FRANKIE SUMMERS BLOG #29.5 – The Birthday Show

The Birthday Show

Hello once again CPW fans, Frankie Summers reporting and welcome to a very special edition of the blog for a very special occasion. So after my next entry, the blog will be renamed the Summers Gazette in honour of the Season 7 T-Shirt made just for me. Enough about that, just a short edition of the blog this time to recall a very special show we did for a very special fan. A girl by the name of Renae for her 7th Birthday. She got a gathering of her friends and brought them along to watch us at CPW in our first ever birthday party episode of CPW Live. A handful of personally selected roster members were brought in for this four-match show. This will only be short but I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I opened up the show with something different, I addressed the kids in the audience and gave them an intro to our world of CPW, I introduced Dale and gave them a rundown of what we do at shows, like chanting, cheering and booing and such. Most of the children had never seen live wrestling before so this was an experience for everyone, including myself. I’m used to just running down a couple of matches and dancing to Sweet Caroline. After I gave the intro we got to our first match. We saw the returning Alex Conners who it turns out couldn’t get through customs and has been living at East Midlands Airport for the past 2 months. He faced off against Fifi who brought the birthday girl along for his entrance. Alex got the response that we’ve become used to, he made the mistake of saying “What I don’t want to hear is you chanting KFC!” The kids immediately went against this and started yelling KFC at him.

Alex must have been put to work while staying at the airport because he seems stronger than ever, throwing Fifi around with multiple backbreakers and lots of strikes. Fifi managed to fight back enough to hit him with the Fifi train twice, a Fifi Factor and a Final Destination but it still wasn’t enough to take down Alex. Alex tried to take Fifi out with a Pitchfork Driver but Fifi skipped over and slipped down before taking Alex down with a Falcon Arrow, then a Vader Splash for the pin for 3. Fifi picks up the win and Alex Conners left beaten and frustrated. The kids rushed for hi-fives with Fifi and this put a smile on all of our faces, it shows that we’ve done what we’re supposed and that’s to make memories happen.

After this we had our next match as the NBO Warrior Morris took on Number 1 contender for the CPW Heavyweight Championship, Jimmy Vice, I warned the fans about Jimmy as he may like to give out lollipops but he also likes to snatch them away. He used to be a decent guy but something changed. Morris is still the local legend just focused on getting through the relative newcomer to CPW. This match was a full-on scuffle. Lots of harsh words exchanged, of all the rich statements Jimmy tried to say that Morris’ tactics weren’t very nice. This was mainly a brawl but there was a moment that sticks out where Jimmy got Morris in a headlock and pointed him towards the crowd. Jimmy while very pleased with himself locked it on and asked Dale to ask Morris if he gave up. Morris slipped out without Jimmy noticing and Morris walked around to check his technique, asking Dale also to ask and see if a submission would happen. Jimmy had to take a moment to process what happened and Morris went back to work on him. After a cheap shot, Jimmy zipped out of the ring, leaping over the barrier and heading to the bouncy castle that was brought for the party before the show. Morris came too and asked the crowd to help find Jimmy. He jumped into the bouncy castle and continued the brawl, pulling him out and throwing him back in the ring. Back in the ring, Morris pulled out the Overdriver combo finishing with a Stunner which Jimmy kicked out of. Jimmy pulled it back hitting a Sugar Bomb, then a Slice and Vice but Morris kicked out. Shortly after Morris grabbed Jimmy’s bag of lollies and gave them to the children in the crowd. Jimmy hopped over to protest as they were his lollies. He then called for a scramble and threw the lollies into the clearing next to the seats. He then took the bag back to the ring and gave Dale the empty as they got back into the ring. While I was getting the bag Jimmy hit Morris with a low blow and got the 3. Dale was in shock and so was I, we asked the children and they told us what happened. We couldn’t figure out how, after all, that had happened Jimmy could get the win out of nowhere like that. Either way, this gives him momentum for when he faces Niall Fairchild for the championship next month.

