Summers Gazette – #39:

Love Me Love Me Not

Greetings beautiful CPW Galaxy darlings (Russell Hardwood gave me that one) Frankie Summers reporting once again with a rundown of the Valentines show we put on in place of one we had to cancel a while back. The school let us set up shop once more and we came at you with a monster 9 match card and we had an additional feature to open up half 2. We had gold and glory up for grabs. You’re in for a long read this time. Let’s see how it played out.

The show was hosted by myself and Leyton Simms as we announced we would both be in the Elimination rumble in 2 weeks time as we led the crowd in unison with Sweet Caroline. We must apologise retroactively for the technical bugs that happened on this show, this is live entertainment and when dealing with frequency-based electrical equipment it can be temperamental. We thank you for bearing with us and being as loud and supportive as we knew you all are.

We started this off with a battle of the outsiders as CPW newcomer AC Striker took on the disgraced former CPW Galaxy Champion, Drake Wynter. Drake was angry after losing his belt to Lucia Lee after the 8 man tag at the Bash so he had a point to prove. AC Striker lost in his debut in the Tag Team Title Fatal 4 Way at Night of the Lioness so he had a point to prove to, so it was all to play for in this New Blood Heavyweight Division Match.

They started with a lock up and Drake using his size had the power advantage as he pushed AC back to the corner. He slapped AC but AC slapped back and went after him with some rope running followed by a low running dropkick before a massive leaping Bulldog where he easily got over 6ft before hitting suicide dive. Drake fought back when AC gave the fans some lip service and threw him back in the ring and gloated himself and proceeded to work him with strikes around the ropes and the corners working on the back. Drake hit a big backbreaker and got a 2 before carrying on with the corner assault with clotheslines in the corner. Drake locked AC in with a reverse chin lock, it was countered but Drake elbowed AC and attempted the Urinage Backbreaker but AC countered and went for V-Trigger but Drake hit with an Irish Curse and went back into the wear down which he turned into a choke. Drake had AC upon his shoulders before swinging him round, AC used the momentum to plant Drake with a huge DDT.

The fans willed AC back into it but Drake tackled AC and put him back into the corner with tackles. Drake put AC in the corner and went for a Superplex but AC fought back and knocked Drake off and leapt into a big dropkick which got a 2. AC went for another V-Trigger with was countered with a gouge of all things from Drake, then he hit a wasteland which got a 2, AC showing tremendous toughness. Both men got up and Drake charged, AC got the waist lock and hit the V-Trigger before a Destino reverse DDT which got the 3 count, AC Striker wins his first CPW Singles match in the New Blood heavyweight division and showing his high octane offence will be something to watch out for in the coming months. Drake will be upset by this as the losses are starting to rack up after he was on top for a while but the year is young and he is still a contender.

Next was a long-awaited match that the fans wanted to see, mainly to see one guy pummel the crap out of the other. I know I shouldn’t be biased but it’s what the fans wanted as Dingo took on the Bad MoFo Morris in a CPW Heavyweight Division match. There’s been bad blood between these two for a long time since the days of the G6 so this was a long time in the making.

It started with Morris geeing up the crowd and Dingo attacking him from behind and pounding Morris with punches on the mat. Dingo did not waste any time as he knew how stacked the odds were against him. Morris tried to regroup as Dingo stomped and choked away in the corner before disrespecting him with a slap and a whip off that Morris countered to the Lou Thesz press and ground punches of his own. Dingo bailed as Morris made chase but Dingo baited him in, missed a clothesline as Morris ran and missed a Dropkick as Morris gripped the ropes. Morris got to work with a corner to corner attack ending with an overhead suplex which got a 2 count. He got Dingo up and countered a reverse whip before hitting a tackle and a splash for another 2. Dingo got back up using the ref as a distraction before hitting a Tornado DDT from the second buckle. He couldn’t cover but Dingo worked away with kicks and leg chokes again before planting him with a leaping clothesline, followed by a legdrop. There was no cover however though as he worked away with more strikes and followed up with a spinebuster off the ropes which got a 2.

