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The Build Up To History 5

Hi guys, it’s Frankie Summers here. I’m here to share my thoughts on the 7 announced matches for this prestigious event that is History 5. Now this year has been a very eventful one, with debuts and departures, drama, mishaps, laughter, thrills, tears and the CPW brand taking a giant step into the spotlight and getting ourselves out there. Season 6 is going to the dawn of a brand new age in CPW as we blast off into the stratosphere and make our presence felt. Enough hyping the brand, let’s get onto the matches!

Starting with a surprise match that even I wasn’t expecting as former CPW champion Kieran Young teams up with Morris and Academy Champion George as they take on Shaun Ruben and the Bashby Brothers. This is one I’m looking forward to as I’m a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to CPW and I’m not familiar with Mr Young’s work. The others however I certainly am. I love how this is a very even match on paper. The skill and experience of Shaun and Kieran. The small stature and speed of George and Bashby and the raw brawling power of Morris and Bob. This match will be a very interesting contest if it stays with the equal guys facing off. Bob will of course be gunning for George, as Bob is number 1 contender for that Academy championship, and with this new attitude he’s gained lately, he’s put his hecklers out of his mind and has become far more aggressive as was evidenced against Eli Conners. He’s becoming very dangerous and now has a prize to aim for against a target he doesn’t have to give a second thought about. Bob may just be the difference maker in this match, and in a team where you have Shaun Ruben, who has only been beaten once in CPW and Bashby who has held that Academy title longer than anyone else. You’ve got yourself an explosive combination that Kieran, George and Morris have to be careful about.

Next,onto the Women’s match that was meant to happen at Road to History, but didn’t. Former women’s champ Athena Furie taking on the 21st Century Suplex Machine Millie McKenzie. Athena is renowned for her ability all over the Midlands at this point, she dethroned Natalie Wild in a straight one on one contest and beat her for that championship, even if her run with it was short lived. She’s beloved by the fans and a force that’s hard to stop when she gets going. However, her opponent is Millie McKenzie, who just turned 18 this month (Happy belated Birthday for then Millie) and despite her age is becoming a dominant force in her own right, with 2 years experience behind her now, a Defiant Women’s Championship win, with 3 straight wins over Kay Lee Ray of all people, along with now being a tag team champion elsewhere with another CPW legend, and her mentor, Pete Dunne, Athena has her work cut out for her. Athena is wily and unpredictable and will come at you all guns blazing, but despite Millie’s slender frame, she is strong like you wouldn’t believe, even managing to hit her well known German suplexes on male and female competitors alike. I weigh around 210lbs and I’ve seen her launch guys bigger than me with it. This is going to be an explosive match. This alone will be worth admission price and that’s just the beginning.

Next is the US vs UK showdown. What I believe will be the final battle in this long war between these two competitors. The Hillbilly Badboy, Alex Conners against Golden Ticket holder Danny O’Neil. This war has been going on since before I even joined CPW. It’s been an endless pendulum of traded victories, controversy, rip offs, cheating, brutality and beatdowns. Danny is a hero to many in the CPW audience, me included. I take great joy in seeing Danny beat Alex in the ring as he has done a fair few times in the last few months and with everything that has happened, this is a feud to rival Lindsay and CPW management. Of course now these guys are wrapped up in that too.

However, we have a newsflash. There’s been a change to the programme. It’s not just Danny and Alex going at it to settle the score now, it’s a family affair. All of the Conners brood want in on it. Scarecrow is stepping in there which his keeper, Summer and even Eli has come around at the word of his leader to help in this monumental match. However, in this Handicap match our boy Danny O’Neil is not alone, he has the help of the man only known as Shiro. The Karate expert and the master of the flying fists and feet, with intensity and speed to boot. I can see the Conners family not taking him all that seriously but that will be their downfall. But the way Alex’s mind is right now, he’s extremely dangerous.

He’s taking more chances out there, he’s winning more matches against some very high profile opponents, by hook or by crook. He’s gotten into the heads of the audience, but they seem to be getting to him way less. He’s out there to crush and beat up his opponents and it’s very rare he gets distracted and goes to yell at the fans now. I don’t think he will have to worry about Eli’s loyalty either. I’m sure that the contest will just get more gentlemanly when he’s in there. Danny however has the experience and the crowd behind him, and with Shiro at his side, he doesn’t need anything else. Except to be careful against this unhinged and strange family. You can expect me to go nuts during this one.

Next is the 4 way Tag Team Gauntlet as the reigning champs Craig West and Justin Joy take on The Bank Job (Anthony Mafia and Leyton Simms) The Rainbow Boys (Fifi and Neon Defender) and the Merseyside Murder Squad (Dan Evans and Seth Skyline). Now in the run up to this I interviewed the Murder Squad concerning their win over the champs and them decimating Fifi after Dan got himself disqualified by Seth’s interference. They didn’t have anything to say as they felt I wasn’t worthy of their presence, or so it seemed. I never got the courage to ask them really as I didn’t want my unmentionables turned to paste with chairs too.

Now moving on, there’s so many strong cases for each team here. The Bank Job has Anthony Mafia who is Triple Threat champion and Leyton Simms pairing with him has spelled doom for a few teams so far. They work very well together orchestrating tandem assaults, dirty tactics and intimidation with their gang influence. They won the last Gauntlet match at the last Next Gen show which gives them a bit of an edge here. But the Murder Squad also have an edge here as they managed to beat West and Joy at Road to History in a very impressive showing. Had it been a standard match, the Squad would be the tag champs going into this thing. Luckily for West and Joy they aren’t, but speaking of those two, coming off that loss and them facing each-other at Next Gen, I actually fear there may be some problems for them. I mean they fought tooth and nail against each-other with the better of the two clearly being shown by the end result, in a match with no cheating and rule bending. So I wonder if that will affect their ability to work together and keep hold of those belts.

