my neck. A favourite hobby of his. Then I announced the winner of CPW Breakout Star of the year for 2018, Leyton Simms. He came out with some drooping flowers, proclaiming Serb had given them to him like that. He got in the ring for me to present the award. I had to calm him down as he wanted to jump right into the action. In the end I presented him the award that he received with shock and disbelief. Serb took exception to this and demanded to know where his trophy was.

I told him he should have started wrestling 10 years later and maybe he would have been in the running for it. After this I was advised to call out award winners first so it didn’t create any more drama, as entertaining as it was to see.

Serb opened up with the early advantage with heavy slams and working away on Simms with heavy strikes standing, then on the apron, then on the post. Simms tried to fight back with strikes but Iron Serb kept on top of him, promoting the superiority of his beloved Serbia. This time Simms struck back and took down the Serb, he went to the top for a flying headbutt but was crotched by Serb before going for a powerslam. Leyton managed to get the sneaky counter and roll up the Serb for the count of 3. However it looked to be that Simms had used some of his old ways and grabbed the tights to get the pin over the villainous Serb. He did not appreciate this, but the crowd certainly did as Leyton Simms comes out your winner.

After this surprising win for Leyton, next was Talking Hype. An interview segment that used to take place on Youtube and has been an ongoing feature since 2016. The last one was a multiple part feature as Dominic interviewed Mr Richards about his career up to that point, and so on. This was the first Talking Hype section we have done in a while and Dominic would have hosted it, but he is currently out with injury. Both men entered the ring with their respective belts and they answered some questions I’d come up with before the show. I didn’t get to ask all of the questions including the one I really wanted to ask, but I’ll bring it up later.

In short they broke down their achievements and their 2018 on the whole which has been full of adversity for both men, and personally I think the deserve what they have, but the rivalry they have could not be contained. I tried to calm the situation but it didn’t work. There was no way I was going to get in front of these two big angry men with heavy pieces of metal clutched in their fists. However something unexpected happened in the form of an interruption. Are you ready for this by Jock Jams began to play, before being abruptly cut off with a record scratch, then Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel started playing and a gentleman in a big fleur patterned coat and mirrored shades came out, accompanied by The MMS. It certainly defused the situation for a moment. However it lead to bigger things. The man announced himself as John D Foley, and informed us all he is the new GM of Nextgen Wrestling. Finally finding a replacement for Marcel. I’m not sure how he stands as he came out with Dan Evans and Scott Oberman, but it turns out that this was just to induct them into the CPW Hall of Fame for their years of service and their dominance as the longest reigning tag team Champions in the promotion’s history.

Dan Evans I feel especially deserves this, despite his in ring conduct and liking for hitting people with weapons. He is still an experienced and tremendous wrestler and no matter how big or bad the opponent he will get in the ring with them with no issue. As proven with Nick Aldis and Rene Dupree just to name two. Scott Oberman has been with CPW a long time as well, first being unveiled as the ‘real’ Windsor and taking on Morris as his private butler. Then after losing a match for Morris’ freedom, he become known as Seth Skyline and stayed right at the top of Nextgen for a while. Then after a little while he changed his look, and his tights and joined up with Dan to form the Merseyside Murder Squad and he’s been a dangerous force ever since with some impressive wins in singles and tag team action. So as much as I don’t agree with how they do it, this was deserved. Especially as Dan is a mainstay in CPW, and with his reputation all over the country, his place has been rightfully earned.

Now they came out in very dapper matching suits. The Chicken Club immediately started asking where they stole them. But need I remind you that despite his change in character, Scott is still from an obscenely wealthy family and he either had them tailor made, then picked them up at the family mansion, or just used his dad’s credit card and had them sent to him. Someone like that doesn’t need to steal a suit really. So Mr Foley then announced that he would “give the people what they need.” In the form of a tag team match for the CPW tag team championships. Mr Richards and Will looked at each other and reluctantly decided to work together to take on This dominant pair of ruffians. At that the interview was forced to end as they all went to the back and no one came to blows. This was lucky for me. I wanted to bail multiple times in case it got violent, but Mr Richards told me not to worry and to stay there.

