Ladies and Gentleman, Frankie Summers reporting. Welcome to this, the rundown of the biggest show of the CPW Calendar. It’s History VI.

A premium show that is a birthday party for ourselves at CPW, to celebrate our time as a promotion since CPW came onto the scene back in 2013. Just to look at whom we have had on our roster in the past and who have stuck around even from the early days. Dan Evans has been a mainstay for the longest time; Tom Lindsay and Jake Casanova have been here since day one, not always as competitors, but in some way, starting as trainees, the first two students of the CPW Academy. Flash Morgan Webster, Pete Dunne, Lana Austin, Lizzy Styles, Damian Dunne, The Hunter Brothers, Robbie E and even Mr Anderson have made appearances in CPW over the years; along with many other national and international talents. Every name I have mentioned here is considered a star now, and they all had tenure in our beloved CPW.

We’ve had some one-off appearances from major stars in recent times, like Nick Aldis, Rene Dupree and some others from the last list of names I mentioned. We’ve also had beloved local talent who have come and gone over the years, either going on to pastures new or leaving the sport. Such as Disco Bert Fabulous, Man Like Dereiss, Golden Boy, Ethan Silver, Josh O’Neill, The Beast, Pizza Boy, Brandon Thomas and so on for the boys. With the ladies we’ve had, the Goddess Athena Furie, Lucy Sky, Kimmy Goldwing, Millie McKenzie and others. We’ve seen people leap from high places, be smashed through tables, get hit with heavy objects, be put through car windscreens and be attacked with fire. We’ve sung and danced, and arrived in fancy vehicles. We even witnessed the brutal hospitalisation, death and funeral of a chicken. Bitter rivalries, blood feuds and war, spliced in with a bit of occasional comedy and light-hearted touches. Sometimes at the expense of the baddies which is always fun. However, we have had heartbreak and sadness in equal measures too. Where our heroes have been beaten up by multiple people, usually with weapons, to the point where children in the audience have been left in tears. A lot of the things I mentioned have happened during the time that I have been in CPW, when I joined back in March 2018.

I’ve seen old clips on YouTube all available in full CPW ON DEMAND and you can see the evolution that CPW has gone through over the years. I must full-heartedly thank Mr Richards for always being there and being the guiding light for all of us. His vision has taken us through the highs and the lows, and I must also thank every single member of talent whoever stepped through our doors, either to set up, announce, referee, help with the ring and logistics, help with production and of course perform for our fans. None of this would be possible without you. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of this big CPW family that we have.

Anyway, let’s get to the show proper.

Our mistress of Ceremonies was Caitlyn James who opened up the show without customary vocal warm-up and rendition of Sweet Caroline. We had a 9 match card this time and every single championship was on the line, including a brand new one, which I will get to later. The golden ticket was on the line as well, so all of the gold was up for grabs. It was high stakes and everyone had everything to play for. We opened up in fine style with a 12 man scramble match featuring 3 teams of 4 for the CPW Godiva championship. I will run down the rules for you.

The G6 currently had the CPW Godiva Championship, currently being held by George who beat me for it at Road to History. They were facing the team of myself, Mr Ace, ‘Rulebreaker’ Harry Taylor and Oddball Eightball. Together we are Superstars Inc. We are called that because we all got our starts in the Superstars Program. I wanted the group to be called the Wildcards as we are all full of surprises, but Superstars Inc is far more fitting as it represents where we came from and what we fight for. Our teams would face each other first and the winner of that fall would go on to face the next team. That being Team Madness, consisting of Dr Gage, Bashby, Eli Conners and newcomer Joe Boulton. G6 consisted of George, James Cross, Ryan Lance and Dingo; the bones of the G6 network. I lead my team out to see that the G6 had blocked the way to the ring. I called out the others who stood against them. Once the music stopped the G6 rushed us and we started brawling around the ring, myself with James Cross, Harry with George, Oddball with Lance and Mr Ace with Dingo. A very even match on paper.

