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CPW Blog #9
Brawl in Willenhall

Hello once again CPW Galaxy, we’re on the road to Season 6 once again, and the stops are fast and plentiful. This time we were at a venue we haven’t been to in a long time in the Hagard Centre in Willenhall for CPW Get the Strap. A shorter show than usual as we had less time to play with, but we still had the great CPW quality you’ve come to expect, just at a faster pace. I was master of ceremonies for the event, and got so into it that my throat burned out which is why I didn’t announce most of the last match.

Trying to do the countdown sent me into a coughing fit. I got so caught up in all the action that most of it went by in a flash. Being in the ring announcers position I have responsibilities too and I can’t just sit by and take pictures anymore. I have to be there to help if ever someone needs it, be they good or bad. Or if the ref asks me to deal with something.

We kicked off in fine fashion as Alex Conners defended his Nextgen Wrestling Championship against Sir Isaac Quentin III and Fifi, a return match for Isaac and a turn at revenge for Fifi after what happened in the triple threat match at the Morris Show.
Fifi held up quite well in this fight, taking everything his opponents could dish out and giving back just as much. Alex and Isaac came to a head numerous times however, arguing about the pin. While they wanted to beat Fifi, a brand championship was on the line. Isaac brawled and used cheap tactics which caused him to have a set to with Steve W, our referee, before being taken out by Fifi and his Fifi factor, and before Fifi could capitalise, Alex jumped him from behind, hit the Pitchfork Driver and the match was over. Alex Conners is still the champion.

Sure he showed cowardice and cheap tactics, but you’ll notice how more so, he doesn’t let the crowd distract him. He turns everything the fans throw at him into something he can use. He doesn’t just abuse fans anymore, he keeps to the task in hand, whether alone or with the family. I have seen from photos that he has neatened himself up. Maybe it’s an image change? Maybe he wants to upgrade from being the cornball he is and become just a loudmouth yank who wants to hurt people. I feel slightly to blame for him being champion, he got noticed, got given a chance, took it and made the best of it. So I must apologise to those who don’t like him. I guess Alex realises this and that’s why he doesn’t pick on me anymore.

Next was the Academy Championship return match as George defended the belt against Bashby. This was a match where both of these boys had prep time and got to study their opponent, making it fair and square. The match wasn’t complicated, it was just knock-down and drag out, throws, strikes, running and flying from both parties, and tension all the way, showing the experienced and cocky Bashby and the dragon hearted George. George has shown such great improvement over the his past few matches, rumbling with much bigger foes and overcoming everything. Need I remind you that he is in fact undefeated? This is still the case now and George beat Bashby once again right in the centre of the ring, showing he is in fact the better of the two. No excuses Bashby, no surprises either, just a solid win which proves that George deserves that Academy title, more so than you do right now. Very solid match between these two as always. I can’t wait to see who he faces next. Some have said Stevie needs a proper title match, hopefully not interrupted by an angry man with a flag and his Luchadore buddy.

Next was another Singles match as the Natural Born Outlaw and eternal fan favourite Morris took on former CPW champion, and the man who dislikes me more than anyone…well some people on the roster, Tom Lindsay. Tom immediately decided to get in my face. I wish I would have worn the Lindsay Sucks shirt under my suit so I could show it to him, to show I still stand by that opinion. Tom, I gave you credit at History, but since you’ve come back from your little hiatus, it’s apparent you haven’t changed, you’re still bitter and will take it out on anyone. You must feel big and tough when you rough up people you see as below you. You paid for it when you picked on Dale, and don’t think noone else will stand up to you.

Moving on, we got a very see saw match from these two men. Morris keeping up with Tom’s grappling and holding in there against his cheap roughneck tactics. Of course Tom is an all rounder, and brought out his usuals, like his spinning leg locks, the running knee and those vicious strikes. He was a man possessed, but Morris hung in there and fired back, till it all came to a head with that fantastic combo move that he has put everyone away with since we came up with it. Sing along if you like. Dropkick, corner splash, suplex, running senton, measure up and stunner! This however was not enough to finish the job, so Morris hoisted Tom up and flattened him with the Samoan Drop, pinning him for 3. Very solid win for Morris that Tom couldn’t bring himself to concede to. He obviously went off in a huff. I couldn’t resist mocking him as he went away, no-one ruffles up my suit.

After the break it was revealed that this 5 match card was now a 6 match. We had been granted extra time. The next match was a singles match. Kameron Solas came out to the roar and approval of the crowd. His aerial moves, his dancing, his look and charisma have certainly made the CPW Galaxy take a shine to him. He will be soon selling goggles just like his if you want to be Kool like Kameron. Appearing at shows along with his tees very soon.

After this his opponent jumped the gun and didn’t even get to his announcement. Out of nowhere Seth Skyline ran from the back and took out Kameron. He beat up Kameron quite badly, with hard kicks and strikes from behind as is the murder squad way. If you can’t intimidate them, then just rip them apart by any means. This was just a slug fest, in the end it went fight or flight, both men just slugging eachother, Kameron getting the odd high risk or him impact move in to try and level the playing field. Kameron’s win pretty much came from nowhere as he got a sudden pin. The crowd exploded with cheers, showing that he has become one of the new heroes of CPW in just a few short months, and just think, he was just a photographer and cameraman to begin with, and he just happened to bring his gear one day when we needed an extra match, since then he has become one of the best newcomers on the roster in my humble opinion.

Next was the singles match that I had to give some background to. Cast your mind back to History 5. I know most of that was filled with memories of Mr Richards winning the CPW title, the Bashbys cutting ties. Will Starr beating the snot out of Isaac Quentin III. The roof nearly being blown off the Highway Club for Shiro’s farewell match.
No, this was in the very first match. West and Joy losing the tag team championships in the gauntlet match and disbanding because of it. West and Joy had a great run as tag champs after beating the Hillbillies for them back in January. They took on and beat all comers including the Hunter Brothers, who are tipped as one of the best tag teams in Europe by numerous sources.