Next was the rematch for the Nextgen Wrestling Championship between former champion Alex Conners accompanied by Big Eli and new Conners family cohort John Eastwood, the man who beat him at the Superstars, then with the help of Big Eli at Xtreme Tidings they took him away, turned him into the authorities to claim the bounty. Now released, he must have made bail, he’s back to get revenge against the man who stopped him getting revenge on George. The new Nextgen champ, Tommbie. So going into this match there was already tension, leading on from previously existing tension from before. But I know Alex, he doesn’t care how or who, just so long as he gets what he wants.

The match started with Tommbie getting the advantage and immediately going for the submission, it didn’t work as Alex got out of it, before some humilation tactics took place. This was then responded to with Alex calling Tommbie out with a test of strength which went back and forth until the Conners family interfered. This lead to a criss cross which ended up with Alex being kicked out of the ring. Eli tried to interfere but failed, so he distracted and John Eastwood did the dirty work. Alex fought back with a big bite, before the two brawled toe to toe in the corner. Alex tried for the KFC and couldn’t get it on, he then angrily tried to sweep Tommbie off his feet, which failes, then they charged and collided, putting them both down. Tommbie got to the corner and Alex got back to work with the running knee before dragging him out of the corner and hitting the pumphandle backbreaker. Tommbie’s comeback was thwarted until this point. He tried to go high risk out of desperation, the first move failed, but he came back with a few clotheslines, but Alex cut him off again and went for the Pitchfork Driver to go to for the win. Tommbie fought out and hit the Samoan Drop, went to the top and missed, to which Alex responded with the Neckbreaker. Tommbie came back with one last gas, hitting Alex with the knee in the corner, followed by his new move I am calling the Barbed Wire suplex, as the shape he makes his opponent into for the remove looks like a knot of barbed wire. This made big impact, enough for Tommbie to call for the Electric Chair Drop. He went for it, but the Deep South jumped in and attacked Tommbie which resulted in a disqualification.

So after this madness, Tommbie walks out with the Nextgen championship still intact. One thing to note with this match which did take away from part of it was the need to play keep-away with John Eastwood’s hat. I know it’s entertaining to mess with the set dressing and annoy the bad guys but it takes the spectacle away from the match. I understand fun is fun and even I got involved at the end where I put his hat on top of my own hat (as I did with Jake’s hat and Kam’s goggles.) Please try and refrain from causing a scene, there’s a reason why a certain company banned things being thrown around the venues.

Next was an anticipated match as Imperial Dragon took on Morris for the CPW Godiva championship, it would be the toughest test so far for the reigning champ, because as we all know, Imperial Dragon has been wrestling for nearly 20 years and has only gotten nastier as time goes by. His height and agility speak for themselves as well, on top of that he savage strikes and tendency to not hold back on his opponents, as well as his willingness to win in any way it takes. However Morris, now fully recovered from his foot surgery has the heart of a true champion. Never backs down, never turns down a challenge, unless medical grounds prevent it of course. Dragon got this chance after his win over Fifi at the Bash, in controversial fashion I may add. He gladly took the opportunity however as he wasn’t expecting at this point in his career to have a chance at any gold.

Morris came out and we gave him his award for fan’s CPW wrestler of the year for all the effort he put in during 2018. As mentioned before, going from a losing streak to ending it in surprise fashion, to going on a dominant run and taking down anyone who got in his way. Then I announced his opponent, Imperial Dragon, who came out as I was assembling Morris’ gear, the Dragon stalked me around the outside of the ring, to which I told him to keep his distance, but thankfully he got in the ring and focused on the task in hand.

So it opened up with some disrespect by the Dragon as he slapped Morris, who retaliated and whipped him off which lead to 3 subsequent shoulder tackles, which got the Dragon shaken up. Morris tried to end it early with the Samoan Drop, which Dragon got out of and disrespectfully slaps Morris again, berating him more, and Morris fires back again with strikes in the corner, breaking him down to the mat. Morris tried to lock in a submission, but this flared up his bad foot, which Dragon took advantage of. He wore down Morris with strikes for a while, until Morris fought back again, and got enough of an opening to hit the drop kick and start the overdriver Combo. Favouring that injured foot the whole time.

