So we got to the day of the show. In a final run down we all practiced our moves to make sure they were the cleanest they could be to cause the most impact, we headed to the back and all waited in anticipation for our matches. The Hagard was filled to capacity with about 180 people in attendance.

Dominic Dewinter was the master of ceremonies for the show and he gave us the rundown of how things are if you’re new to CPW and a lot of the people in the crowd were. He also gave the people what we do at every show, and that is of course sing and dance along to Sweet Caroline. Usually it’s me who leads it along with Caitlyn James or whoever else I have along with me, but this time Dominic lead the charge and the crowd were into it. The crowd were hot for the action most of the night and it was really good that they were as some had never been to a live wrestling show before.

Now I didn’t see the majority of these matches and two I didn’t see at all because I was in place to go out to the ring after it was done. I’ll just give quick rundowns as to how the matches were in general, and any moments that stood out. The matches will be up on the CPW On Demand service via our Patreon account.

This wasn’t the unknown territory it was before when we first did Superstars last year. We knew what we were letting ourselves in for, and to show off exactly what CPW is all about, we opened up with a special attraction champion vs champion match as CPW Unified Champion Will Starr took on the Godiva Champion, the Imperial Dragon.

Both of these men have been flying high lately, and both have contrasting styles, with Will being the classic mat grappling British wrestler who adopts an all-rounder style that includes strikes, speed, high flying, technical work and even some power. Never roughnecking however as it goes against his morals. Imperial Dragon is the opposite when it comes to that however, he loves to roughneck and brutalise his opponents. He however also has an all-rounder style likes big strikes and use of power. He can mat grapple and fly as well. He doesn’t use speed because he doesn’t really need to. He goes for a slow and deliberate style to maximise pain and intensity.

This was a very close match between Will and Dragon, way closer than you might suspect, but you need to remember that Dragon has so much experience and has been wrestling since before some of the people on our roster were even born. This is what happens when you’re a human form incarnate of an ageless mythical creature. Both men gave the other everything they had, and Will ended up getting the roll up for the win. This was a very stern test for Will, but since winning the unified title, every single match has been. He has a huge target on him and everyone wants a piece. His next challenger is Jay J Roberts. Let’s see how that one goes.

We opened up the show proper with the first of our Superstars Matches as the rule breaker himself Harry Taylor took on former CPW Champion George. Harry did very well to beat Morris in his first match, at Superstars 1, but George is not known for losing. He’s overcome nearly every challenge and it even landed him the Nextgen title last year. Harry wore the same gear as last time, but had a t shirt made for his entrance gear and it had his face on it, and a slogan that said ‘It ain’t cheating if the ref don’t see it’

It was another back and forth match, but Harry had to resort to underhanded tactics to get anywhere with George, as it seems that he was ready for him. A standout moment was where Harry blatantly distracted the referee by telling him to look behind him, which instantly had the crowd turn on the ref. He didn’t know what Harry was like in the ring. These referees, Sean and Chris were brought in especially for Superstars. They’ve not worked with us before so naturally didn’t know the Superstars competitors. It wasn’t his fault, but I feel that trick won’t work for Harry again. It didn’t matter about the trickery however as George managed to pull out the Backstabber, appropriately enough and pin Harry for the 3 and get the win, much to the enjoyment of the fans.

Harry has been working hard since the last show on trying to improve his moves but it wasn’t enough to get by George. He has two choices. If he’s going for a base of dirty tactics he needs to compile a strategy and figure out new things to do (which I do not advocate for), or he can get some more speed based moves to frustrate his opponent and get the upper hand on them. As someone who may potentially have to get in the ring with Harry one day and face these tactics, it does concern me what he may come up with next.

Next was 6 person action as Team Tango, consisting of Tango, Natalie Wild and Tommbie as they took on Team Tucker, consisting of Tucker, Victoria Adams and Isaac Quentin III. I didn’t see much of this match, only heard it, for reasons that will be apparent later.

It surprises me that Tucker has gone bad considering all he’s been through, but siding with former Nextgen champion Sir Isaac and current Women’s champion Victoria Adams seems like a winning combo. Tango however had current Nextgen champion Tommbie and the Queen of CPW, Natalie Wild. This was very even. Team Tucker had their great record, but Team Tango had contingency. All 3 of them had orange outfits. Well 2 of them did, Tommbie had orange tights and that’s probably the most colourful I’ve ever seen him. The response that Tango got when he went out there was unreal. They were singing along to his entrance theme, which is Gold by Spandau Ballet. As a unit they’re collectively 3 of the most popular stars in CPW right now, against 2 of the most despised, and Tucker who gets hate by association.

