Month: March 2019


Escapes and Entrapment. CPW Elimination Hello there once again CPW Galaxy, it’s time to give my own personal account of what happened for the show on 23rd of February at the Henley Green Community Centre, It’s Elimination. In front of a sold out crowd of around we witnessed one of the grandest spectacles in the


Hello once again CPW Galaxy, this is Frankie Summers coming at you with the CPW Blog for the show Warfare. This blog, like all of CPW is sponsored by the Hakimpur Cash and Carry. Which leads me to my first announcement. You may have heard an upbeat jingle at the star and end of the

QOTG 2019 tournament update…

After Lucia Lee shocked the CPW Galaxy at the NextGen Wrestling Ready or Not show helping Shauna Shay defeat the fancied favourite Nadia Sapphire to qualify into the Semi-Finals we have the updated brackets in the race to become the first ever CPW Lineal Women’s Champion.

Our one night of Xtreme action is nearly here……….

Saturday 30th March we see our annual night of Xtreme family wrestling entertainment as we bring you ADRENALINE 2019!!! See Will Starr defend his CPW Unifed Heavyweight Championships against JJ Roberts, Victoria Adams vs Chantal Jordan in a submission match for the CPW Women’s Championship plus Tommbie defends his NextGen Championship in a Conners Farm