Morris hit the Stunner, but Dragon wisely rolled out. Morris made chase as they fought more outside, Morris got the advantage and hit the Samoan Drop and looking to get the win now, tried to Pin the Dragon who got the ropes. Dragon limped up to show the ref he had hurt his knee and may not be able to continue. However it was a ruse as Morris went for Dragon to polish him off, but Dragon had feigned the injury and hit the Black Mass. He tried to get the pin, but Morris kicked out which lead to an exchange of pins, before Dragon locked in the Spinning Knee Bar and Morris tapped to make The Imperial Dragon the new Godiva Champion.

During the interval while I was helping with Fan Access, I had one of the runners come up to me and say I was needed in the back. So I went there and I was greeted by a tall, imposing, masked figure with a low and menacing voice saying “Hello Frankie”. Trying to put a brave face on it I asked what he wanted, to which he demanded an interview. We got the camera set up and someone to film it, and we recorded the post-match interview. We all know my history with interviews with Dragon. This one can be seen on the CPW Facebook page, so go and check it out if you want to see what choice words he had to say about his win. To be honest I was glad when it was over. I never know what he’s thinking and it’s not the first time he’s got physical with me either. I don’t know what he’s thinking but I don’t like it. Still, Dragon, I must congratulate you on winning the title.

So we moved on to the tag team match as Jake Casanova and Fifi took on the team of Shaun Ruben and Isaac Quentin III. So I announced Jake first so he could come out and do his thing. His music played, he came out to dance with the fans, before getting in the ring to finish the song by dancing with Dale and I. Before he promptly stole my hat. Then in return I stole his once I retrieved it. It was announced by John D Foley that Fifi could not compete in the match due to other obligations, however he had a replacement in the one and only Stevie W who came out to join in our merriment. Then came their opponents. The fire seemingly still burns hot between myself and Shaun. I didn’t take my eyes off him the whole time he was making his entrance as I still don’t trust him and have the feeling he isn’t done with me. I have to show I’m not intimidated by him of course. Isaac Quentin III doesn’t really bother with me, sure he’s yelled at me during interviews before but that’s because he didn’t like what I said, in a way I’m glad he doesn’t give it two thoughts, I know his rep.

It began with a lock up as all big matches do between Stevie and Isaac. Stevie got the best of it and hoisted Isaac over , before lining him up for a hip toss. Isaac managed to fight back before tagging in Shaun. He hammered down on Steve with strikes. After a while Stevie got the tag to Jake and threw Shaun out, and proceeded to double team on Isaac with charges into the corner. Jake and Stevie took some time out to get some dancing in as is standard. It’s really not a Jake Casanova match without it. Isaac up the fun and threw Jake out. Shaun dashed in and hit Stevie with a Northern Lights suplex, and went for the pin but only got 2.

Sensing victory Shaun hopped up to the top and went for the Frog Splash. Shaun missed and this levelled the playing field.Stevie got to the corner as both men made the tag, and Jake tore in and cleaned house, hitting Isaac with a high cross body block. Stevie got back in the fray to throw Shaun out, then in an incredible feat, hit the Giant Swing on Isaac, swinging all over the ring. Stevie went to hit a move from the top, but Isaac recovered and took him off the top. While prone, Shaun hit the Frog Splash againand Isaac covered for 3 to get the win.

So after the sad result at the end of this match, the beaten and bruised Jake and Stevie left the ring. After this we had the interval where Kameron Solas, Leyton Simms and Morris stood in the ring to take photos. Jake and Stevie were in no condition to stand and take photos. This was the time I was called out to do the interview with Imperial Dragon.