Team Tango came out victorious much to the pleasure of the crowd. They about blew the roof off the Hagard when they won. They celebrated in the ring to that memorable song and basked in victory. Tango has made leaps and bounds in the last few months. His confidence has gone way up and his moves have become crisper and more pronounced. He may be a force to be reckoned with now, we may just have to watch out, or end up facing Tango Time.

Match 4 is one that I can recall pretty well as it was I, Frankie Summers, against the Superkick King, Bashby. This match came about due to the hassle that Bashby has been giving me since I started ring announcing. As you’ll know last time I had the green trimmed neon tights that didn’t fit properly and didn’t look or feel right, so I replaced them with some slick black ones first seen at the Xmas Bash, then later at Elimination, but I’m looking into getting something completely new very soon.

In short this match was yet another beatdown. It wasn’t balanced like myself and Tom Lindsay. It went wrong for me early on as I decided to play the theatrics, which I shouldn’t have done, As I was ill and forgot how volatile Bashby is when angered. He’s very easy to anger these days and I paid for it. I took kicks and knees left, right and centre. I fought back early but gave him too much of a gap to fight back, after a burst of corner moves. He took control fast, but still, I managed to fire back and tried to level him a couple of times but he was too fast. I managed to weather the storm and fight through it and in the end hooked him from behind and I yelled BURNING QUESTION and hit a jumping reverse DDT.

Bashby was out and I got the pinfall win, my first ever in CPW. I was over the moon as evidenced by my over the top celebration. I was gassed and weary, as well as beat to hell. Even Dominic Dewinter got in on it and raised my hand in the centre of the ring. To not be 100% 2 matches in a row and still come out the winner has really helped give myself a boost out there. The roar of the crowd always keeps me with it. Thank you once again CPW Galaxy for supporting me, there’s more to come soon, I hope.

Next was the leader of the NBO warriors, Morris, taking on Dan Gibson. Dan has a power/striking style but can do the technical stuff. Morris as we all know has a similar style focusing mainly on power.

Morris was uncharacteristic in the match oddly. He just seemed to turn on Dan, even after a friendly Display of sportsmanship to open up. Usually he’s all for honour, but it was thrown out quite fast. Morris went to roughnecking moves quite fast, but Dan managed to hold with it just long enough to get the upper hand, take advantage of a space given to him by Morris. He hit the cutter from nowhere and managed to get the 3 count. Dan Gibson won it.

Good performance from Dan. I don’t know if he pushed himself too hard or Morris was too fast for him but like myself he was feeling wear not long into the match. Either way he did so well to get the win over the leader of the NBO Warriors. That’s 2 Superstars competitors who have beaten Morris now.

The Semi main event to wrap up the first half was Oddball Eightball, a mysterious and strange individual taking on the Messiah of the Trailer Park, Alex Conners. Alex saw Eightball and immediately thought he was a joke and wasn’t taking the sport seriously. It turns out however he does take it seriously, but goes about it in a unique and unorthodox way and it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone doing something different with a comedy style that is still very effective in ring.

Eightball showed his speed and endurance and that he’s not one to be laughed at. He managed to frustrate Alex who just couldn’t get a grip on him. It’s like he has non stick coating or something. Alex has been Nextgen champion in the past and to essentially by humiliated like this was a surprise and a shock.

Eightball managed to get the win in very impressive fashion and celebrated in an over the top fashion with the ref and got a great response from the crowd. He was so enjoyable to watch, let’s hope he stays with CPW.

Next was the interval that didn’t last long, there was no fan access this time, but there was enough time for people to get refreshments. We opened up the second half with an exhibition match in more ways than one as Prince of Camp, Fifi, as he took on the arrogant Mr Ace. This came about as Fifi specifically asked to face Mr Ace after seeing his attitude during training, with his cocky demeanour, he thought it may be good to teach Mr Ace a lesson.

Ace himself came out and gave us his bravado, with his jacket undone to show off his buff physique, strutting and blowing kisses to the women in the audience. He got a lot of cold stares however as the crowd weren’t having any of it. He didn’t let this rock him however, and especially not so as Fifi came out to a big pop from the crowd. It didn’t open up in typical fashion however. The two men faced off in a pose down, where Fifi won the hearts of the fans easily, even if Mr Ace’s technique is far better. But this is CPW. We cheer our heroes.