Dingo got in the corner like he was setting up for a spear but went back to the stomps before whipping Morris off again for a Sidewalk Slam which got another 2 after a lazy cover. He went to the corner again lining for the spear but Morris countered with a low dropkick which turned Dingo inside out, Then the comeback with the overdriver combo with more strikes than normal, followed by a Gunslinger which got a 2 count. Morris whipped Dingo off and went for a BMF drop which was turned into a TKO which only got a 2 count. Morris geed up the crowd again before going for a stunner and went for the Spear again and Morris dodged and Dingo hit the post. Morris called out Kevin Isaac and said this one was for him before hitting the stunner to get the pin and some retribution and a message to the Doctrine of Violence.

Morris seemed to have a tougher time than anyone could have expected in this match but I have the feeling this is because the teachings from the Book of Isaac as it were have helped him get as far as he did, but the Bad MoFo lives to fight another day as this blood feud between him and Kevin Isaac rages on.

Next was a match in the CPW Women’s division as Kiara (not to be confused with the storm with the same name) took on the Killer Queen, Harley Harris (she’s just storming really). Kiara had a point to prove after coming up short in her debut and Harley Harris coming up short herself at Night of the Lioness too in the street fight. Both were in to grab some momentum, let’s see what happened.

Harley started with a knee and throws Kiara into the corner before charging in, missing, hitting the buckle and being met with 3 Arm Drags from Kiara as she locked in the armbar on the last one. Harley slipped round into a waist lock and Kiara fought out, rolling Harley into a pin attempt getting a 1. Kiara locked in the headlock again but Harley reversed it into the head scissors which Kiara hopped out of with a headstand roll through, into a 2 count, but kept on it, locking in the cravat, or as I call it, the human necktie, into a snapmare, followed into a crucifix which got a 2. Angered, Harley charged but was bypassed and ran into a snap side slam as Harley rolled out of the ring to get a breather and insult the fans. Kiara went after her but was attacked on her way back in by the waiting Harley who took Kiara down and lay in with mat punches. Kiara was thrown in the corner and choked with the leg right on the throat. After a repeat, Kiara fought back and got Harley in the corner but Harley fought out and got her down again by her hair before standing on it and pulling the arms. Then choking her on the ropes and a kick to the back in the centre, followed by a chin lock.

The fans started to get behind Kiara who got up again but Kiara was thrown by her hair again. Thrown in the corner, snapmared over and hit with a rolling neckbreaker before being locked in the chin lock again, Harley working on the head and the neck the whole time, finishing with a slam.

Harley wrenched the arms back as Kiara flailed before fighting up again and hitting a snapmare and 3 clotheslines, firing up with a primal scream. Kiara whipped off Harley and pulled her up for a very low atomic drop which made Harley hop around in pain, before a lovely high dropkick, then a pin attempt at 2. Kiara pulled up Harley again but was sent off into rope and met with a sit-out powerbomb on the rebound. Harley picked Kiara up and went for Angel’s Wings but Kiara reversed into the backslide which got 2. Harley walked into a Snap Samoan Drop showing the deceptive strength of Kiara but it only got a 2. The crowd were stunned but wanted her to end it. Kiara went up top in a surprising move, hitting a crossbody block which got another 2. Harley tried to get out of the ring but Kiara stopped her but was caught and tripped by Harley who put her foot on the top rope and got the pin. Harley defeats Kiara in a sad turn of events.

Kiara was angry and tearful in the ring after the loss and called for the mic as she apologised to the crowd but the crowd were behind her and really want to see someone so likeable and so talented succeed. What happened couldn’t be helped. Harley cheated and that’s the end of it. You’ll get another chance if management allows it I’m sure.