After this ended we began half two and we opened up with a singles match for the Academy Championship as George took on Bashby in a rematch from Get the Strap. Bashby has had some time off due to injury but he recovered and has come back in top form, as seen at the Xmas Bash. I can also confirm at training he’s back to his old ways too. George on the other hand is a little crestfallen after losing the Nextgen championship after such a short run, and having to beat Alex Conners 3 times in a row to get the belt, only to lose it to Tommbie on his first defence. He wasn’t pinned for it however, that happened to Alex Conners. So still with his academy belt he’s held since May, he fights on against an old nemesis for the gold he won from him on his debut.

Surprisingly, as these two favour strikes, I was surprised that this matched opened up with a technical wrestling exhibition. Bashby came out on top with a reverse chin lock, that George managed to break out of, but Bashby hit again with the Suplex, then went for the pin attempt and only got 2. Then worked it into a backslide that was also only a 2. Angry at this he strike back with some ground and pound moves on George, who countered with a suplex of his own, followed by a devastating running uppercut, similar to the one Will Starr uses. Bashby rolled out of the ring and George made chase which lead to some stiff brawling on the outside with a lot of heavy strikes, with apron and post work.

After working their way back in the ring, Bashby was feeling more confident as he hit George with a back kick and proceeded to strut arrogantly before going for the pin, which only got 2. George fought back with another uppercut and a dropkick which sent Bashby to the corner. Going to follow up, Bashby hit George with the superkick and knocked him down. Sensing this was the end he went for the pin but somehow George kicked out at 2. Bashby got up and started yelling at Referee Martin before getting rolled up for the 3, which means George retains the Academy Belt once again.

Newsflash however, fan footage revealed that George got the roll up on Bashby for the 3 count, however, I couldn’t see from my position, nor Martin from his, that Bashby had actually grabbed the ropes before the 3 count. Bashby was livid at this decision and has gone online on Facebook to vent his frustrations, which leads us onto what will happen at Warfare. The gauntlet match for the new Hakimpur New Blood championship. This has got him the justice he desired, even if the odds are stacked against him once again. I gave them both credit for the display they put on during the match for showing all the skills they have from their time in training. They put on a showcase of exactly what the academy can teach young wrestling trainees who come through our doors. They grappled, they struck, they charged and they flew. They took risks and played it safe. An exhibition of skills anyone can learn when they come into the business of Pro Wrestling.

The next match was a singles between the returning Kameron Solas and the runner up to the Ruler of the Galaxy tournament, Tom Lindsay. Tom came out and was being his usual self, faking out the fans and just being generally arrogant. He looked like he was going to hug Wes of the chicken club, finally, but it didn’t happen. He got into the ring and tried to stare me down. But then I had a presentation for him. I had three trophies to give away to Tom, for Matches of the year, Feud of the year and CPW roster’s choice Wrestler of the year. All of which I think he deserved despite our differences. His matches with ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster and Mr Richards were voted joint best of the year and rightly so. I put the match between him and Mr Richards as my personal choice for match of the year at the time. The one with Flash was definitely a favourite of those who saw it live. Feud of the year with Mr Richards was also a stand out. It had the most action and twists and turns and no one knew what to expect next. Lastly for our locker room’s Wrestler of the year. His effort is much appreciated for all he does in and out of the ring.

We may not get along, but I still respect him Tom as well, but to be honest I’m surprised he didn’t ask “Where’s the rest of them?”. Then Kameron came out to a really good response as he charged around the ring giving fives to everyone he could reach. It’s great to see him back as he always puts on a great show with his high flying skills. They got into the ring and I stayed there as I had a safety announcement to give. I was caught a little off guard however as Kameron lifted his head a bit to get my attention and lobbed his goggles towards me, just at the last second I realised what was going on and I got my hand up to catch them, expecting them to bounce off my fingers, but no, I caught them and I was legit pretty pleased with myself. Tom made his move towards me challenge to catch a smaller target.

