The Adrenaline 2021 PPV was exactly what it said on the tin…. Extreme!!!Adrenaline 2021 PPV Results

New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Championship TLC Match – Niall Fairchild def Morris

CPW Galaxy Championship – Danny Doherty def Morgan Black & Apollo Vela

CPW Tag Team Championship Death Row Match

CI,CI,CI def 666 Pack, Team Madness, Coalition, The Empire and the Coalition

Chairs & Chains I Quit Match

Will Starr def Rage

No Disqualification Match

Kat Von Kaige def Emma Cross

Match Of The Night

Emma Cross vs Kat Von Kaige – No DQ Match

Performance Of The Night

Emma Cross – Proved she is now a Lioness

OMG Moment Of The Night

So many but seeing Rage busted open in the opening match set the tone!

CPW Championship Landscape

Niall Fairchild kept his record breaking New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Championship reign in tact with a brutal TLC victory over the ‘NBK’ Morris.

New CPW Tag Team Champions were crowned as CI, CI, CI escaped Death Row with the titles in their grasps.

Danny Doherty ended Morgan Black’s long run as the CPW Galaxy Champion in a thrilling Triple Threat Match to take full possession of the famous green belt.

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