CPW Godiva Championship
Eli Conners def George

Team Madness def 666 Pack & Iron Serb

Shauna Shay & Lucia Lee def Luna Rox & Alfie Rogue

Tommbie & FIFI def G6

Will Starr def James Cross

Jordan Blaze def Morris and Imperial Dragon


Match Of The Afternoon
Tommbie & FIFI vs G6

Performance Of The Night
Eli Conners upsetting the odds to win his first singles CPW Championship.

OMG Moment Of The Night
Senior Referee Dale Richardson slapping the chops off the G6 mastermind and CPW CEO Dominic Dewinter.

Fan Of The Afternoon
Every single CPW Galaxy member who was part of this memorable afternoon. Thank you ♥️


CPW Championship Landscape

Eli Conners is now the CPW Godiva Championship defeating George in an action packed main event

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