This match was surprisingly close as Mr Ace showed he’s not all mouth and posing. He held off Fifi for a good portion of the match. It ended after Fifi hit the Fifi Factor for the 3 count to get the win. There was an attempt at a show of sportsmanship after the match as Fifi helped Mr Ace up and offered a handshake. He accepted, but he then hit a Low Blow kick on Fifi and hit his own finish, the Twist of Ace, and left to the anger of the crowd.

Mr Ace has impressed me certainly, in the short times he’s been with CPW he has proven that he has some great ability in the ring, It wasn’t enough to get by Fifi however. I think if he focuses more on his opponent, he could be a very dangerous part of the CPW roster. He has the power, strength, speed and endurance which is a very good combination to have. I’m sure he will be back soon.

Next it opened in unusual fashion as Bashby came down to the ring to address the match that he had with me. He stated that he could not answer the Burning Question, which pleased me. However, he said he wasn’t done yet and wanted to face the two biggest and baddest Superstars trainees to prove just how good he really is.

He got his wish as we got this call answered by none other than Mr Richards. Now as much as some would have loved to see Mr Richards take Bashby’s head off at this point, he answered so he could bring out Bashby’s next opponents, and this lead to the welcome happening, of the debut, of The Little Rascals. Anton and Charlie.

The crowd went crazy for them, and rightly so, these two young lads have put in so much graft and made leaps and bounds in their time in CPW. There’s been spills, tears and struggles along the way, from being two kids in an environment full of competitors much bigger than they are. They’ve both pulled through and here they were to take on the disgruntled Superkick King.

Immediately Bashby decided to try and intimidate them both and take them both out fast, but it didn’t work as both Rascals dodged Bashby’s attack and hit him with a double clothesline. It was similar to my match with Bashby, in that as soon as they got a head up of steam, Bashby would cut them off. It all turned around when a beaten up Charlie, called out to Bashby to get his attention. Bashby sensing he’d got an easy weakened target let his guard down and asked him told Charlie to come at him. He’d stepped back and Anton leapt on his back and grabbed Bashby by his pineapple hair-do. Bashby fought him off, but this gave Charlie time to recover. He put Anton back onto the Turnbuckle and tried to punch him. Anton blocked and hit back which sent Bashby staggering back. He didn’t know that Charlie was right behind him, and he fell backwards over him. Then Charlie moved Bashby into position and Anton hit the Splash from the top rope. They got the double pin, Bashby was down for 3.

The roof about blew off the Hagard at this decision. They’d overcome the Superkick King, after all he did and all of the trickery he tried to pull off. These two kids, despite being outmatched, outsized and with way less experience, used grit and team work to get by… well let’s not mince words here, Essentially a bully. It shows that dreams do come true and we are all about that in CPW. We gave them the chance, they took it and have been elevated to stardom in just one night. As a personal note to their families. We’re as proud of Anton and Charlie as I’m sure you are. They were a pleasure to work and train with and always stuck with it regardless, and it all paid off with this fantastic win to their names. Of course this wasn’t the end. There’s still more to come.

Next was Ryan Evo vs Dan Evans. I didn’t get to see much of the match but from what I know it was just brutal. There was a lot of hard strikes and a lot of grimaces from the crowd and Evo valiantly fought to try and take on the cagey veteran Dan Evans. Personally I don’t know how wise it was for Evo to try and take Dan on at this point, especially alone.

Despite a brave battle, Evo was defeated by Dan. Dan was wanting to engage in what Gorilla Monsoon would have called Extra Curricular activity, but what we call a post-match beat down, however this was interrupted by the man we call Dirty Wallz. He came out and lay down some Slam Poetry about Dan. Before giving the Mic Drop and jumping Into the ring. Dan wasn’t at 100% as he had been worn down a lot by the martial arts expert, Evo.

It was short but it still wasn’t an easy task as Dan is dangerous even in the worst of situations. Wayne kept with it though and managed to go power for power with Dan and in the end hooked him for a Front Powerslam and dropped him for the 3 count. Wayne Wallz with a monumental quick win over the Demolition Man.

Next was the match for the richest prize for the CPW New Blood division, including the Superstars. It was newcomer Ryan Lance against Leyton Simms. Ryan as documented is the martial arts expert and prides his kicks. He doesn’t care what you think, he will just beat you up with a stoic look on his face. He was facing the former Hooligan Leyton Simms.