Next, we had the Nextgen Heavyweight Title Match as Wrecking Ball James Cross took on former G6 teammate Ryan Conway. I’d love to tell you how the match came to be, but I think it was just a reward for Ryan turning to the light after getting pasted by Mr Richards and the Wrestling Mafia. This was, however, a one-shot chance for Ryan and if he lost this, this was it for him, back to the bottom of the list. James Cross had gotten lucky in the 4 way matches he’d been put in before making the most of his situations and winning the matches after everyone else does the work. Not a bad way to do it, but someday your luck runs out. Could this be that time?

Ryan got the crowd behind him early as James and he locked up and Ryan locked in a rear waist lock but James reversed into a wristlock, countered and reversed by Ryan from a cartwheel. James broke it loose, shoving Ryan into the corner. They reset and start again with James getting the hammerlock off the lock-up, Ryan reversed it again and held it with James desperately trying to escape but it didn’t work as he took James down with it. James resorted to blunt force and elbowed Ryan in the face to break the hold. They met nose to nose in the centre and James challenged to a test of strength which Ryan took but was overpowered as he was put in and taken down by a headlock, but reversed with a head scissors. James pushed out and got up and was met with 2 arm drags, followed by a big running forearm. Ryan went high and hit James with a missile dropkick which got a 2. He whipped James Cross who hit a clothesline but Ryan got back up and leapt over the charge but James stopped himself and lobbed Ryan over with a German Suplex, turning Ryan inside out.

James smacked Ryan around the ropes and corners with disrespect, as well as disrespecting the crowd. Ryan tried to fight back and ran towards James but ran into a powerslam. He continued the assault in the corner before following with a suplex. Not capitalising, however, thinking he had it won against the less experienced man. After knocking him down again Ryan was put on James’ shoulders but he slipped off, hit the ropes and hit the Slingblade to swing the momentum back, following up with a spinning heel kick which got James on the chin. Ryan geed up the crowd and went up top, James dodged the attack, got Ryan on his shoulders and hit an AA of all things which Ryan kicked out from. James took time out to yell at the crowd again as he went to pick Ryan up but Ryan rolled up James with the Small Package to get the win and become your new Nextgen Heavyweight Champion.

This was an absolute shocker for everyone in attendance, as this was a result that no-one was expecting. Ryan was so emotional after the pin in something that reminded me of my championship win last year. The crowd just exploded with one of the loudest pops I’ve ever heard in a CPW show. He was in tears of joy as one of his dreams had come true. He held the belt aloft to the crowd before jumping out to celebrate with his mum and sister who were in the front row. Well done Ryan on winning your first title, keep fighting hard bro and make sure you keep it out of evil hands.

The first half main event was for the CPW Lineal Women’s title match as the new champion, the Siren of the Spear, Alfie Rogue took on former champion Natalie Wild who got her chance after pinning Alfie at There’s No Stopping Us 2 weeks before, pushing it forward to now after cashing in her contracted rematch.

They opened up the contest measuring each other up but Nat was clocked from behind by Alfie, and she got up and flew at Alfie with a Lou Thesz press, laying into her with fast punches. Alfie got back up and threw Nat into 2 sequential corners but on the 2nd Nat blocked it and threw Alfie in before putting her in the centre and kicking her square in the spine, meeting her as she got up with vicious strikes and a counter to the arm drag into a cover that got a 1. Nat charged to the corner and got the headlock takedown but Alfie rolled out for distance. Nat went after her but was baited in and attacked outside with strikes and using the apron to shake Nat up, throwing her in and getting a 1 count on the pin attempt. Nat ran at Alfie who picked her up in almost a stungun move, draping her neck first on the ropes before throwing Nat outside and waiting, possibly to try and win by count-out. Nat rolled in and was stomped by Alfie before being locked in a camel clutch before releasing Nat and unleashing more strikes in the corner, finishing with a suplex that for a 2.

