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Night of the Turncoats.

Hello once again CPW Galaxy, Frankie Summers reporting. Finally Season 6 has kicked off and what a huge way for it to do so, with a 6 match card at the Hagard in Willenhall. A venue that is becoming a regular lately. We always need to start a season off with a bang and we certainly have here, so here we are with CPW Primetime Wrestling Betrayal. I’ll get to the more controversial points of the show as we get to them. As I am running behind I’ll try and be brief about what I saw. If you saw the show, you know what happened. Remember you can catch all of the shows On Demand on the CPW Patreon Page. Links on our social media pages.

So we opened up with a singles match as the born again botanist Leyton Simms faced off against Wasp Boy Tom Lindsay. Tom hasn’t had the best of luck with opponents lately and Leyton is still a bit emotionally fragile after dealing with his treatments, organised by CPW management.
So we have effectively 2 loose cannons pointed at eachother as Tom has been getting desperate.
Leyton has a thing for flowers now, hence my nickname for him. He brought them to the ring, sniffed them when needed and tried to subdue all bad thoughts to turn him to his old ways.

Tom tried to overpower Leyton on a couple of occasions but it didn’t work, so he focused in trying to wind Leyton up, even to the point of grabbing the flowers and breaking them. Leyton hung in there however in a very tense and close match, closer than you may expect. When Leyton has his head in the game he becomes dangerous in a different way. After evading Tom’s finish, a couple of times, Leyton hit the Jailbreaker for the 3 in the shock of recent history.

I like this turn Leyton has taken, and I hope it continues. The flowers and treatment are mellowing him out and he’s got way better control of his temper now. Keep it up man, we’re rooting for you. So continues the losing streak for Tom Lindsay though. I remember a time not so long ago when he was tearing through everyone, but now fortunes have changed. That belt completed Tom and it’s thrown him off his game losing it. At least he still has the Ruler of the Galaxy tournament semis to look forward to after beating long time rival Jake Casanova.

Next was the battle between 2 recent additions to the CPW roster. Well, with one, a re-addition as he was away for a bit. Drake Wynter and long time veteran Imperial Dragon. 2 big, rough and brawny men who will come out and fight you, but whereas Drake does more technical work, Dragon is more agile and accustomed to flying moves. But in short the match was just brutal. Lots of strikes and throws, the main ones being 2 of those devastating chops from Dragon and his moonsault. But Wynter wasn’t without his moves, like his uranagi backbreaker, the throw from the top. Trying to take Dragon down from behind from the ropes, also a powerbomb attempt. Dragon still came out on top after that high sweeping back kick of his, putting Drake down for the 3. Well fought but not enough for Drake who is still yet to pick up a win in CPW. I hoped it would be his first win this time as Dragon has been gnawing on me backstage and I’m in no position to do anything to him, other than rag on him in this blog. Speaking of rag, the fans did not approve of the tea towel he has tied to his sash. So much so he spat at the CPW Superstars trainees in the crowd and even hit one of them. I guess it’s what you can expect when you name yourself after a takeaway restaurant.

Next was the Women’s title return match with champ Valkyrie Victoria Adams and challenger Natalie Wild. This was controversial as the fans believe that Tori should have been DQ’d last time for choking Nat out with the sleeper. It was a properly applied sleeper and was proven after the show, we watched back the footage and determined what happened was legal. Tori came out to the approval of most of the fans. Natalie still has a fanbase who have grown to respect her just for being in the title scene for so long and having had it more than anyone in recent times.

This match was very surprising actually, it was mainly very technical, with wear down holds being exchanged for a good length of the match. Nat decided to play a different game style this time. Unusual and pleasant to see, especially beings as the roughnecking didn’t work last time. But it all ended the inevitable way though as Tori got the upper hand in the end, took down Nat, locked her in the sleeper, but Natalie tapped out to save herself. Still women’s champion, Victoria Adams.

