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Our yellow brand returns with the latest CPW action and this week the show features Kat Von Kaige, Niall Fairchild, Morris, Lucha Lucha and more including the return to our screens from Will Starr!!!! You can rent this weeks Episode now ahead of its CPW On Demand release for only £3.99!!! NEXTGEN WRESTLING MOONLIGHT EPISODE

We are back on your screens Thursday 21st January…..

On this weeks Box Office episode your CPW stars return to action in a 2 hours of CPW Entertainment and you can join us LIVE via Box Office. This is a Box Office Event only and will then be available to On Demand subscribers from 23rd January. EVENT INFORMATION: Start Time: 8:15pm | COST: £7.99

NextGen Wrestling Moonlight will be LIVE on PPV this Wednesday…..

CPW’s yellow brand returns with the 11th episode of NextGen Wrestling Moonlight.What will the fall out be from the Xmas Tidings 2020 PPV? One thing we do know is that the new CPW Heavyweight Champion Alex Conners will be a hosting Thanksgiving to the Coalition celebration! CPW stars like Will Starr, Tommbie, Morris and Jimmy