Justin Joy was not impressed at the loss and felt that it was Craig West’s fault. He assaulted him after the match, and hit him with his tornado slam finisher twice, then ended up spitting at a member of the audience before leaving in a rage. After this Craig West was applauded by the audience for his great effort. He took a savage beating in that match and noone can deny that. They just hadn’t banked on the resilience of those wily vets, the Merseyside Murder Squad. West and Joy have wrestled before in an absolute showstealer on an episode of Primetime. Craig West came out on top after Justin threw everything he could at him but it still wasn’t enough. However both were fan favourites, arguably Justin even more so as he has the screaming girls forming a line for him.

Justin has changed and it was apparent in this match. He brought out the heavy artillery and stalked Craig West, attacking him on the outside before the match even started. He was cocky and arrogant by grabbing a chair from the audience and chilling in it while he watched his former partner stagger around. But once the action got back in that ring it was the classic action we were all used to. What I foreshadowed in that match they had at Primetime. Partners and former partners tend to know eachother’s moves inside out and will know a counter for every move too. This was the case here, but we still got the hard hitting, fast paced and high impact action we are so used to seeing from these two young men. History repeated itself as shockingly Craig West won the match, after all the punishment he took. It was a sight we really wanted to see, having Justin fail after trying such an underhanded trick. I get the feeling this will just make him more desperate and the stakes will have to be raised higher for next time. I can see weapons being involved if that’s how Justin wants to play it.

Lastly was the match we were all waiting for. The Get the Strap match for the CPW Championship. To which I briefly explained the rules from what I knew at the time. It was Mr Richards against Dan Evans and Will Starr from what we knew. What would happen is our champ, Mr Richards would start out with challenger number 1, there would be 6 challengers in total, making this a 7 man match, one fall to the finish. Then a bit like the Adrenaline Deathmatch earlier in the year, after set intervals the next challenger would come in. A decision could occur at any time, even if not all the entrants were in the ring. The intervals were determined by Stevie’s stopwatch as he signalled to me for the countdown.

Here is a rough breakdown of what happened. Mr Richards came out first, with the roar of the crowd behind him as always, then, of all the opponents to come out. Morris. He got his chance at the gold after his actions at The Morris Show. They both squared off and then played to the crowd and got equally good responses. I just couldn’t call it.
Now as I’m so used to seeing Mr Richards in his sound booth position and in street gear at training, I sometimes forget just how big and intimidating he looks in the ring. The man is still big and powerful despite the toll the wars have taken on him. Morris got to find this out first hand. However Morris kept up with the champ, showing the improvements he is always going through each and every week and why he was the breakout star of last year, especially now that he’s winning matches regularly.

Next was Dan Evans who came out and immediately attacked Mr Richards, reigniting the timeless rivalry these two have had for so long. Next was Tom Lindsay, getting his return shot and a chance at revenge that he talked oh so big about before. Picking his spots on whoever he could get his mitts on. Next was Will Starr who has mentioned getting a shot at Mr Richards, and that CPW title in an interview I conducted in Birmingham. Then came Isaac Quentin III, who went straight for Will Starr, as unfinished business is still there between these two, and it still hasn’t had a proper resolution, it still hasn’t even after this match.
Finally we have the field rounded out with Fifi, and here’s some of my favourite moments from the match as they were too numerous to mention.

Mr Richards sidestepping Morris, causing Morris to spear the ringpost.
Mr Richards being suplexed on the exposed floor by Dan Evans.
Will Starr and Isaac brawling on the outside.
Tom Lindsay giving Dominic DeWinter a low blow while flattened on the floor.
Fifi delivering a cross body block from the apron onto all 6 of his opponents.
Seth Skyline interfering and bringing in the chairs.
The light fixture being dislodged after an Irish whip into it.
Mr Richards taking out Seth Skyline then hitting the Rock Bottom on Dan Evans through 4 chairs to win the match.

Dan begged for my help after the match as there were broken chairs surrounding him and he couldn’t even tell me what day it was from the impact. I said no because he came after me at the Morris Show, so why should I bother? That’s what Seth is for, to bail you out. But seriously this match was an absolute barnstormer. I mustered up enough voice to announce Mr Richards as the winner. It was well deserved, he got a lot of challengers off his back and did it in brave and valiant style against friends and foes one alike. This was a fantastic show and shows that we can put on greatness even on a tight timescale. I thank everyone who attended.

However the end was not quite the end, as an announcement was made by Dominic DeWinter. He came into the ring after I tried to sign off the show, to save my voice as I was still coughing when trying to speak at any volume. He announced that I am part of the Superstars Fast Track programme. Which means that you shall see me, Frankie Summers in the ring, making my professional wrestling debut on November 10th at an undecided location. I’m not sure who my opponent will be however. There are a few candidates, as plenty of the bad guys don’t like me, some don’t like the fact that I’m not afraid of them, and not afraid to stand up to them. Sure I do aggravate the situation sometimes, but it’s just to show that I won’t be pushed around by anyone. I may be a humble journalist and ring announcer, but I’m training for a reason. Pride, and to prove that I can do it. In my short time in CPW, since March I have made leaps and bounds in 6 months, and this is just the beginning. I have lost around 2 stone, can do feats of athleticism I never thought possible, and I have made great friends on the way, and sparked a few rivalries. I can think of a couple of guys I’d like to get my hands on, but it’s whoever takes the challenge, which we will find out at Superstars very soon.

We will see you at the Henley Green Community Centre on the 29th September for the the CPW Live show Gain and Glory.

This is Frankie Summers signing off.

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