It’s crazy how a young girl, who is a second generation wrestler like this can go from not being on a show before with us, to being the most dominant force in her division in the space of a couple of weeks. This is a bad sign for anyone wanting to challenge for that belt, Tori will be a tough one to get by.

Next and after the break was the 6 man tag as Club Tropicana, the team of fun and sunshine and fabulous dance moves- Jake Casanova, Will Starr and Academy Champ George take on tag champs- Scott Oberman and Dan Evans, the MMS and Nextgen champ Alex Conners. It took a while for this to get started, but once it did, Jake decided to swing the mood with a game of musical chairs. Will decided to sit this one out as they didn’t want to make it too unfair on their opponents. Jake and George came out on top easily, to which their adversaries didn’t take too well.

The main parts were George teeing off with Alex for the first time, Jake getting beaten up by all 3 guys, the brawling on the outside for all 6, Will tackling Dan Evans through the ropes, George trying to break up Scott’s tag move, and it all ending with MMS hitting the A.D. Homicide on Jake for the win.

The tag champs recover from the humiliation at the last show at the Community Centre with an impressive win here, re-establishing their dominance. Sorry to be so brief with this one but I only got limited photos and the action was so fast paced throughout that it was hard to piece together, but one person in particular didn’t like my Play by Play style of review from the last show, so here we are. We will get onto that person later.

Next is the return match for the Godiva championship as Morris defends against Anthony Mafia. Mafia has to go it alone this time since Leyton Simms turned on him, but Morris has something to prove this time. That he doesn’t need assistance or a sudden outside equaliser to win.

In short this match was a back and forth brawl. Both of them using body punches as is standard, Mafia using the sweeping kicks and roughneck intimidation style whereas Morris teed off with big strikes, such as clotheslines and tackles we’re used to seeing. It was a very even and tense match, just like the opener, with Mafia even trying to put Morris in a sleeper which he fought out of. Neither man would give in, but eventually Morris got the upper hand, hit Mafia with what I’m calling the D4S overdriver combo, (Dropkick, splash in corner, suplex, senton, stunner). After a 2 count Mafia kicked out. Morris tried to hit the Samoan drop, but Mafia fought out of it, tried to end it himself, failed, Morris hits the Samoan Drop to pick up the win.

I am so proud of Morris lately. Since I’ve come along people have been saying he’s the future of CPW, and after all this time, he’s starting to finally look like it. He’s winning matches, and in very impressive fashion. He has thrown main event talent by the wayside and even competed for the CPW championship at Get the Strap. Give it till this time next your, you may have a consistent number 1 contender for the Nextgen or CPW belts.

Lastly we have the big one. The CPW championship match as challenger The Beast, takes on champ Mr Richards in a no DQ match. Just jumping right into it, this match was brutal, knock down, drag out, whatever you use to describe it being hard hitting. Beast came out with a baseball bat, and Mr Richards just used whatever he could get his hands on to punish this big nasty Beast. Even smashing a kids painting over Beast’s head numerous times. Then Mr Richards used the bat, to which Beast stopped registering pain and went into Beast Mode, charging round the ring to smash into Mr Richards with all of his weight against the ringpost, before getting him into the bearhug. Mr Richards fought out of it, they fought back into the ring, which lead to Mr Richards getting the pedigree on Beast, but not being able to get the 3. Natalie Wild came in to distract Mr Richards, and it worked as the Merseyside Murder Squad came in and attacked Mr Richards with chairs. All legal I will remind you. Then Tori Adams dashed down to help Mr Richards seemingly, instead she slapped him and helped Beast and MMS attack Mr Richards. Then another shock was Dan Evans turning on Natalie, his long term girlfriend, seemingly as she wasn’t pulling her weight in the group anymore for not having a title.

