Summery greetings to you once again CPW Galaxy, and welcome to this bumper two-part blog extravaganza. We had Summerfest 4 and 5 in the space of 2 days. This was a very busy weekend for CPW and full of mystery and wonderment, especially for the boys and girls on the roster. That was mainly for Summerfest 5 which I will get to in the second part of this blog. Meanwhile, we had our first show at our spiritual home at the Henley Green Community Centre with a 6 match card. 3 matches per half which is less than normal, but sometimes quality over quantity that counts.
Before we start I must thank everyone for the compliments about my floral new shirt. It has been sitting in my wardrobe for months without a reason to pull it out, no better reason than a special occasion after all.

Halfway through my rendition of Sweet Caroline, the G6 invaded the set and proclaimed that they would rule supreme by winning back the CPW Championship from Niall Fairchild with their chosen warrior in Kieran Young. A man who has held CPW gold before, and has been on the cusp of greatness before but due to being marred by injuries and various other things, he has been held back, which is a shame as he is a great in-ring competitor who always turns in a good performance, here and all over the Midlands. Now he has sided with the G6 for reasons none of us can figure out.

We kicked off the show in a wonderful fashion as the Pride of Coventry himself Will Starr took on a relative newcomer to CPW, the Vicious Jordan Blaze. I’ve not talked much about Jordan but here was his big moment to prove himself, so I may as well elaborate. He has wrestled on the Warwickshire scene a few years ago, even wrestling CPW legend Danny O’Neil on his travels. Jordan is all about his size and power, throwing his opponents around and such. Up to this point, we still haven’t seen the full extent of what he can do, but there’s no better chance than to face the most decorated man in CPW and our current Lineal Heavyweight Champion.

This was another classic performance by Will who maintained control throughout most of the match with his beautifully executed technical offence that only he does so well. His counter arm drags and armbars and that beautiful leaping headlock takedown that he did in the middle of the ring this time, not out of the corner. Jordan seemed overwhelmed but pulled it back with a cheap shot and took Will down with some powerful strikes. One even clipping Will right in the jaw. This fired Will up more as he fought back and caught Jordan in the face with his spinning wheel kick, then a leaping uppercut from the second buckle. After planting Jordan down one more time, Will hopped up, went to the top rope, hit the Super Starr Elbow and got the win spectacularly, taking out a man who is proving quite dangerous. I’ve been on the business end of his boot before and can attest he is powerful. All of our current champs will need to watch out as he seems to be rogue and does what he wants.

Next, we had a tag team match as Dingo and Kevin Isaac along with Dominic Dewinter representing the hated G6 as they took on the front runners of the lunatic army themselves, Dr Gage and CPW New Blood Champion Leyton Simms, Team Madness. The G6 were unimpressed coming into this having to face who are essentially a small crazy clown and a big scary clown who is a doctor during the day. Gage tried to mentally work over Dingo through their time in the ring. They’d already got into his head with the Australian themed get up they had, like the corked fishing hat, the inflatable croc and the plush koala. Leyton was tagged in and worked on Dingo who got the cheap shot in and Kevin Isaac came in and started working on Leyton’s leg, taking it in turns with Dingo. After a lot of trying, Leyton hit the Enziguiri and struggled over to Gage who tore through both members of the G6 as they scattered. After the dust settled they tried to put Kevin away but Dingo blindsided Gage and hit the spear. Now Leyton was singled out, and Kevin locked on the leg submission and made Simms pass out. The G6 walked out victorious leaving the crowd devastated that the Lunatic Army couldn’t pull it off. They will have other chances down the line and a date with a big Serbian and his two long-haired friends that I’m stepping in to help with.

We closed off the first half with something a bit special in a 6 man tag team match as the team of Mr Ace, Sugar Jimmy Vice and the Iron Serb as they took on Morris and 2 mystery partners. The first mystery partner was a nice surprise for the fans as Fifi had been found by Russell Hardwood and coaxed into coming back to wrestle. Their next partner was the biggest surprise of all, apart from to their family who were in the front row. I went to do the announcement and Fifi stopped me and told our sound guy Skinner to play the music. When the beat dropped the whole long side of the arena erupted as it was none other than the Little Rascal himself, Charlie. I had to welcome him back, my style of course. Mr Ace started with Fifi who then, obviously feeling brave called out Charlie. Charlie got in there and showed up Mr Ace by dropping him with some very nice drop toe holds. Mr Ace got frustrated and tagged out to Iron Serb, and Charlie tagged out to Morris. The match carouselled around with a mix of advantage from all parties until Fifi got the tag to Morris who cleared the house and took Serb and Jimmy Vice out of the picture. This left Mr Ace in the ring, on his own. Morris hit a Stunner, Fifi hit the Fifi Factor and Charlie finished it up with a People’s Elbow to get the win for his team and a gigantic response from the crowd. That led onto the interval where we had fan access with the 3 winners of the last match and Lucia Lee came out to get photos.

Opening up the next contest was the Fatal 4 Way Match for the Nextgen Heavyweight Championship number one contendership. James Cross, Apollo Vela, Imperial Dragon and Tommbie. James Cross got his chance after Dominic Dewinter pulled some strings, Apollo got his chance for his recent run of success since he got in the door, Tommbie got his chance as his contracted rematch after losing the Nextgen title at History VI and Imperial Dragon was put in at the request of Katie Smith so he and Tommbie could sort this out once and for all. Apollo and Cross got in the ring as normal. Dragon hid next to the entrance curtain to ambush Tommbie who came out like a ball of fire. Dragon smashed him with his Kendo stick. The match started with brawling going on in the ring, but with diverted interest from Cross and Apollo as they couldn’t help watch the spectacle of Dragon and Tommbie pummeling each other with weapons and the environment. The action was thick and fast between these two pairings. It ended after Dragon put Tommbie through the barbed wire board and instead of covering him, in quite a disturbing way lurched over him, yelling over and over again “Thomas! We could have been one!” with similar phrases. In the confusion, Apollo took out James Cross and pinned him for the 3 to become Number One Contender. This shows how much of a serious contender this mysterious luchador is, and Fifi will have to be careful when they inevitably face off somewhere down the line.