This is how it went down as we brawled around the ring. Harry got thrown into the ring by George as they continued to fight in the ring, as Harry fought bravely but George got the upper hand. Mr Ace jumped in to save Harry and take advantage of George’s turned back. After a few strikes, Mr Ace picked up George for the Giant Swing and swung him around the ring. Only 5 revolutions, as to not get too dizzy too soon. Dingo smelled blood and took advantage of this and jumped in the ring and charged Ace with the Spear. Ace dodged and Dingo speared George. James Cross smashed my head off the ring post and jumped in to help Dingo, and the 2 on 1 game was too much for Ace who escaped. While they were saluting in the ring, myself and Oddball Eightball got in the ring and started brawling with them. Oddball and Dingo fought to the corner as James and I fought to the centre. James hit me a few more times before whipping me off and hitting me with a big clothesline. He picked me up and did it again but I ducked, kicked him in the gut and smashed him with my big DDT. I went for the pin, but George broke up the pin with the double stomp straight to my back. He then picked me up and nailed me with that damned Ripcord Codebreaker. I was out once again for 3. Superstars Inc was out of the running.

I left the ring angrily accompanied by my teammates, getting hassled by Ryan Lance on the way out. Knowing I could face punishment if I attacked back I left them be and we waited for Team Madness to come out, where we yelled for them to get them! Team Madness fared a little better as we had softened up the G6, but it was no use as Bashby, who has also lost to George over the Godiva Championship, couldn’t overcome the odds either. He took a Roderick Strong knee, a back suplex and put away with a ripcord Codebreaker. Even 8 of us could not overcome the G6. Their trickery was too much. However, this has been a wake-up call to me. I’ve decided I need to step up my game after losing the Godiva belt and I need to work harder and improve and sort some new moves for unsuspecting bozos. All of us in Superstars in need to between now and Season 7. I need to rethink what I am doing. Team Madness had a better chance as they had more experience and also as much of a grudge against the G6 as I do. It’s looking grim heading into the rest of history, and their leader was defending his CPW championship against 2 people, but how would it stand?

Next, we had the first of 2 Women’s championship matches. This first one was the finals for the CPW Queen of the Galaxy Tournament where the winner would be declared Queen and would become the inaugural CPW Women’s Lineal Champion. A championship made in honour of all of the strong female competitors we’ve had in CPW in our 6 years on the scene. Our two competitors are, first, Victoria Adams, former CPW Women’s champion and the most dominant force to step into the women’s division in a long time. She’s beaten Chantal Jordan and Shauna Shay on her way to the tournament finals. Then we have Natalie Wild who beat the deadly Nightshade and Golden Girl Lucia Lee on her way to the finals. Tori was angry and embittered and wanting retribution, but Natalie wanted to break this winning streak Tori has against her.

They’ve fought over the CPW Women’s championship numerous times with Natalie always coming up short. Could she turn the tides this time? Tori showed the same dominance she has in her 2 previous matches, coming out strong and fast with a mix of strikes, power and speed. Natalie was able to weather the storm however with her technical skill and fighting back with strikes of her own. Still, there was a scary moment where Natalie was superplexed hard from the top rope leading her to crash onto the mat. She just managed to kick out. From this, Nat and Tori started trading strikes, Natalie gaining the advantage. This lead the ref to break it up, but in the interruption time, Natalie turned in and ate a spear from Tori. Nat kicked out at 2. Tori lined up for another but Natalie dodged which sent Tori charging into the corner. This gave the opening for Natalie to hit the Stranglehold Backstabber which Tori kicked out this time. Natalie went for a 2nd but Tori fought out of it before putting Nat in the sleeperhold. That dreaded move that would normally spell doom for anyone of the Valkyrie’s opponents. However, Nat broke free from it, smashed her into the corner before hitting the double running knee. Nat rolled her out and hit the ropes, but Tori was up and hit the opposite ropes. Nat caught Tori and planted her with the flatliner, and to add an exclamation point, Nat locked in that dreaded Koji Clutch which made Tori tap out, for Natalie Wild to become the first-ever CPW Women’s Lineal Champion and the Queen of the CPW Galaxy. The crowd raised the roof as they were so ecstatic. Natalie has come back and returned to form, she is the Queen that she always proclaimed to be and she has proven it. Long may she reign as I have said before when she was CPW Women’s Champion.