I put the goggles on my hat and got in position. Tom yelled at Dale to get out of the way as he lobbed his sunglasses at me. I just casually sidestepped them much to his disgust. Kameron stepped in before Tom could try and get at me. I then gave the warning for the fans to stay in their seats as this match could become very dangerous to their safety. Mainly because Kameron does not like to stay grounded, he is all about high flying moves. Corkscrew Splashes, planchas and other moves where he soars through the air like a majestic eagle, before crashing on the hapless soul who happens to be in the way. When I said I didn’t want anyone getting hurt Kameron said he’d only try and hurt Tom. Tom claimed before the show that he was going to trip over Kameron and embarrass him. This didn’t happen.

This opened up fast and furious with a flurry of brawling which went out side very fast. After fighting out of the ring with heavy strikes for a little while, Tom seemingly with the advantage hit a big lariat and went for the pin. Kam kicked out at 2. Tom continued to grind down on Kameron, sending him outside again. Tom took some time out to be pleased with himself as Kameron clawed his way back in, only to be greeted by a body slam by Tom. Kameron fought back with some stiff kicks from the apron, hopped up to the top and struck back with a missile dropkick. This got him a count of 2. Tom hopped back up and got Kameron in a headlock, but Kameron countered this with a Jawbreaker. This got him another 2 count. Kameron then pulled out all the stops with a Death Valley Driver that planted Tom.

Another 2 count. Tom got his second wind and fought back after Kameron missed the cross body press. He took control and when he got an opening he went over and tried to take off the corner buckle pad. This got the ref distracted enough for Tom to get in the low blow Which took down Kameron and Tom was able to get his first victory on a main CPW show since Summerfest 3. Once again however it was done in a dishonest fashion, like happened against me at Superstars.

So after that shocking result of Tom Lindsay actually winning one, next it was the Women’s match between the reigning champion Victoria Adams as she took on the Baddest Girl on the planet, Chantal Jordal. Victoria has been hungry for new opponents after disposing of Natalie Wild on multiple occasions, along with Shauna Shay and Nadia Sapphire, so now we have Chantal, the second female graduate of the Dojo in Dudley, and one of the youngest pro wrestlers in the nation.

I introduced the challenger first and in Chantal who came out to a decent respone. Rightly so as she has a decent rep in the local area in other companies. Then came Victoria, pleased with herself as she came down with her belt. She smugged her way around the crowd and got into the ring. Just as I was about to ask for the bell to be rung, John D Foley’s music hit again. He came out and announced the winner of the CPW woman of the year award which went to non other than the surprise 3rd entrant to this match. None other than Natalie Wild. So with Mr Foley’s permission I announced this match as now a triple threat with the championship on the line.

Tori and Nat faced off in the middle of the ring, with Tori’s face being a picture of anger and disgust, as Chantal got between them and took them both out with her savage kicks to the chest on both women. Natalie fought through it and broke out, before clotheslining Tori. Then Chantal and Nat teamed up to work on Tori together, now this time she was the one to fight through it as Tori fired back, hitting a Fisherman’s suplex on Nat, who kicked out at one. She got a regular suplex on Chantal, and went for a second, but it was countered into a pin combo that was also a 2. Then some controversy happened as Chantal was cast out of the ring, and Tori held down Natalie for the 3 count, retaining her championship one more time.

At the end of it all, there was some confusion as Natalie is believed to have kicked out at the 2 but referee Martin didn’t see it and neither could I from my vantage point. This left Victoria as champion once again, when people thought this may be the one chance for Natalie to get it back in odds that were stacked against the champ. This left Tori to get out of Dodge and leave the prone Natalie in the ring with an enraged Chantal who proceeded to assault her in anger before storming off to the stunned silence of the crowd. None of us knew what to make of what happened. Even me. This won’t be the end of this issue I can tell.

This brings us on to the last match between Will Starr and Mr Richards as they took on the MMS. I announced Will Starr first who came out to a good cheer from the crowd as is to be expected. Then as he was coming in, Dale whispered in my ear that Mr Richards had gone and there was no replacement for him. I went to announce the MMS before Martin ran out from the back to tell me that we had found a replacement. So I announced the replacement who was none other than Fifi. He came out with all of the gear he is known for with the pride flag, the wig and those killer dance moves. Will came up to me during this and asked me “Really, from Mr Richards, to this?!” and pointed at Fifi. I can only go off what I’m told however. The MMS came out in their usual stoic way, with a quiet confidence as they stalked their way to the ring for the match. The titles would still be on the line however.

