Summers Gazette Entry #31 – LET’S GO

Let’s Go!

Greetings once again CPW Galaxy and welcome to the newly revamped and reformatted CPW Blog now entitled the Summers Gazette after the suggestion made on my new T-Shirt that can be bought on the CPW Website along with the T-shirts for season 7 of many other stars like Lucia Lee, James Cross, Team Madness and many more. Now with more frequent shows I have had to try and keep up with my reporting and with how fast things move here at CPW, it’s not always easy so this overhaul is to strip down what I say on here and leave more to your imagination if you missed the show or didn’t get to watch the Coventry IPTV stream. This will be more like my original blog that I made when I first started, just elaborating on how matches came to be and what happened. If there are any big moments I feel I should mention, I’m going to limit them because they need to be seen to be believed. So in the vein of the name of the show, Let’s Go!

Nextgen Presents: Let’s Go came to you from the Leicester Leisure Centre, hosted by Kully and his wonderful staff who look after us all so well whenever we go up. Our mistress of ceremonies was the lovely Caitlyn James and our officiating team consisted of Oddball Kurt Pliskin and the surprise return of last year’s ruler of the Galaxy, Sweet Stevie W.

We were joined by the local contingent of fans who came to see us last time and got to experience what CPW is all about once again as we darkened the tone and set rivals known to that side of things against each other to see what could carry on and what would be resolved. Mr Richards, Alex Conners and Leyton Simms were on commentary with Alex in the first half and Leyton in the second. Another thing of note is that Nextgen will be our travelling brand, so whenever we step outside of Coventry our shows will be under the Nextgen banner.

We opened up the show with a CPW Tag Team division match as the number one contenders to the Tag Team Championships, Tommbie and Imperial Dragon, the Saints of Sin, or the Odd Couple as I nicknamed them took on Lyon and Dread, the 666 Pack. The 666 Pack were upset at losing to Team Madness last time and wanted to face a team as metal as they are and this seemed to be a match made in the underworld.

The two teams squared off and you know the match was just going to be sheer brutality throughout, yet the strangest thing happened. The Dragon seemed to be acting nicely to the fans, he went out throwing out the 5s and trying to get the crowd behind him. Tommbie carried himself in his usual fashion, getting the crowd behind him with ease as the 666 Pack just focused on the task in hand, the task being to inflict pain and redeem themselves. The match was as charged and chaotic as you would imagine with tons of big hits from both sides. Lyon even manhandled Dragon, putting him in a state I didn’t think possible. He was visibly shaken in some cases. After being manhandled Tommbie came in and cleared house and they took out the 666 pack with their new tag team finisher I will find the name for next time. A big win over the 666 pack as they steamroll towards their date with destiny, the challenge for the CPW Tag Team Championships against the MMS.

Next, we had the ladies match as local heroine Shauna Shay took on former Hillbilly Harley Harris. We’ve not seen Harley in a while, but it was revealed that someone on the Hillbillies’ side had read the family tree and got excited too fast, as they got the wrong Harley Harris; revealing ours was no relation at all. She got free travel in the chicken truck and free accommodation at the ranch boarding house at least, so it was worth it. Shauna has been on a roll since coming back, joining Lucia Lee to beat Alfie and Luna at Summerfest 5 show, and to beat up the G6 to stop them from hurting Eli Conners.

These two ladies are no strangers to each other, they have wrestled all over the midlands and know each other like the backs of their hands, move for move and hold for hold and that certainly showed here. Shauna got the early advantage over Harley with her superior speed but Harley came back with an aggressive display that no one expected, smacking Shauna around the ring, but Shauna weathered the storm to the point where Harley got frustrated and grabbed a chair from under the ring and smacked Shauna in the ribs with it, and continued to beat Shauna down to the point she had to be physically restrained. Shauna did very well to hold her own in there and Harley has shown that despite being away from CPW for a while that she still deserves her place on the power rankings, despite this unsporting display. Let’s hope we see both of these women back so they can put on an explosive match once again and settle this score.

Next, we had my match as Team Madness, myself, Bashby and Dr Gage teaming up with the Miracle Man Mr Ace taking on the throw together a team of Iron Serb, Dingo, Jordan Blaze and CPW debutant Zak Northern. This was changed from an earlier billed match where Team Madness were taking on Kevin Isaac along with Zak and Jordan. Kevin could not make the show as shown in a video response on the CPW Facebook page. So Dingo stepped in in his place. Mr Ace approached management and demanded to be on the show to give Iron Serb a wrestling lesson as he was now rolling with us. Serb took time out of his busy schedule to accept because he’s not one to turn down a challenge, especially when he gets a chance to hurt people he has beef with, like let’s say Team Madness, so this was a dream for him.

Ace tried to open up for Team Madness, saying that he had things under control, Serb started for the…I don’t know, bad attitude collaboration we could all them? Ace didn’t notice Serb behind him until he bumped into him. He said he’d teach him the lesson later and tagged me in. I faced off with Serb after he said he wouldn’t be tricked again I stomped in his foot like last time and smashed him into our corner where we took turns beating him down, all apart from Ace whom we ignored. Bashby came in to work on Serb who stopped Bashby before tagging in and out with the others and giving him a beatdown while we desperately tried to keep him in it. After a while Bashby clocked Dingo and made it to Gage who bulldozed the freshly tagged Serb, then a chain of high impact moves from everyone happened one after the other until Serb and Ace were the only ones left. Ace tried to beg for mercy but Serb punched him out. Bashby and Gage were in the ring waiting for Serb, one superkick and a chokeslam later they went for a double team finish, Ace tagged himself in and got the pin. What followed has to be seen to be believed, and is too funny for words so please go and check our match out.