The next match was for the CPW New Blood Championship as Leyton Simms finally got his return match against the reigning champion, the Iron Serb. We’ve seen these two men duel with weapons before, but not with this stipulation before. A flag match. The Serbian

flag put on the corner post with an England flag put in the one opposite. First one to grab their corresponding flag would win the match and the New Blood championship. Iron Serb came out ready for war with the colours of his nation and the twin-headed eagle emblazoned on his face. He wanted to step things up and this certainly proved it. He came out with a steel chair to prove he was not messing around. Leyton came out, and the stakes had been raised even higher now, as Team Madness failed to win the Godiva Championship from the G6, he had to avenge his fallen comrades and beat this menace that is the Serb.

This match was sheer brutality, with weapon strikes, use of the ring and barricades and outside the ring. It was chaos. Vicious chair shots, attacks involving a dustbin, as well as underhanded tactics that would earn you a DQ in most matches filled this one. It came to a head after Iron Serb broke away to reach for his flag, but Leyton charged the ropes and hit them with a steel chair to drop Serb precariously on them in the corner. Leyton showed no mercy as he smashed Iron Serb in the back with the chair, putting him in a tree of woe. Followed up by placing the chair over Serb’s face and doing a low dropkick right into his face. He climbed to his corner and grabbed the Cross of St George and done! Leyton had his happy ending, after so long, winning the New Blood title back from Iron Serb who had held it for a good few months now. I dare say he will have his sights set on other things now, but the Serb is a constant threat that cannot be ignored. We all have to be careful. But we celebrated in fine style as Bashby and Dr Gage came out to celebrate with the newly crowned Champion. Leyton was gifted a bottle of Rose wine that he has been denied due to doctor’s orders, but we could make an exception this time. The New Blood division couldn’t be happier.

Next was the Golden Ticket challenge as Isaac Quentin III defended against Morris after the fans believed Morris had the Golden Ticket stolen from him, at Adrenaline. Isaac issued the challenge for History, and after beating up someone believed to be one of Quentin’s stooges on film, Morris said he wanted to take him on at Road to History, but this didn’t happen. This was seemingly a tactic to eat away at Morris, to get into his head more, making him wait and making him possibly more desperate in the ring when they did face-off, perhaps causing him to make more mistakes through recklessness. Isaac has beaten Morris before on a couple of occasions and has made a point of this. Morris has gone from strength to strength this year. After pinning Shaun Ruben at History V, he beat Eli Conners at the family fun day the next week, then Dan Evans at the surprise show, which earned him a shot at Isaac’s Nextgen Championship in a Fatal 4-way, where he was pinned by Alex Conners. This was only a small setback as he went on to beat Anthony Mafia and Leyton Simms to become inaugural CPW Godiva Champion. After losing that to Imperial Dragon a couple of months later, Morris was left lacking direction but was keen to get back on the road and motor his way towards more glory. Adrenaline didn’t go to plan, but now was his chance for revenge.

This match was hard-hitting and brutal, as you would expect it to be. This was personal now. It wasn’t a technically pretty match, this was war. It’s one that’s better seen On-Demand, again there was brawling outside the ring, big power moves, heavy slams, and anything they could get away with. It ended with the biggest shock of all. After kicking out of a Stunner and a Samoan Drop, Isaac was brought to the corner, and Morris ended up doing his super move. A Super Samoan Drop off the second turnbuckle that created a crash that rung out through the building. Isaac was out like a light and Morris got the 3 and won the Golden Ticket briefcase. Finally, some closure and once again Morris has a shot at the big time. A championship opportunity against whomever he chooses before Adrenaline next year. This is the first time that Isaac Quentin has ever been beaten by pinfall. He has been pinned, at History 5, by Will Starr in the British Rules match, where he lost 2 decisions to one.