Heading right back to the match that happened almost a year ago, Scott and Will locked up in the centre of the ring. Scott got control and Dan came in and elbow dropped Will. Will fought back and got to Fifi for the tag. Evans fired on Fifi, but he came back with a big dropkick. Scott was tagged in for the double team and hit a neckbreaker to score a 2 count. More big moves and more 2 counts. After all the beatings, Fifi managed to get to Will, he tagged him in and Will cleaned house, hitting a Spinning Wheel Kick to Scott, and as Fifi was thrown out by Dan, Will charged him, and clothesline Dan and himself over the top, Will however using his great core strength held on and pulled himself back in The ring. This left Scott prone, Fifi came back in, and both men worked on him.

Fifi called for the finish with the Fifi Factor. It failed as Dan rolled back in and it devolved into a pure brawl with all 4 guys. Will was thrown out, the MMS went for the Albert Docks Homicide to finish the match, and it was countered. They managed it after a 3rd attempt and they only scored a 2 count by a virtue of a miracle, keeping Fifi and Will’s hopes alive in the match. Dan tried to go for the Pumphandle Brainbuster, but Will got back in the ring and Superkicked Dan and knocked him down. He went to finish the match himself, with Fifi hitting the Fifi Factor, then the Super Starr Elbow. Dale had been knocked out by the MMSat this point which lead this this happening. After a low blow for each man, the MMS went outside the ring and brought in a table and some chairs. They tried to set the table up, but it flops down.

While they were trying to set it up, Will got back up and fought valiantly on. He hit a T Bone Suplex on Dan and tried to set up the table himself in the corner, with the hope of putting one of the MMS through it, but Dan speared Will through it. The MMS regrouped, but Fifi hit a low blow on each and went for the cover as Dale came back around. He only got a 2 count, but Dan still had enough in him to help up Scott and position him, as he got him up for another Pumphandle Brainbuster, with an added kick to the back of the head by Scott, and they got the 3 count, much to the disgust of the crowd. At this point, the MMS grabbed the chairs from earlier and walloped both men with them, until Mr Richards’ music hit as he charged in to save the day, which sent the Murder Squad packing.

Of course, despite this, our CPW Lineal Heavyweight champ was greeted quite coldly for not being there for this match. Fifi got up and showed his annoyance at the whole thing, as the fans booed and jeered. He gave them something to boo about for sure by flawing Fifi with a Pedigree and kicking him out of the ring. Will and Mr Richards stood in the ring facing off. All the time being branded a sell out by the CPW Galaxy. We will of course have to wait for that cage match, but now something even bigger has been brewing, and it involves more people by the day.

So after that, this was the end of the show, and as I said at the end. Chaos and destruction after Will was left broken in the wreckage of that table. This leaves a lot of questions now regarding Warfare. On Facebook, Fifi has actually called out Mr Richards for his actions and has challenged him to a match since this show, and it will be the sternest test of Fifi’s career. We know what Mr Richards is capable of and his style in the ring. It’s not going to be fun and games this time if the challenge is accepted. Fifi will have to pull out something big to get by Mr Richards, as he’s not one for holding back. This has opened up a chance however for Anthony Mafia to take on Will Starr in the biggest match of his CPW career so far. Also the match between Shaun Ruben and Morris in the cage will not take place either as Imperial Dragon now has the belt, which means Morris is using his rematch clause for a hardcore match against the Dragon at Warfare as well. However as consolation, Shaun has been entered into the New Blood Gauntlet for his shot at the title. I shall be there as normal reporting the action. For now, prepare for war, as once again it’s coming to CPW, for now,

This is Frankie Summers signing off.

See you once again at the Henley Green Community Centre on February 9th!

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