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The final stop before our biggest show of the season History 7 and what a show it promises to be!!

What will be next for the CPW Lineal Heavyweight Champion Will Starr and his History 7 challenger Cleo after the devastating impact Cleo caused at Adrenaline 2020.

How about Lucia Lee? Can she make it 2-2 or will her dreams be shattered by the 2-1 leader in their Best Of 5 Series Chantal Jordan!? So many questions still left unanswered but The CPW Galaxy will get them LIVE in this awesome night of Family Wrestling Entertainment.

R2H will be a limited fan capacity and will have covid safety measures in place so book your tickets today at the CPW BOX OFFICE


CPW Heavyweight Championship – Dan Evans def Dr Gage

CPW Tag Team Championships – Nightmare X def Silk Brothers

CPW Best Of 5 Series – Lucia Lee def Chantal Jordan (1-2 in matches)

CPW New Blood Wrestling Championship – Drake Wynter def Niall Fairchild, Eli Conners & Mickey Rowley

CPW Tag Team Championships No1 Contenders Match – Leather Clad def The Empire

Morgan Black & Brandon Jordan def The Coalition

The final journey…..


It’s finally happening!!


The CPW stars and the CPW Galaxy will reunite for 3 weeks of non stop CPW wrestling entertainment as we bring Season 7 to a climax.

See all your favourite CPW stars like Will Starr, Lucia Lee, Morris, Cleo, Tommbie and more.

**Tickets are very limited due to a cap on the number of fans allowed to attend the events so we urge you to book yours today and get ready to be entertained once again by the CPW stars!!


** There will be COVID safe procedures in place for all of our events and will include on the door temperature checks. Please visit our CPW BOX OFFICE for more details.

New Blood Wrestling returns…..

CPW New Blood Wrestling brand returns this month with Love Me, Love Me Not!! Don’t miss another special appearance of the Silk Brothers as they defend the CPW Tag Team Championships LIVE.

Natalie Wild will be looking for revenge as she envokes her rematch clause for the CPW Lineal Women’s Championship and will face champion Alfie Rogue and how about this the New Blood Wrestling Championship will also be on the line as JJ Roberts defends the belt against No1 Contender Bashby!!

It all goes down Saturday 15th February at the Henley Green Community Centre in Coventry. Tickets can be purchased today at the CPW BOX OFFICE


It was tow shows of pure wrestling entertainment as the CPW Superstars Project Season 3 trainees performed LIVE in front of family and friends and now you can watch every match from both shows now ONLY on


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Big Drama Show Results

BDS 2019

CPW New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Championship – Death Row Match
JJ Roberts def Morris, Drake Wynter, Jordan Blaze, Dingo & Bashby

CPW Women’s Championship
Lucia Lee def Alfie Rogue

CPW Heavyweight Championship No1 Contenders Match
Jimmy Vice def Jake Casanova

CPW Tag Team Championship No1 Contenders Match
Imperial Dragon & Tommbie def Iron Serb & Mr Ace

CPW Lineal Women’s Championship No1 Contenders Match
Claudia Bradstone def Georgy Archer

IQ3 def Will Starr

Steve Valentino def George

Apollo Vela & Lucha, Lucha def Niall Fairchild & FIFI


Match Of The Night
Steve Valentino vs George

Performance Of The Night
Jimmy Vice in his battle with Jake Casanova

OMG Moment Of The Night
Steve Valentino, you naughty Pirate turning on the CPW Lineal Heavyweight Champion Will Starr and the two will now go to war at CPW vs The World on the 28th September


CPW Championship Landscape

Leyton Simms vacated the New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Championship due to injury and the championship was then won by JJ Roberts in a fantastic Death Row Elimination Match

Lucia Lee retained her Championship proving once again why she is ‘The Lioness’ of CPW

Jimmy Vice is now the No1 contender for Niall Fairchild’s CPW Heavyweight Championship

Natalie Wild will defend her CPW Lineal Women’s Championship against Claudia Bradstone at the CPW Supershow CPW vs The World.

The unusual coupling of the Imperial Dragon and Tommbie will face MMS for the CPW Tag Team Championships after becoming the No1 contenders


Bookmaker Bob’s Winners

Issac Quinten 5/2
Claudia Bradstone 4/5
JJ Roberts 5/1
Apollo Vela and Lucha, Lucha 3/1
Lucia Lee 1/2
Steve Valentino 1/1
Jimmy Vice 3/1