Next, to close off the first half was the Fatal 4-Way Match for the Nextgen Heavyweight Championship, in a rematch from Destination History as Tommbie defended against Jake Casanova, Imperial Dragon and the returning FiFi. The crowd were so happy to have FiFi back after the past few months. While Russell Hardwood was an interesting case who was very much behind the idea of free love, FiFi is the beloved Queen of the Jungle who we all wanted back. Jake Casanova got his shot at glory again, and another chance to get his hands on the Imperial Dragon, he couldn’t quite do it last time as the double count ruling left him high and dry with a draw decision. Imperial Dragon is as angry as ever and just saw a 4-way match as 3 people he could punish at the same time. He reached out to Tommbie for some kind of union in this, in the vein of a cartoon villain, saying Tommbie is essentially just as much of a monster as he is and they should work together to destroy the other two. Tommbie, however, works alone in that ring, but he was accompanied to the ring this time by one of the best entrances ever seen in CPW. The Taker of Souls came in, accompanied by druids and a dark priest, with torches who lit the way for him. It was an eerie presence that showed an even darker side to Tommbie. As with all other matches on this card, all-out war ensued. All four men took a beating out there, with Dragon and Tommbie hitting each other hardest of all. Dragon ended up assaulting Tommbie with the kendo stick at one point, which shows what happened to the union he wanted. Everyone was attacking everyone else throughout the match, no allegiances and no favourites. The match came to a head when FiFi picked up a staggered Imperial Dragon onto his shoulders and yelled “This is your Final Destination!” before planting Dragon with a sit-out slam to get the 3 counts. FiFi was your new Nextgen Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

After winning Elimination and a couple of false starts. After so long, Fifi has hit the big time and become a champion once again. Jake has come out of this dissatisfied as he didn’t win the championship or put Dragon away. Tommbie is angry for losing the championship, without being pinned for it either. Dragon is angry 3 fold, for being pinned, not putting away Jake once and for all and having the offer of a destructive union thrown back in his face. I dare say he will probably take this out on me in some way, again, next time he has the chance. Run and hide children, that devil mask he wears to the ring now may eat you in your sleep.

That was the end of the first half. The interval had 3 happenings. First, we had some birthday mentions for a couple of young members of the CPW Galaxy, and before we opened up part 2, we had a live performance from Dirty Wallz and ShawtyUK, the Crowns of Villains as they are called. This didn’t go quite to plan due to technical issues, which we can only apologise for. Sometimes these things happen on a live show, accidents happen and we thank the CPW Galaxy in attendance for their understanding. We also had the ice cream van stop outside the venue to help all of the CPW Galaxy cool off in this hot and sticky night.

We opened up the second half proceedings with the 3 Way Dance match as Kevin Isaac with Dominic Dewinter defended the CPW Heavyweight Championship against the former longest reigning CPW champion in our history, Tom Lindsay and new challenger, the Natural Niall Fairchild. Kevin did not get to wrestle in a triple threat at our last show due to a logistics issue regarding Jay J Roberts, so he got his chance this time. Tom Lindsay, as you know had some time out from CPW, after going on a losing streak and a downward turn, only beating me and Drake Wynter in the space of about 6 months. (I still want another crack at you for that Tom.) Now he is back with renewed resolve, and seemingly some respect from the fans. Niall, however, wanted his shot at Tom Lindsay and the Championship so he was put in. He got a win over Imperial Dragon that shot him through the ranks to get to this position.

We were informed there was a twist this time. I referred to this match as a 3 Way Dance and not a Triple Threat. The reason is they have different rules. Both are no count-out and no disqualification, however, a 3 Way Dance ends after 2 decisions, and if you are pinned or submit on the first decision, the match carries on and you are eliminated from the match and have to go to the back. This levels a playing field and means champions advantage has no place. Dominic came out with Kevin, with an ice cream in his hand, looking very satisfied with his performance from his G6 earlier, he was content that Kevin would repeat this success and they would walk out with both belts. However this did not go to plan, in a twist, Kevin decided to mouth off at Tom Lindsay. A huge mistake as Tom is renowned as one of the most shameless and dirtiest cheaters in CPW. Tom responded in kind by kicking Kevin in the groin and dropping him in one move. Then Tom and Niall piled on and scored the pin. The G6’s grasp on that title was over. Kevin Isaac had been stopped and an enraged Dominic Dewinter came out in disbelief, screaming NOOOOOO! at his champion having lost, before throwing the rest of the ice cream onto the floor. We all enjoyed that, to see a decisive blow be dealt with the G6 in such an embarrassing fashion. It’s about time we got an edge over them and now we had it. The title was essentially vacant now. Kevin was no longer champion and regardless one man would prevail. Either Tom would Three-peat as CPW Champion or Niall would win his first, get his retribution and finally hit the big time.