Next, we had a 6 man match as the team of Bashby, Eli Conners and Dr Gage along with still sidelined Leyton Simms took on Mr Ace, Kevin Isaac and Dingo, representing the G6. Mr Ace came along because he thought he might find a lonely single mother in the crowd in need of some company, and the G6 reluctantly let him join. Kevin Isaac was crankier than normal in this case. Ace opened up the match with Bashby whom he challenged to a test of strength. Bashby being brave accepted and lost 2 grapples, being shoved on his behind. Then Mr Ace challenged Bashby to lock him in a full nelson. Bashby, with the coaxing of the fans, took it. Ace turned his back to Bashby, who told the crowd to stay quiet while he tagged out to Dr Gage who locked in the full nelson himself. It then went to carousel with Team Madness beating on Ace, then on Dingo, before former CPW Champ, Kevin Isaac stepped in and took firm control on Bashby. After being thrown around by all 3 guys, Bashby hit Kevin with an Enziguiri head kick and leapt over to Eli who flattened all 3 of the G6. Gage joined in with the fun and cleared Dingo and Kevin out. This left Ace at their mercy. After a Superkick by Bashby, a Chokeslam by Gage and a splash by Eli, the match was over and Team Madness had won. Kevin was enraged and Dingo stormed out too. Ace tried to protest but it was no good. Madness celebrated in the ring and that was another chapter done.

Lastly, our main event in the rematch from CPW Underground as Will Starr took on George. We didn’t have a referee so we got in a special guest and that was Lucia Lee, the girl who in her own words (sort of) is the heroine to every weirdo, misfit and outcast out there. A motivation I commend as I basically just fight bullies. George came out in seeming apathy, almost like he didn’t notice the crowd. He just hopped on the apron, leapt over the top rope and stood next to me, eyeing the curtain. He asked where the ref was, I told him he’d have to wait. Will came out to a great ovation, giving hi-fives and jumping in the ring. He gave me the Lineal Championship which I put on the table beside me after leaving the ring, next to Lucia’s that she brought with her. George asked if the belt was on the line, which, no, it wasn’t.

This was mainly mat grappling for the most part with holds and counters. Technical wrestling as it’s called. Lots of takedowns, holds and athletic counters that show the training and dedication both of these young men have, and to show how worthy of the championships they’ve held they are. The match was fast-paced with George trying to get away on numerous occasions. Every single time, Will cut him off and hit him with a few chops which the kids just loved. The action picked up when George mounted a comeback and cut Will off before hooking him up, looking Lucia straight in the eyes and hitting Will with her move, the Straddle DDT. Lucia was enraged by this, you could tell as she counted. Will kicked out, got the advantage again, hit a snapmare before busting out another of Lucia’s moves, the Rolling Neck Snap. After a 2, Will pointed to the top and called for the finish. George fired back and got in the Ripcord Codebreaker, but too close to the ropes as Will got his foot on the rope. After another back and forth, Will hit the suplex, positioned George and went to the top, hit the Super Starr Elbow and got the pin.

Will was victorious, but the G6 came out along with Alex Conners and Jimmy Vice who dog piled Will, but Team Madness, Morris and Fifi tore out of the curtain to save him. The bad guys ran off with their tails between their legs. All of the good guys celebrated in the ring together, and joining us, came Mr Richards who congratulated Will and asked for the microphone. He asked for the bad guys to come back and for all of the children to come into the ring to celebrate and sing happy birthday to Renae in a heartwarming wrap-up. Finishing up by more chanting of KFC at Alex Conners. This was a great way to end a show that we did straight from the heart. It was a different experience for all of us and a great new kind of show I hope we will get to do again, remember, if you are interested in booking CPW for your birthday party, for children of all ages that is, contact the CPW Facebook page to arrange it. Our next show is big, it’s live, it’s worldwide, it’s CPW VS THE WORLD! We will see you there on September 28th. Once again, Happy Birthday Renae, we all hope we made your birthday fantastic. Thank you for all the lovely sweeties we had after the show. For now, this is

Frankie Summers signing off.

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