Month: July 2019

CPW LIVE returns to heat up the summer…..

CPW Live returns as we enter our ‘Pre Season’ and what a sizzler we are expecting! See all of your favourite CPW Superstars in action including CPW Lineal Heavyweight Champion Will Starr who teams with the CPW Heavyweight Champion also Lucia Lee will defend her CPW Women’s Championship in a History 6 rematch against the


CPW Underground Secret Society Results ================================== Champion vs Champion Match Will Starr def George via DQ Sole Survivor Match James Cross of G6 was the Sole Survivor JJ Roberts def Morgan Black Kat Von Kaige def Mariah May Tommbie def Mickey Rowley and Troy Jones Morris def Drake Wynter ====================================== Match Of The Night Will


Ladies and Gentleman, Frankie Summers reporting. Welcome to this, the rundown of the biggest show of the CPW Calendar. It’s History VI. A premium show that is a birthday party for ourselves at CPW, to celebrate our time as a promotion since CPW came onto the scene back in 2013. Just to look at whom


WOW… What a hot and action packed Season 6 Finale History 6 turned out to be!!!! For our talent, our entire team and anyone who has contributed to CPW in Season 6 we thank you some people may not still be part of our promotions but still we thank you for all of your contributions

We are going X-Rated………

Season 6 is not over as CPW are having an end of season celebration and you are all invited!!! Saturday 20th July we bring you a taste of what will become a brand new promotion aimed solely at an adult audience but that’s for Season 7 but we can’t wait to see what Secret Society