These two put on an absolute classic, showing off all of their skills; Niall with the power, Tom with the skill and trickery. There were a lot of times when the match could have gone either way. Near falls galore, with attempts for finishers everywhere. Words can’t describe it, watch it On Demand, it’s on there now. It came to a head when Niall went for a Rainmaker and Tom ducked it. He tried to put Niall away, but Niall countered, snuck behind and managed to finally hit the Rainmaker for the 3, and the match was over. Niall Fairchild had done it, after nearly a year out and a bumpy start, Niall Fairchild was CPW Champion as it seemed he was destined to be. The man is everything a good champion should be. He has good morals, size, strength, agility, ability, dedication and the adoration of the fans. This has made him a marked man I’m sure. Baddies from the G6 as well as elsewhere will be vying for that championship. How long can he hold it in such a competitive division? Aside from that, the sweetest moment I’ve seen in a long time happened when Niall went over to the crowd to celebrate and picked up a small boy from the crowd. That boy was his son, who can now brag that his daddy is a wrestling champion. This filled us all with a lot of pride, as it’s good to see more tender and personal moments and we’ve had a few of them over the past year. Mr Richards celebrating with the children, after winning at History V. Will and Lauren celebrating, after winning the Unified title at Elimination. Alex Conners being exiled from CPW, the list goes on.

Next was the Tag Team Championship match as the Merseyside Murder Squad, Dan Evans and Scott Oberman defended against the team of Lee and Jim, the Hunter Brothers. Now that’s how it was supposed to happen, but Jim Hunter was injured in a match earlier in the week. I wish him a very speedy recovery, as this was a match I and the rest of the CPW Galaxy wanted to see. I hope they will come back when Jim is well again and settle once and for all who is the better team? The Merseys came out and announced that they were celebrating their 358th day as Tag Team Champions, far exceeding the reign of any other tag team tandem that has come before them. They said that because the Hunters were out of the running now, they clearly had the night off and they were going home.

In perhaps the bravest thing I’ve done since standing up to the Imperial Dragon, as they left I asked: “Where do you think you’re going?” To which Dan immediately got in my face. We had a surprise for them. The return of 2 other lads from Merseyside, with a score to settle with them; the team of ‘El Gringo’ Craig West and Kameron Solas. Craig was last seen in CPW in the Autumn after West and Joy broke up after losing the tag team titles at History 5. Craig won the match in a spectacular no holds barred performance. Kameron has had a chance at the tag titles before, teaming in a one-shot with Danny O’Neil that wasn’t successful after Danny’s wrist was injured and Kameron had to fight both men alone.

In a night full of contenders for match of the night, this was quite possibly a clear favourite, you have 2 of the most exciting competitors to watch who know no fear and will take risk after risk just to take out their opponent against one of the most dominant forces in tag team wrestling in the nation. They are recognised as so good, that they got a crack at the Grizzled Young Veterans elsewhere, that’s right, the WWE NXT UK Tag Team Champions. The match was a show-stealer, bodies everywhere, collapsed barricades, speed and style, power and grit. All of this in a nearly 20-minute epic that went back and forth so much, that at no point could you pick out a clear favourite. The MMS managed to win the match by singling out Kameron and planting him with the A.D. Flatliner to get the 3 and retain the belts. It’s another one that is best seen On Demand. There is too much to pick out for highlights, and it reached such a level of danger that I had to run over to the opposite side of the ring to inspect the damage. This is how they wrestle up in Liverpool. It’s more than Car Stereo style as some may think, it’s a whole other level as all 4 men will attest.

Next was the second of the Women’s matches as our young Lioness, the Golden Girl Lucia Lee took on reigning CPW Women’s champion Sarah Skylark in a best 2 out of 3 falls, falls count anywhere match for the Women’s Championship. Lucia has been riding first class to success it seems. It hasn’t been easy as she has had some issues getting to this position. She beat Tori Adams in her debut, but lost to Nadia Sapphire, she beat Luna Rox but lost to Natalie Wild in the semis of the Queen of the Galaxy Tournament, and she lost out in the Fatal 4 Way match at Destination History after Chantal was pinned by Sarah Skylark after help from Katie Smith. This was her chance. Sarah doesn’t have a long history in CPW, winning the championship in her debut, much to the displeasure of the fans. Sarah is well-spoken and well presented and as I’ve mentioned before is tall and imposing. She had a height advantage of 6 inches over Lucia, as well as an experience and strength advantage, but Lucia has been getting more confident out there. Taking more risks, using more aerial moves is part and parcel.