The next bit was the most emotional as Beast got Mr Richards in the Sharpshooter, but he still would not give up. After further assault from all 4 and another Sharpshooter, Mr Richards had no choice but to tap out, meaning Beast is now CPW champion. Then as part of the wager, Paul Tucker, one of our fans had to become Beast’s slave as a result of the win. I had staked a t shirt for this, but instead it was used in the match to choke Beast, which I think was a far better use for it. Instead Beast had brought Paul a dress and matching handbag. As Paul refused to take them, the MMS did the unthinkable and attacked Paul, knocking him to the ground, and starting working away on him. About the most despicable act you’ve done, Dan and Scott, and you aren’t short on those I can assure you. Mr Richards tried his best to protect Paul from the beating, and it took all of us on hand in CPW staffing to get to break up the action, and to save Nat, Mr Richards and Paul. It was a soul rendering experience as I dashed down to help how I could. But it was too late, the damage was done. The CPW title is in the hands of someone who needed weapons and 3 other people to win it. I give Tom Lindsay and Alex Conners hassle but at least they fight their own battles and only cheat in a way to benefit them.

But I’m going to cut right to the chase here to say something that has been on my mind for a while. It’s directed once again at you, Beast. I know you read my blog, in fact as it stands you’re probably my most avid reader, next to Alex Conners (when someone reads it to him) and Tom Lindsay, as you check for what you claim are errors. This isn’t the first time and I guarantee it won’t be the last. I don’t stand a chance against you right now, and that I’m wise enough to know that much, and I feel you take some glee in that. I have to use my words to fight my battles, but it’s well known in the back how you push me around and try and intimidate me to saying nice things about you in this blog. Well guess what? It’s not happening this time. You tell me to get it right, so here goes.

Newsflash! An irrelevant relic from CPW’s history hired two shameless goons, and a delusional ‘demi-goddess’ to take out an injured man and win a championship he didn’t earn or deserve. You still needed a baseball bat and chairs to do it. You and your boys also attacked a woman, and a fan who had no place in that ring in the first place. It’s a great way to push yourself back into the spotlight Beasty Boy, it makes us hate you, that’s for sure, which is what you wanted all along. It’s one way to make you relevant again I guess, but here’s one thing I guarantee. You won’t get away with what you’ve done. Right now everyone in the CPW Galaxy is against you. That title just makes you a great big target, and that’s not even including Mr Richard’s return match he is entitled to in his contract, and you know we’re all awaiting that second chance.

I’m not going to let you push me around, Beast. I’m not the only one. We aren’t afraid of you, in fact you’re seen as a laughing stock even now, just look at some of the art that the CPW Galaxy has come up with for you. We won’t stop until that belt is back in the hands of someone who deserves it. Dan and Scott, don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you. You’re targets too and somewhere down the line, a brave pair of fighters will come down the line and beat you for those belts soundly. Lastly, dear Tori. We have a great women’s division and they’re forming a queue to get their hands on you for what you’ve done.

I know that the whole point of this is that I am meant to be unbiased, but I can’t be in this case. To be fair I’ve been biased for a lot of my time here, especially against those who have wronged me. Natalie even came to me after the show, teary eyed and said “I hope, from now on you’ll see I’m not so bad after all” Which has brought this all into perspective, I have been hard on you since my time starting this blog, Nat. It’s hard to be impartial when I’m surrounded by a group where no matter how you act half of your work force wants to pound your skull in and half wants to help you pound skulls in. I mean it’s different for me as I’m not a wrestler right now, I’m a journalist. It’s no secret that I’ll be taking part in CPW Superstars on November 10th at the Henley Green Community Centre, and will be having my first match against a surprise opponent. This will be the tipping point. Regardless of what happens in that match, I’m fair game, not just a journalist, but I’ll be a wrestler and CPW talent. Which means that if someone attacks me, I’ll have to respond in kind, the way that everyone else does. In match situations, I will have to be ready to back up my words with actions, and soon I’ll be able to do just that. Before that we have Episode 1 of Nextgen Wrestling, at Reload, once again at the Henley Green Community Centre, see you there.

This is Frankie Summers signing off.

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