HISTORY 7 is here!!!!

It was a dream we thought wouldn’t come true but as usual we have overcome the odds and the Season 7 Finale History 7 is now upon us!!


Join us for our biggest show off the year as we bring you History 7 two and half hours of the best family wrestling entertainment in the UK.

Witness the HUGE main event as the CPW Lineal Heavyweight Champion Will Starr goes one on one with Lucifer’s favourite son Cleo and how about the I Quit Match between Lucia Lee and Chantal Jordan!? Two will enter and only one will remain as a CPW star.

Morris will rekindle an old rivalry as he puts up his NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship on the line against Scott Oberman!

There is much more too so we URGE you to book your tickets today at the CPW BOX OFFICE and join us in this once a year wrestling extravaganza and with seating limited what are you waiting for!?


This show has strict Covid secure procedures in place and you can see them all at the CPW BOX OFFICE

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