This was a brawl that spilt outside almost instantly. It was an out and out fight. Fists and forearms and kicks thrown from all angles. Yelling and aggression from both women. Lucia even took a page out of my book by yelling an expletive at Sarah before taking her down. It went 1 to 1 with pins very fast, as both women wanted to finish it quick under the intense heat. Against all odds, Lucia managed to get the final decision by locking in a bridging double underhook chicken wing arm lock. A move used by Daniel Bryan that he called the Cattle Mutilation. This was too much for Sarah as she submitted for Lucy to pick up a well-deserved win and become CPW Women’s champion. In the space of 9 months, she’s gone from the surprise prodigy who got a shock win at Superstars 1, to becoming the true Golden Girl of CPW. She’s now the second Superstars trainee this year to win a championship. Proving that this division is the future and that anyone can beat anyone on any given night. Hard work and dedication can prevail. Natural skill helps too, and Lucia certainly has that above all. No-one perseveres more than Lucia at training, always trying out new moves and new combo ideas. I have no shame in admitting she’s taken me off my feet a few times. Lucia is going to go far, and she is already getting noticed elsewhere, you may see her face appearing on posters all over the nation before you know it.

Now, ladies and gentleman, the moment you have all been waiting for. It’s time for your main event of CPW History VI. The match for the CPW Lineal Heavyweight championship as the ‘Chosen One’ Will Starr took on former WWE Star and international wrestling veteran Rene Dupree. We’ve seen Rene before at Superstars 1 where he came out and took down Dan Evans to the roar of the crowd. However, this time, things have changed. We expected it to be two good guys having a sportsmanly contest, but all was not as it seemed. Caitlyn announced that this was the main event, but before she could I got a message to give. Dominic Dewinter requested to be announced, as he had a special address to make. He came out with the G6 and made the big announcement that he had hired Rene Dupree to the G6 for the night, as he stands for all that they do, according to Dominic that is. He was so sure of Rene winning the match, that he told Caitlyn to announce him as the new Lineal Champion. Caitlyn refused and was told that if she didn’t do it, she would be fired. Then, from nowhere, some familiar music hit.

In perhaps the biggest surprise of the night, Mr Richards came through the curtain to address the G6, much to the pleasure of the fans. Mr Richards said that as the inaugural Lineal Champion, he was able to book the matches at History, so on this night what he says goes. After tearing into the G6 and putting Dominic in his place. The music for Will Starr hit and he came out. As Mr Richards left the ring, he passed the microphone to me, the G6 scattered when Will got into the ring. He said, “Frankie, please, do the honours.” I jumped in and both men took their corners. This was different, almost like a boxing match how both men are in the ring before they are announced.

I decided to do something a little different this time. I did a rundown of accolades and achievements for both men, worthy of the biggest match of the year, putting my all into it because this is what the CPW Galaxy and such a massive match deserved. I may have seemed a little biased in my announcing of Will, but the reason for that was that Rene had been quite mocking in his video message before the show. Do you remember the fans chanting “Who are ya?” at Rene? That was essentially what Rene did to will in that clip. My contribution was to say that Will is the Pride of Coventry and I wholeheartedly believe it. After that, we bore witness to what is perhaps the most technical match in CPW History. An exhibition of what both of these men can do in that ring. This is a match that needs to be watched on the CPW on Demand on Patreon. As this whole show needs to be if you missed it. We got the fantastic crowd numbers we’ve had in the past for shows like Elimination and people were turned away because of the number of tickets sold. It was the hottest ticket in town by far.

