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HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE PART TWO Next was the 4 on 2 handicap match between The Hillbillies and Danny O’Neil and the man called Shiro. Standard stuff, Hillbillies come out, Alex Conners gets in everyone’s faces including mine. I should stay professional and perhaps I did respond a little strongly to what he said, but


HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE PART ONE Saturday 7th July, The Highway Club in Tile Hill, Coventry. The biggest day on our calendar and holy hell what a happening this was. This is non uniform here, but before the show, both the good and bad guys of the roster decided to set aside our differences in

Frankie Summers CPW Blog #3 The Build Up To History

    The Build Up To History 5 Hi guys, it’s Frankie Summers here. I’m here to share my thoughts on the 7 announced matches for this prestigious event that is History 5. Now this year has been a very eventful one, with debuts and departures, drama, mishaps, laughter, thrills, tears and the CPW brand

Mr Richards Is READY as the CPW Heavyweight Championship title challenger at H5 has been given the “Okay” for the blockbuster match vs champion Tom Lindsay at History 5 on the 7th July. Behind the scenes the worry that Mr Richards would not be medically cleared but despite the sledgehammer assault by Tom Lindsay at

Jake Casanova out of History 5

        One of the most decorated CPW superstars is out of HISTORY 5. Jake Casanova was injured during his match at NextGen Wrestling earlier this match and after consulting his doctor Jake has now been ruled out of the biggest showcase in CPW history this July. Jake told CPW reporter Katie Smith