So it happened once again, in a new venue with a new range of aspiring wrestling trainees as we descended upon the Hagard Community Centre in Willenhall, on March 9th, CPW Superstars happened once again. We had a few of the originals along for the ride. James Cross, Lucia Lee, Dr Gage, Tango, Harry Taylor and of course myself. But we had a group of new wrestlers along this time, as the programme is meant to create and they are as follows. I will break down the matches in part 2.

First we have Ryan Lance-

A tall and buff lad with a stoic attitude. Nothing seems to faze him and he doesn’t care whether the fans cheer him or not. His way is to go out there and lay a beat down on his opponent. He has previous experience as a kick boxer, so he is good at striking, but he’s also good at the technical stuff too. He’s made leaps and bounds and certainly impressed CPW management which is why he got his match with Leyton Simms. Also, it was for the Hakimpur New Blood championship. That is one mammoth task for anyone to live up to in their very first match.

Next is Dirty Wallz-

A rapper and hip hop artist who has come to CPW to live out his dream of becoming a pro wrestler. He’s won competitions for his ability to spit bars and ‘mad rhymes’ and is hoping to continue that success here. He has a large build and uses a power style with slams and big running strikes. His opponent was Dan Evans, a CPW mainstay who has been here since the start. He’s from Liverpool, has 10 years of experience, he apparently took your car stereo. A tough task for anyone to face.

Next we have Mr Ace-

Another built and put together young man who is into fast cars, designer clothes and pleasing the ladies. He’s very happy with how he looks and he wants to make sure you know this. He blows kisses to those he deems worthy of them. Yes he’s arrogant but he does back it up in the ring with a ground based power style, playing to his strengths. His opponent for the night was Fifi. We all know and love Fifi, our resident Queen of the Jungle. Known for taking on all comers and having a surprisingly brutal style for someone who looks as they do. Showing looks can be deceiving as always.

Fourth we have Dan Gibson-

A stockier built guy also with previous fight experience who wrestles an all round style with a few aerial and power moves thrown in. Little is known about him, but he seems to be in this for the right reasons, he shows no malice towards anyone and his opponent Morris who is known as a power/ brawler style user, asked specifically to face him in the ring and Dan was more than happy to take the challenge.

Next we have Oddball Eightball-

He’s had some previous experience in wrestling, on/off, but had never had a match until now. What sets him apart is his crazy patterned tights and his 6ft 7 stature, as well as his wild curly hair. He has more of a comedy style, but that doesn’t mean he should be underestimated. He’s fast, flexible and strong and will use this against all comers to overcome any challenger. He was pitted against the Messiah of the Trailer Parks, Alex Conners, who we know for a mix of power and roughnecking. This would be a tough task for anyone.

Next we have Paul Tucker-

You know him as a CPW superfan and Danny O’Neil’s best friend. He’s also become a member of the Wolf Pack lately so he is very engrossed with CPW inside and out. He signed up last year but couldn’t do the show last time due to injury. Now he’s come back and he’s formed an alliance with Sir Isaac Quentin III and Victoria Adams to take on the team of Tommbie, Natalie Wild and Tango. He uses his large frame as his weapon with a power striking style.

We also have Ryan Evo-

Another slender built and tall Martial Arts specialist who focuses on striking, but he has more of a defensive style due to his frame. He was quiet and subdued throughout the training and seemed quite mysterious, but he did everything that was asked of him and showed a lot of potential. His opponent was Dan Evans, and you’re not reading that wrong. Dan pulled double duty at this show and had to wrestle two separate opponents. You’ll see why later as I explain what happened.

Last but not least we have Anton and Charlie-

A team of 10 year old lads we refer to as The Little Rascals. They certainly do live up to that name. Anton has trained with us before a bit, and he seemed a bit of a natural. Movement and ring presence he has in excess. All of the drills we did he did with ease at the time and up to today. He’s braver than most trainees too as he decided to make his finisher a high flying move. Then there’s Charlie who started with the programme at Superstars 2. Despite his age and being smaller than the other entrants to the Superstars, he’s gelled in so well and become a part of our CPW family with ease. Both of the Rascals have.