He may be more chilled with his flowers now but he can still rumble with the best of them. This match was far closer than anyone could have expected. Ryan gave Leyton a pasting throughout the match. It was a knock down drag out match heavy on strikes and mat grappling. Leyton was hit with a Black Mass kick twice which would have knocked out any normal man, but not with Leyton. He managed to fight back and knock down Ryan just long enough to get to the top and drop the flying headbutt and win the match and retain the New Blood Belt.

This was a very stern test and showed that with enough dedication, even on the superstars program you can get a shot at glory. James Cross did it last year at Superstars one, in a very close contest with Will Starr. You may not like him but Ryan Lance put on a fantastic match with Leyton and put up a great fight. Simms fans everywhere had their hearts in their throats in the fear that he may lose that title to a newcomer, thankfully he didn’t.

Next was the much anticipated women’s match as Lucia Lee who shocked the CPW Galaxy by beating Victoria Adams on her first time out. Her moveset has only increased and gotten better as time has gone one. She’s beaten one women’s champ, could she do it again in the form of Nadia Sapphire? Nadia gleefully accepted the match with Lucia, because she will take any excuse to be in front of an audience and be beating someone up.

Nadia was the first ever CPW women’s champion and has a lot of experience behind her, and wasn’t going to let a newcomer show her up. Again this was a shockingly close match with Lucia showing off her athleticism and some very unique moves added to her list since last time, including her straddle reverse DDT which is a marvel to look at every time, I feel my hamstrings seize up just by seeing the move, let alone thinking of doing it. Lucia had the match it seemed on a couple of occasions, but only got a long 2 count, including after a surpirse roll up when Nadia was aruging with referee Sean. Nadia fought back however and managed to get the 3 over Lucia, ending her winning streak. It was a sad moment, but we’re all proud of the effort she’s put in, especially against one of the most experienced female wrestlers in the country. It was a mismatch on paper, but in reality. Not really. We look forward to future performances from Miss Lucia Lee.

Next was the main event as James Cross took on Dr Gage for the number one contendership for the CPW Hakimpur New Blood Championship. These two have had their problems. They came to a head at Elimination and have had issues since it was revealed that Gage was actually a physician. Cross’ attitude has deteriorated over the past few months. He’s become volatile and aggressive. Of course he always had that since his first match against Will Starr, where the first thing he did was attack Will from behind outside the ring. Gage on the other hand has made his way into the hearts of the CPW Galaxy. Since helping Leyton Simms and forming this bizarre pairing, they’ve really got behind him. First he was the big scary monster, but now, he’s the big and still pretty intimidating physician. He’s one Doctor’s orders you do not go against. This still doesn’t take away from his physical presence. I found this out first hand at Elimination.

It started with James and Gage squaring off, James getting quite verbal with the good Doctor. I went for a couple of shoulder tackle attempts but Gage would not budge. On the third, James was sent flying. This only angered him more. James showed that he does have a great deal of strength in this match as he hit a Crucifix drop, a fallaway slam and a German suplex. But Gage just absorbed these attacks and hit his own slam, a spinebuster and even a Choke Slam.

The match ended when James went for a double axe from the buckle but Gage caught him and went for another Choke Slam but James countered and locked in the Crossface. Gage tried to fight it off but it was no good, he had to surrender. James Cross is your new Number One contender for the New Blood championship. However it wasn’t over as James left the prone and aching Gage in the ring while he went outside and got a table. He set it up in the corner, powered Gage up and set to whip him into it. Gage reversed it and James went barrelling into the table and knocked himself out on the turnbuckle.

They commiserated Gage on his loss but congratulated him on his effort. This was seemingly the end of the show. Or was it? Just like last time we had our Superstars battle royale, but instead of us and the trainers. It was pretty much everyone on the whole show in there, and we all proceeded to pummel eachother’s lights out, friend or foe. We all got thrown out quickly. Until only Bashby remained. Pleased with himself, he celebrated, but there was something he hadn’t counted on. The Little Rascals had entered into the battle royale too. They once again got the better of Bashby and both Rascals were given the co-win. Because turning them on eachother in a barbaric display of betrayal wouldn’t have been right.

So everyone left happy and once again Superstars was another absolute smash hit. This show was another really good experience for all those involved and I wish to thank the family and friends of those who took part for coming along to cheer and jeer us all on. You were fantastic. We hope to see you again at our regular shows, so you can get a taste of some true blue CPW action.

Once again this is Frankie Summers signing off.

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