Next, we had the women’s Number One contender’s challenge as Kat von Kaige took on Lucia Lee. If Kat won, she would get a number one contenders spot for a belt of her choosing in the women’s division, either against Lucia for her belt or Natalie Wild for hers. It opened up with Kat getting in the ring and doing her pose where she lies on the rope and holds herself with one side and points her arm and leg out in a burlesque fashion which got her a cold reception. Lucia accomplished a teenage dream by duplicating the pose to a big cheer from the crowd. Kat took exception to this and demanded I give her the microphone. Kat dared her to do it again, it got the same result, but Kat kicked Lucia in the lower back, possibly in the kidney area which caused Lucia to spill to the outside Kat yelled at Lucia, essentially calling her a less refined knock off of how she looked 3 years ago. Lucia told me afterwards that she felt it was a compliment and an insult in one, as she’s always looked up to Kat.

Lucy tried to go to the power game fast with fast and heavy strikes, like her fantastic dropkick, followed by a bulldog out of the corner. She got up a head of steam but Kat used her cheap tactics to cut her off, seemingly with an answer for everything. Maintaining full control Kat worked Lucia over, but still taking plenty of time in between hits. Savage chops and kicks were plentiful. Kat tried to finish Lucia with the running 3 hit combo she used to beat Mariah May but Lucia kicked out. Lucia fought back with more strikes, then a straddle DDT as she tried to will the crowd behind her to get her adrenaline back up. Kat got back up and launched Lucia with a back suplex which only scored a 2. The match ended after Lucia got Kat in the corner one more time and out of the view of Dale, Kat raked the eyes, fought out of the corner, smashed Lucia in the stomach and hit her with her Acid Drop style Bulldog. The energy just drained out of the room as our Golden Girl was left beaten by the Vintage Villainess. The shock and realisation hit the crowd as our homegrown heroine who had been tearing through anyone who stood in her way had met her match, perhaps her better at this point. Lucia left in tears of frustration, knowing that she may be at risk of losing her title when Kat challenges for it again. That will come later on in Season 7, so Lucia, I know you can do it, train hard, learn from the loss and get out there, and next time, break that Barbie!

Lastly, we had our main event as Niall Fairchild defended his CPW Heavyweight title against Kieran Young of the G6. Dominic brought out the whole lot of them to cordon the ring and make their big statement of how they plan to dominate CPW, starting with Niall. Niall came out to a big roar from the crowd, a common occurrence now as he has become such a beloved champion, even if this was only his first defence, and he had a mountainous task ahead of him, but we all knew he may just be up to it. I announced them in the ring as I did back at the main event of History VI with Rene Dupree and Will Starr.

The match opened up with the numbers game distracting Niall as Kieran leapt at him with that big dropkick, smashing Niall into the corner before we could barely exit the ring. He worked Niall over with strikes in the corner, taking the early advantage. Niall tanked the shots, waiting for an opening. What ensued was a classic between a wily and clever veteran and the big bruising champion. Kieran tried to break down body parts and wear Niall down with holds while the numbers game on the outside tried to intimidate Niall and put him off his game. He knew that he had to have eyes everywhere with this 6 to 1 advantage in Kieran’s favour. So long as he stayed in the ring or nothing out of the ordinary happened, he could be fine if he got an opening. Niall fought back with his strength and power, but after an altercation with the G6 on the outside, Dale was knocked down and taken out after a collision with Kieran. This was the green light for the G6 to start piling in and giving Niall one of their trademark beatdowns. Niall was outnumbered severely with Dominic screaming orders for them to punish him properly. After a split second bit of reaction time, Niall dodged a spear from Dingo, taking out 2 members of G6, taking George and Kevin out with swift strikes and clearing the ring. Kieran was left alone as Niall worked on him and called for the Natural Disaster, which is the new name for his finisher. He hooked Kieran from behind and went for it, but Kieran ducked and tried to take out Niall, but Niall countered and hooked him up again, hit the Natural Disaster and got the 3 before the G6 could jump in to break the pin. Niall Fairchild is still your CPW Heavyweight Champion. The G6 stormed the ring to cut the celebration short, but our heroes charged out to break it up and send the G6 packing. They celebrated in the ring with Niall who was still champion.

This was a colossal task that Niall proved he was up to. The G6 are getting more desperate each time they step out there and for every opportunity they are given, but I am relieved to say that we aren’t standing for their crap and CPW is fighting back, be it Team Madness, be it the lone wolves. So far we’ve managed to keep stopping them from advancing and any victory they do get seems to only be temporary. Kevin Isaac shoved me in a rage on his way out, so I shoved him back which wasn’t responded to well, in a literal clash of heads Kevin got in my face and put his finger in my chest and said “You’re next Summers!” before storming off. Niall still stands tall and lives to fight another day.
That was the end of the first half of an explosive Summerfest, with only more thrills to come the next day in Leicester. Keep an eye out for the review of Summerfest 5, we will see you at Nextgen very soon. For now, Frankie Summers is signing off.

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