On an unrelated note, and as a plug for us, Rene is younger than you may think, considering he has been wrestling so long, even at 22 years in the business. He father was a wrestler and trainer, and Rene started his journey in his early teens, the same as some of our current talent. A lot of youngsters have

started at that age range and younger. Charlie from the Little Rascals was 10 when he came to us. Wrestling is one of those things that it probably is better to start early. Especially if you don’t consider yourself as tough. You will feel it when you take an impact and hit the mat for the first time. The first few times will leave you aching, but your body becomes more resistant over time. Wrestling is a good way to toughen up, build your confidence and truly learn the craft you see on TV. Plus when you join the Superstars Program you get to rub shoulders with all of your favourites. You learn to wrestle our way, learn basic and advance moves, discover your style and figure out who you are in front of the CPW Galaxy. They sometimes say that being in your early teens is too early to start to wrestle, but some of our wrestlers aren’t that much older than some of the kids in the audience. Superstars 3 will be the perfect chance for you boys and girls who want to get into wrestling to join and achieve your dream of becoming a CPW Superstar. Training starts in September, book your places now on the CPW Website.

Here it is, I took my place at ringside with the Lineal belt on my lap, ready to present it to the winner. The bell rang and these two men squared off. Rene had the power advantage, but Will had the speed. Rene took the advantage early by overpowering and out-teching him with his roll through takedown into the armbar, which no one does as beautifully. Will pulled back and had to rethink his strategy. He went for him again and managed to take the advantage which Rene didn’t like kindly to. Then it was about even, back and forth with technical moves and brawling, as well as a mix of speed and strikes. Will, after being ground on for a while, struck back with a couple of heavy hits before charging in and hitting his diving European uppercut to take Rene down. The tide was turning and Will got the advantage, hitting his staples. The back spring kick, the corner headlock takeover, and all wrapped up when Rene was knocked to the mat and Will leapt up to the top rope and called for the end, the Super Starr Elbow. He hit it, right in the heart of the sell-out Dupree. We counted along, 1, 2, then a kick out by Rene at 2.9. Will was shocked, I was shocked, we were all shocked by this revelation. Even Mr Richards couldn’t kick out after the elbow. Rene fought back up with a second wind, and Will had to ride it out, and he managed it. Rene took the lead and whipped Will in, Will made a dodge and switch and waist locked Rene, pushing him into the ropes and rolling him up into the bridge to get the 3 and Will Starr wins and retains the CPW Lineal Championship.

This was a match for the ages. It showed that the Chosen One is called that for a reason. He overcame his biggest challenge to date with flying colours and he has taken on some dangerous opponents over the years so that’s saying something. He defended our honour, overcame the G6 and put Dominic Dewinter in his place. After this, Will was joined in the ring by Leyton Simms, FiFi, Lucia Lee, Niall Fairchild and Morris. All of whom had won gold on this one magical night.

Someone yelled at me to get in with them, but there was a reason I didn’t. They were the class of champions for the end of Season 6. I am not a champion, and it would seem egotistical for me to jump in and celebrate with them. This was their moment to shine as they represent our fair CPW, but looking on it all, in the back of my mind, the CPW Godiva Championship was in the hands of George and the G6. We have them on the run though and Will took out the biggest obstacle that they could throw at us, and now it’s time to finish the job.

This was an amazing show that sent the fans home happy. We love doing that as most of our heroes came out successful, winning championships, accomplishing dreams and settling scores. However, this is not the end. We have the offseason before Season 7 where we have a couple of shows, including Summerfest 4. A show we always try and make extra special for the fans regardless of circumstances. We have had many crazy things happen at the show and some that are larger than life, and I cannot wait to get started. Next show will be Secret Society, which is our first ever 16+ show. It will be more adult-themed, more carnage, more violence and more things to make your stomach churn, and you’ll love every second.

Well, thank you all in the CPW Galaxy for reading all of this. I hope it does the show justice. It took me a fair amount of time to write this because of how much happened at History 6 and even with me scrimping on match detail. I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 7 now. It’s going to be epic, and with new faces coming through our doors all of the time who knows what may happen, who may challenge for what belts and what new threats may try and take over the CPW Galaxy. Regardless I will be there with the full report. For now,

Frankie Summers is signing off once again, thank you CPW Galaxy, to everyone on and at the show and to all those who helped out. Thank you, and we love you. See you at Secret Society.

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