Slowly Alfie gnawed away on Nat on the mat and gloated to the crowd. It cost her as Nat clocked her from behind but Alfie hit a headbutt sending them both down. Alfie ground pounded Nat and choked her on the floor, and like earlier picking up Nat by the arms and holding her hair with her feet. Alfie locked in the chin lock but Nat fought out and both hit a crossbody, both being knocked down. Both got to their knees and punched their way up, Nat getting the advantage, smacking Alfie to the corner before going for a running knee and dodged but Nat swung through the ropes and fought out on the apron with knees before coming in and hitting a fisherman’s style neckbreaker. Nat went for a Urinage but Alfie fought out and signed for the Spear and hit it but could not cover as Nat was under the ropes. Alfie threw a tantrum and came out to me and snatched her belt and swung for Nat who ducked and hit the Urinage and locked in her finish, the Koji Clutch but Alfie broke it with her foot on the rope. Alfie went for the double underhook, Nat reversed and went for the straitjacket and Alfie rolled out, grabbed the belt and smacked Nat upside the head with it and got herself DQ’d.

Natalie Wild wins but she doesn’t win the title back as Alfie waited for her to stand up and rub the belt in her face. Annoyed and frustrated Nat slapped Alfie in the face so hard the vibration rang out throughout the Henley Green Community Centre and Alfie rolled out, pointing the finger at Nat to say it wasn’t over. On commentary, Conor asked what happens in this situation but it seems the only way to solve this is with another match somewhere down the line as Natalie never lost after all. I’m sure we can expect greatness once again.

This took us to our interval where we gave birthday wishes to my mum who’s birthday it was on the day of the show and Darren Simmonds, the brother of Leyton and led on to the next part of the show. The dating show with Mr Ace as he tried to get himself a hot Valentine’s date. Could he do it? Here’s the story.

Mr Ace pensively got in the ring and staked his claim and told the fans what he wanted and was greeted by Harley Harris who didn’t give him a warm reception and after some technical troubles and Leyton coming to the rescue, Harley gave him some false hope but soon got confrontational and in the face of Mr Ace but who jumped into the ring than Shawty who speared Harley Harris out of the ring and told Mr Ace that she would take his offer on the date before kissing his cheek. They left together as he carried her through the curtain to go goodness knows where. I haven’t had the chance to talk with Mr Ace since to find out what happened, he says he’s too busy. Good on ya lad, your love quest only lasted 5 minutes and your hilarious video soaking yourself in baby oil must have worked.

Next, we had the tag title match as the Coalition, Alex Conners and Rob Conflict took on Will Star and Russell Hardwood for the CPW Tag Team Championships. The Coalition have established themselves as a dangerous force already recruiting their head of security in Jackson Stackson, a woman’s touch with Alfie Rogue and they need someone else to complete the line up they’ve said. As I said before I am not being your media operative or your campaign manager, Alex. The offer was given to me but after all that you’ve put me through, you have the gall to offer me a position? Bore off man. Russell and Will are officially tag champs as a unit now after Cleo won them at Night of the Lioness as a boon for winning the Ruler of the Galaxy tournament and the match against the 666 pack at There’s No Stopping Us sealed it.

Will squared off with old rival Alex Conners who led off with an opening arm drag and waited as he regrouped himself, Will came back with a headlock takeover, swapping to a wristlock, Alex reversed and Will reversed into a toe hold and Alex went for the ropes. They faced off going for a Greco Roman knuckle lock and Alex put Will in the corner as Rob held him there. Will ducked as Alex punched Rob in the face. Will hip tossed Alex before jumping up and hitting a Frankensteiner. And a dropkick as Alex rolled out to talk with Rob. Rob tagged in to face off with Will and Rob got a cheap shot, trying to hip toss Will from the corner, it was reversed and Will hit a dropkick on Rob who cowered in the corner. Will put on a headlock but Rob shot him off and tried with a sleep trip. Will hopped over and ducked an Alex Conners clothesline as the Coalition nearly clashed. Will hooked Alex, jumped up and did the same double takedown he did before on the 666 at the previous show, a move that impresses me every time and made the Coalition retreated. After while Alex came in again and the crowd made it known they wanted some Hardwood. Hardwood was what they got, at least Alex did as he went under and behind with a waist lock takedown, followed by a dropkick off the ropes. Alex was thrown buckle to buckle and met with a charge and a big air forearm which made Alex retreat to the safe corner with Rob whom he tagged in.

