CPW Takeover – The Dan Evans Show – Results

Dan Evans statement….

What on earth did the CPW do? I will tell you what they did.. they screwed me on my biggest night ever at CPW this was my show they think DeWinter will get his own way, well mark my words the King and Queen of CPW will rise again, this is not over.

NextGen Academy Championship

Morris def Bashby

CPW Women’s Championship

Natalie Wild def Athena Furie

CPW Tag Team Championship

Hillbillies def AOS

Golden Ticket Match

Issac Quinten III def TJ Sky

Justin Joy def Seth Skyline

Tom Lindsay/Leyton Simms/Tommbie def FIFI/Niall Fairchild/Jake Casanova

Dan Evans/Corey Johnson def Will Starr


Match of The Night

3 on 3 Tag match

Performance of The Night

Hillbillies winning the Tag Team Titles

OMG Moment of The Night

The return of Danny O’Neil

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