Month: November 2018

NextGen Wrestling final show of 2018….

    The NextGen Wrestling stars are back for their final show of 2018. Xtreme Tidings LIVE from the Hagard Centre in Coventry. The show will feature the return of Nadia Sapphire who battles Nadia Sapphire whilst Morris defends his CPW Godiva Championship in a Xmas Deathrow match special! Tickets are still available can be

Frankie Summers – Blog #12

  Halloween Reload Frankie Summers reporting once again and this time it’s for the Halloween edition of NextGen Wrestling. Originally it wasn’t going to be a Halloween show, but due to popular demand we made it so. Reload is also the first episode of NextGen for Season 6, so now CPW is officially in full

Frankie Summers – Blog #11

  Night of the Turncoats. Hello once again CPW Galaxy, Frankie Summers reporting. Finally Season 6 has kicked off and what a huge way for it to do so, with a 6 match card at the Hagard in Willenhall. A venue that is becoming a regular lately. We always need to start a season off