Rob was met with an arm drag, a monkey flip and 2 body slams and Alex got one for his troubles too. All 4 men were in and the Coalition were put in the corner as Will dropkicked Rob into Alex as they fell in a very compromising position as Russell came in and literally kicked the arse of Alex Conners. Russell went for the atomic drop on Rob but Alex took out the leg with a kick as Will argued with Oddball as Rob choked Russell in the corner and threw him out. Will leapt in to help but the Coalition worked on Russell outside before he was thrown in and smacked around by Rob Conflict, then by Alex with regular tags. They doubled teamed Hardwood and finished the attack with a double team reverse thrust kick/knee combo which got Rob a 2 after Will broke it. Rob put Russell back in the corner as they hit another team move, an atomic drop into a knee lift. Alex came in and hit a big Pumphandle Backbreaker on Russell which got a 2 as Will made the save again.

Alex taunted the crowd as he and Rob set up for that suplex-superkick combo that they call Air Force One but Russell slipped over, knocked Alex into Rob and Will Starr came out like a rampaging bull, knocking down both men with fast and heavy strikes. He yanked up Rob who he locked with the single wing into the suplex which as you know signals the end and the big Super Starr Elbow. Will jumped up but was caught by Alex. Rob rolled up Will and grabbed the tights but Will was too fired up and kicked out at 2. Russell came in and held up Rob in the electric chair and called for the Doomsday Device which they hit and got the 3 to get the win and retain the tag team titles.

The Silk Bros danced and celebrated in the ring to the sound of Kiss by Prince. As they went out and I went to the ring, obviously feeling the love, Will pulled me by my braces and smooched my forehead. Surprising really as it made me nearly tripping into the ring, hilariously.

Next, we had the Women’s title match as former champ Sarah Skylark cashed in her return match in her contract to go against new CPW Women’s champ Hannah Taylor for her freshly won title. Hannah won the belt from Lucia Lee after a no holds barred match at There’s No Stopping Us which was the match going into the show. The one we all wanted to see a resolution to with no excuses and no rules and 2 vicious young women belting the crap out of each other with weapons.

They locked up to start with and Hannah got the early advantage with some Lucha skill with her rope spin arm drag taking down the towering Skylark before pulling her up for 2 heavy hits and a neckbreaker which got an early 2. Sarah didn’t seem to know what hit her but she countered the Pepsi Twist attempt and when Hannah came back she countered the headlock into a massive Atomic Drop which rocked the Women’s champ as Sarah threw Hannah to the mat by her hair. Sarah attacked on the ropes and in the corner with more strikes before throwing Hannah across the ring by her hair again. She stayed on top with a butt stomp before choking Hannah on the ropes. She whipped Hannah corner to corner and slammed Hannah in the centre of the ring before hitting 3 forearms. On the 3rd one, Hannah reversed into a backslide and got a 2 count which angered Sarah who kicked her around before landing a big stalling Backbreaker. Hannah tried to fight off but had her face smashed into the mat. More working in the corner Sarah threw Hannah around more, showing her size, power and dominance but after going for a tilt a whirl Backbreaker but Hannah slipped through and hit a Russian Leg Sweep and evened the odds for a moment.

Hannah tried to fire the crowd behind her as they crawled to the centre and teed off with big right hands. Hannah got the better early on as Hannah tried to hook for what looked like a Flatliner but clubbed her again and 3 whips hitting a big clothesline, then a double thrust, then a big boot in succession. Hannah went corner to corner but Sarah evaded and went in with more forearms but Hannah went under and grabbed the arm to go to the Pepsi Twist and she hit and got a 2 count. Hannah went straight for the Pedigree but Sarah twisted out of it and flattened Hannah with a clothesline. Sarah got her in the corner again before powering up Hannah in the powerslam position and turned it into a Urinage that got a 2. Hannah fought back and landed a Tornado DDT before setting up and planting the Pedigree for the 3, still your CPW Women’s champion, Hannah Taylor.