He met the CPW stars who went to the hospital as he was receiving treatment at the time, he met Will Starr and Mr Richards and was told about the programme. When he was better his mum Abi signed him up for Superstars 2, and in 8 weeks, he’s made leaps and bounds. I’ll get onto their opponent later.

Well that’s the new entrants sorted. Now let’s rundown the previous entrants who have come back again. You know their styles from last time, but let’s see what has happened since. First some omissions.

Rob Conflict, John Eastwood and Khash Knight were not able to take part in the Superstars programme this time due to other commitments. Hopefully we will see them again soon.

First, as he needs to be mentioned first, we have James Cross-

He’s been the busiest out of all of the Season 1 entrants as he was awarded his CPW Main Roster contract after his fantastic effort against Will Starr at the Season 1 show. He has been in matches with Leyton Simms, a 6 man tag, he entered first in Elimination this year and lasted 10 minutes, and as a result of what happened at Elimination, he has ignited a blood feud with Fifi, we look forward to that match. His opponent is Dr Gage for a number one contender shot at the Hakimpur New Blood Championship.

Next we have Dr Gage-

He revealed that he had a PhD in Psychology, after his match with Fifi at the Season 1 Show. He’s not really the psycho madman in the pig mask that people took a shine to at the show. His big and intimidating presence made a nice change of pace to most of the guys we are used to seeing in CPW. He was then brought in as our CPW physician and as you know has been making great progress with Leyton Simms and his treatment. As stated before, his opponent is James Cross for that Number one contender shot at the Hakimpur New Blood Championship.

Next is the stand out from CPW Superstars and the only female on the programme. Miss Lucia Lee-

She has made an impact in her short time here. I’ve never seen a person improve so fast and develop such a pronounced move set in such a short time. She always adds more weapons to her armoury and is never without something to take out an opponent with. She has the dubious accolade of winning the first ever Superstars Battle Royale by eliminating Fifi, Tom Lindsay and Will Starr by herself, and being the only person to beat Victoria Adams in singles competition in CPW to this point. All very impressive, and she’s a big hit with the fans too. She’s one to keep an eye on. I’ve trained with her before and can tell you first hand, her strikes hurt, a lot in fact. Her opponent was the first ever CPW Women’s champion, Nadia Sapphire. This will only by Lucia’s second match, but she has already impressed us all greatly. Let’s hope she keeps this pace up.

Then we have Harry Taylor-

He won his debut against Morris of all people. With how Morris has been on a tear in CPW lately, with wins over Tom Lindsay, Dan Evans, Imperial Dragon and a host of others. This puts Harry in a really good position for later on. However he has a different task ahead facing the last ever CPW Academy Champion, none other than George. Morris was cheated out of a win over Harry, but George knows what to look out for. Let’s see how this one develops.

Of course who can forget the fan favourite that is the man formerly known as Kilbane Michaels-

His fan response to his bright orange gear on the night, the fans started chanting for Tango. As a result, and because of the positive reception, the name has just stuck, so from now on, he shall be known as Tango. He was teaming up with Natalie Wild and Tommbie who were set to take on Sir Isaac Quentin III, Tucker and reigning CPW Women’s champion, Victoria Adams.

Now we have one person left and you know his name, it’s I, Frankie Summers-

You know what I’ve been up to. I was in Elimination facing off with James Cross to open it up, was in it 5 minutes and got eliminated by Isaac Quentin. I wrestled Shaun Ruben and came out victorious at the Xmas Bash on a DQ. Of course I wrestled with Tom Lindsay at the first Superstars show and lost after he rolled me up and grabbed my tights. Since then I feel I have improved a lot. I’m a lot more confident out there and have my go to moves, as well as some unseen ones that should be an unpleasant surprise to anyone who faces them. My opponent was Bashby who was a replacement after my scheduled opponent became unavailable. He’s been giving me enough stick as it is so it was only right to face him.

So that about wraps up my rundown for CPW Superstars, be sure to keep an eye out for the show breakdown and my rundown of Nextgen’s Ready or Not. For now,

Frankie Summers is signing off.

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