We closed off the first half with a singles match as G6’s George took on the Golden Ticket holder for 2019, Morris. This is a match we have seen before and it has never gone the way of the NBO Warrior before, but let’s see if he could buck this trend. It started with grappling which Morris got the better of, but George’s speed won out until Morris decided to ground things and pound on George, but George turned this against him which resulted in Morris clashing with the corner post. George took advantage by pounding on Morris. A failed attempt at the Codebreaker lead to Morris’ Overdrive combo which George got a rope break. George fired back with attacks from all sides, knocking Morris for a loop, but Morris got the head of steam up and squashed George in the corner before going for the NBO Drop but George slipped out, hit the Ripcord and got the 3.

Considering George is a member of the G6 you would expect him to delve into his dirty underhanded tactics we are used to, but instead, Morris and George faced each other in the ring, and George extended the hand of friendship before moving out of the ring, maybe having reservations about the big match at Reload next week, and rightly so, considering the stakes and who the G6 has to face off with. After this surprising turn of events, we headed for an interval. No fan photo ops this time but it meant we could do what we had to and get right back to the action promptly.

We opened up the second half with a tag team match as the team of the Golden stars, Will Starr and Lucia Lee faced the team of the Siren of the Spear, Alfie Rogue and Exceptional Sugar Jimmy Vice who couldn’t decide on a team name.Will and Lucia showed what consummate champions they were in the early going with great control over both team members which got them frustrated. However, after a decent swing of fortune, Jimmy tried to be clever when he gained some control of Will and wasted an unnecessary amount of time, thinking he had it secure after the Sugar Bomb. After gloating that he was going to hit his finisher, the Slice n Vice, he got nothing but a mat and an injured hip. It wrapped up after Jimmy got in Lucia’s face and she slapped him firmly, making him reel, but Alfie was there, ready and waiting for her. Alfie smashed straight through Lucia with the Spear and pinned her for 3. The baddies win and leave Will disappointed and Lucia frustrated.

The penultimate match was a match for the CPW Galaxy Championship as Eli Conners defended against his brother Alex in the rematch of the year so far after their explosive loser leaves town match back in the summer. We still don’t know how he managed to get back into the country or whether he even left. The match was exactly as you would imagine it, brutal and full of disrespect from Alex. Alex wasn’t there to win the championship, he was there to punish Eli for the embarrassment he made him suffer after their last match. Alex even started abusing Eli’s family during the match, but Eli made chase and smacked him around the ring. Alex fought back and ended up DDTing Eli on the hard floor. This dazed Eli to the point where we were genuinely concerned watching the stream footage. Eli Weathered the Storm and came back, knocking out Alex and pinning him after a 2nd rope big splash. The roof about blew off the venue.

The match was the talk of the town soon after and word about the match got to the Conners Bros original trainer Ben, from when they first came to the UK who said he was disgusted at Alex’s conduct in the ring and it went against everything he and wrestling legend Robbie Brookside taught them all those years ago. Ben has even made the suggestion they have a war to settle the score; a bout to knock the other guy out. A Last Man Standing match was suggested which sounds like a great idea if it finally ends the sibling rivalry these two have.

Lastly, we have the main event, as Wrecking ball James Cross took on Fifi in a challenge for the Nextgen Heavyweight Championship. Fifi has defended the championship with price and honour since winning it 3 months ago at History 6. James has had multiple opportunities for championships but has always come up short and this is his first of two shots at championships this month. The next will be against Niall Fairchild at Reload. These two have a history and are no strangers to each other since Fifi slapped James and busted him open at Elimination. Like in a few occasions of opponents James wasn’t sure he could beat straight on, he resorted to underhanded tactics with a weapon before the match started. Where this lead is better seen than told. James hit his regulars with the Fallaway Slam and the German Suplex and a new one in the T-Bone Suplex which he has just added to his arsenal. Fifi managed to fire back with strikes in a very familiar fashion when he got an opening. After firing up and smacking James Cross about he hit the Fifi factor which was kicked out of, so he hit another slam and landed on him with a splash he calls the Fifi Bomb, which is a back spring from the second on top of his opponent for the win. The kids in the crowd darted into the ring to dance and celebrate with Fifi which marked the end of the show.

I want to do something very different in this close off and give a shoutout to a few people in the Leicester Crowd who do so much to try and help us get our good word out as we try and establish ourselves as the hottest ticket in town in Leicester too. I want to personally thank Jamie Simmonds for spreading the good word about CPW and doing tons for us on Social Media, and his children Dominic and Taylor for just being amazing fans and ambassadors who really got into it throughout. Another shoutout goes to Tristan and Tracey Angell also for being great fans and getting us out there on social media, and a special mention goes to Patrick Scattergood and his son Cyrus for more of the same and for bringing along those super cool New Day Action figures which I’m still without a set of. Lastly, I want to thank Eli’s family for coming along to join us once again. He’s a hero to you all and to us as well and is shaping up to be a fantastic CPW Galaxy Champion. It’s great to see his family coming to cheer him on and support him in this new untouched ground for CPW. All support from all fans is very much appreciated and we hope anyone else in the crowd was tuned in enough to keep coming back and see us next time. Together we can make CPW a huge deal and pull in the crowds we’re used to back in Coventry. Thanks once again to Kully and his staff to looking after us and accommodating us and we will see you again very soon

For now, this is Frankie Summers signing off, we will see you again at New Blood presents RELOAD!

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