While not the longest match this was fast-paced, hard-hitting and action-packed and as Hannah has proved what a versatile champ she is, dealing with the all roundedness and flexibility of Lucia Lee, going to someone with height, strength and power like Sarah Skylark and winning impressively. The fans are starting to get behind Hannah as well for her efforts as they have seen in all of her matches with Lucia and in this one what a consummate professional she is and how in such a short time she has jumped up to become one of the best on the British Women’s scene and she said herself how she feels so appreciated by CPW because they make her feel like she’s something. How can you be against someone who has that outlook? I hope she’s as impressive from here on out as she sees off the Dr goes off to philosophise and think a new strategy if she gets another shot.

Next, it was the big one, the one we had all been waiting for as the Superkick King Bashby went one on one against the CPW New Blood Champion Jay J Roberts who we haven’t seen since he won that belt in the autumn. I said originally that Bashby was giving up 9 stone in this contest but this turned out not to be true, The Bearded Prince of Wales has lost around 4 stone and is carrying to chipping away so fair play to you man. Bashby was still giving up around 75lbs however and over 6” in height so he would have to use speed and cunning to overcome this big burly man.

Jay J stood on the corner post to start with to taunt the crowd. Bashby went in with a back elbow and just bounced off. They measured up and Bashby tried to chop the tree with kicks but Jay J laughed them off and caught him on the run and threw him back with one arm into the corner. Jay J tried to bulldoze Bashby in the corner by Bashby went up and over and hit a high double knee, knocking Jay J back into the corner. Jay J went for a clothesline, ducked and Bashby lay in with more kicks but Jay J brushed them off as Bashby taunted him, maybe to get under his skin. After a few attempts to grab Bashby, Jay J was struck back to the corner where Bashby charged but was crotched on the top rope, but used the bounce to get over to the apron, kicking Jay J and staggering him before going to the top and blindly going for a back elbow and missing. Jay J picked up Bashby and lobbed him over from corner to corner with a massive German Suplex, Bashby flying through the air and as he got up he was met with a fist that sent him rocking and flattened him in one. Bashby was choked on the rope as Jay J took his time choking Bashby on the ropes and pulling him up, rattling him with right hands. Bashby flung himself at Jay J going for a crossbody block but Jay J caught him and swung him into a massive Gunslinger. Jay J only got a 2 and this left him in disbelief as he angrily kicked Bashby like a rugby ball to the corner. Jay J unleashed his anger at the crowd before sitting Bashby up and throwing his 230lb frame at him with a low crossbody press that somehow Bashby kicked out from.

Bashby was barely hanging in there as he tried to fight back. He was whipped off and tried to go for a head scissors but was thrown up and levelled with a huge sit-out facebuster which got a 2 count. The crowd really got behind Bashby at this point as they badly wanted him to topple this monster of a man. Jay J rubbed it in with a reverse thrust kick to the chest, one of Bashby’s own moves before a cocky pin that got a 1 as he tried to get up. Bashby was thrown into the corner with such force the ring moved, I wouldn’t have wanted to have been Bashby’s back at that point. Jay J charged in and ate the post himself and Bashby ran in with a kick to the gut which was caught, Jay J spun Bashby round he used the momentum to jump up for an Enziguiri which got Jay J right in the mouth, followed by the running knee, a dropkick, another knee, followed by an Acid Drop which got a 2.

Bashby was on fire going off nothing but guts and instinct as he tried everything to get past this big man. Bashby hit a Shining Wizard, then a Senton Splash, both getting a 2. Bashby measured up for the Superkick but Jay J caught it and threw Bashby down and answered with a pump kick. Bashby kicked out at 2, Jay J starting to take Bashby a tad more seriously pulled him up and flattened him with a choke bomb but foolishly Jay J let go of the cover and he paid for it as Bashby countered the second one with a knee right to the chin. Then a trio of Superkicks put the big man down as Bashby went to the top and hit the Swanton Bomb to get the 3 and the biggest victory of his career to date, Bashby is your new CPW New Blood Champion.

The crowd went absolutely ballistic with cheers as the young man who has played second fiddle for so long, always coming up short and always having to take a back seat to others who just come ahead of him finally has his moment in the sun, he stands as your New Blood Champ, getting it off the big man and proving that he is one of the best in CPW. Well done Bashby, you brought the belt back to Team Madness and you send the Bearded Prince packing, all the way back to Cardiff. Somehow, you crazy kid you managed to do it. It really shows how much you’ve improved over the past year. This is just the beginning, you’ve got many great things to come I’m sure and this is the first step, now keep hold of that belt and be ready to kick the heads off anyone who comes to get it, you hear?

Well, that was the end of the show…except it wasn’t. Lastly, we had our final attraction, a 12 man battle royale for the CPW Academy Championship, reinstated with the sheer number of competitors in the Superstars division now and the wonderful fact that most of the people have stuck with it and stayed as part of CPW with some fresh faces joining the good guys and bad guys. From the good guys we had myself, Charlie, Taco, Mighty Morgan, Trickster, Tornado and Eli Conners and the bad guys Dingo, Dongo, Rob Conflict, Jackson Stackson and Rydog all against all. It was conducted by Will Starr and Russell Hardwood who kept an eye on things. This is how it went.

I was the first one eliminated, thrown out by Rob Conflict who was thrown out by Mighty Morgan. Rydog was thrown out by Charlie and Mighty Morgan was thrown out by Dingo. Trickster was thrown out by Eli and after this, everyone lay into Eli Conners as he broke free and sent them all flying as Taco went up top and took out Eli with a crossbody. Taco was thrown out by Dingo before he got Big Eli out too. Stackson went after Charlie (how brave of him) and Tornado got in his way to stop him. Tornado and Stackson brawled mid-ring and Tornado was thrown out by Stackson. This left 4 men left. Charlie, Dingo, Dongo and Stackson. and the fabulous Skippy Brothers jumped Stackson and threw him out. Before Dingo could celebrate the success of throwing out the big man, Dongo was eliminated by Charlie which left them as the final two. Charlie hit Dingo with a running cutter after countering a Gunslinger and went for a Rascal’s Elbow but Dongo tripped him and pulled him outside the ring, eliminating him and leaving Dingo as the winner and your new CPW Academy Champion.

The crowd were furious as Charlie was robbed, but Dingo did get the most elimination which we can’t take away from him. It just wasn’t right the way it happened and some instant Karma was needed so Mr Richards came to the ring for the belt presentation and asked the fans “Who thinks Dingo belongs in the wrestling mafia?” as Will and Russell stood in the ring with the leader. The crowd soundly rejected this idea. They settled on giving him his belt, and his little induction to the Champions club after pounding both brothers senseless in the middle of the ring, after this Dale was put in position as he hit a Pedigree, driving Dingo into the mat face first. Both brothers were down in the centre of the ring as Mr Richards draped the Academy title over its new holder and thanked the CPW Galaxy before leaving with Russell and Will. Dingo came to in the ring, Dongo was long gone and he slid out as Leyton and I got back in the ring to close off the show. Dingo, you did well there to walk away from what happened to you, also you must have suffered enough because the crowd didn’t immediately call for both of us to knock you out and polish you off. Congratulations you bogan drongo. You’re our new academy champion after going your own way and hiring some help you can rely on and it’s worked out for you. Now realise that this makes you a marked man and every guy in the academy is gunning for you and Dongo, including me. The hit has already happened but it won’t be complete until someone tears that belt from your hands. It’ll be interesting to see how you fare with your first title reign. Leyton and I signed the show off.

We will see you all at Elimination on the 29th Feb, matches are being announced on the CPW Facebook page. For now, on behalf of Team Madness,

Frankie Summers signing off.

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