Lastly we have the Rainbow Boys who have revenge on their minds against the Murder Squad after the horrific chair assault on Fifi last show. 2 men who seem like the rank outsiders may just surprise us all, and I really hope that they do, as it will show everyone that they aren’t just silly colourful wrestlers thrown in for a gag, but they are serious competitors and they proved that with their qualifying match against the Bashbys (who have their own battle for History) but weighing everything up I think that my head says the Murder Squad and my heart says Rainbow Boys. Let’s see how it pans out.

Next is the Women’s championship match between Leicester’s own Shauna Shay as she faces off against the current defending Champion, Natalie Wild. Now this has some history to it appropriately enough. There’s 4 women who this title has been revolving around. First is the previously mentioned Athena Furie who did hold the championship for a short time after winning it from Natalie Wild. Natalie had held the belt for a while until Athena took it from her at Supercard a few months back. Athena then defended it in the triple threat match and lost it back to Natalie Wild, but since then, Shauna Shay had a match with Natalie and beat her by pin-fall to get a chance at number 1 contendership. However a planned match for Road to History did not go ahead, which was Millie McKenzie taking on Athena over that championship herself, as a chance was given to her off her merits elsewhere in the wrestling world. Natalie didn’t like this situation with Millie getting the title shot. She kicked up a storm online, CPW management responded with the footage of Shauna beating her, meaning she was not the number one contender. Then the issue happened where Millie could not make it to Road to History and Shauna and Natalie both got their shot at the championship and this is where we’re at now.

I would assume that the winner of the match between these two and the other women’s match will most likely go one on one for that belt somewhere down the line, and just maybe it will prove who the best female in the division really is. As has been mentioned before Shauna has beaten Natalie one on one before, using her technical skill against Nat’s roughnecking, but of course she’s an accomplished wrestler too. I couldn’t pick a favourite between the two, but I guess it would be Nat, as she is champion and has that advantage of not having to beat Shauna, Shauna has to beat her, but I can’t see Nat making the same mistake twice. Any match with the gold on the line is always exciting to see.

Next is the Next Gen Championship match between the Chosen One Will Starr as he squares off against Isaac Quentin III in a British Wrestling rules match. That’s best 2 out of 3 falls or submissions, over 8 3 minute rounds. I don’t know whether it will go for all of these rules, where a count out win would still win you the championship and be classed as a knock out, or if public warnings are in play, but we shall see on the night. Anyone who has watched any old episodes of World of Sport online will know about this kind of match. This was an idea from the mind of Isaac and I can’t figure out why he chose these particular rules. It could play into his hands that the match if you don’t include breaks can only go for a maximum of 24 minutes, unless there is a tie breaker situation which will be at the ref’s discretion. However in the times when these rules were common place, it never went to tiebreaker, even over championships.

The thing is, this could be one on only one fall if it goes to time limit. It does add a lot of tension to this championship match, but I have the feeling it’s in case Will manages to build up a head of steam. We saw the kicking Will gave Isaac at the end of Next Gen the other week. I think it’s fair to say that even though he lost the match, he got the better of the exchange. He even got to hold that belt once again and kept it away from Isaac as the stipulation was made. Now Isaac could be using this to make Will play into his hands as once that bell goes off, you have to break your hold or stop your offence and go to the corner or face disqualification. Will is desperate and has barely been able to lay a finger on Isaac after losing the belt to him. They’ve not had a straight one on one contest since Will lost the belt either, but hopefully this will be the battle that ends the war. Of course regardless what happens these two will probably clash again. The way I see it is these two are about even, with a few little differences here and there. Either way it’s going to be a great match with 2 of the best in this region going at it over a top prize at the biggest show of the year. Only thing to keep in mind is that Isaac has the help of Marcel, so who knows what chicanery may happen. Let’s hope this is a good sporting contest with Fancypants not pulling any tricks.

Lastly is the main event, the CPW championship match between the final time competing Mr Richards taking it upon himself to get that championship away from the current champion Tom Lindsay. An added feature is that Dominic DeWinter will be in Mr Richard’s corner and Marcel will be in the corner of Tom Lindsay.

For all the flack that Tom gets, and for all the flack he and Marcel give me, I have to give Tom his due that he has been very successful over the past few months. I mean sure, he lost the Triple Threat championship to Anthony Mafia on an episode of Next Gen but he won the Rumble after starting at number 1 back in March, and has beaten some stiff competition since. This ongoing war however has over shadowed it all, and that’s why this is a “Let’s go to war match” We have our camps and our competitors in one final stand off to determine who is the best. Mr Richards has the power, size and strength, but he also has the knee injury which Tom will most likely go straight after. Tom has the cunning, the speed, the technical side, and of course that mean streak we know him for.

Mr Richards has done some crazy things in the ring before, and beings as it’s his last hurrah I can see it happening again, as a desperate man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous man you could ever face, and that’s where Richards will have the edge. Of course Tom has the belt, he has Marcel and his entourage, and a point to prove, so I think we will probably see this from Tom as well as he has the belt and so much more riding on this. The audience will blow the roof off this place during the match I’m sure as the most popular man in the company goes one on one with the 2nd most hated. The first being Marcel.

I really hope justice prevails here, to show Marcel that for all of his actions, for all of his smack talking on social media, for choking and berating me, for insulting the fans, and for making members of the audience feel crushed to the point of tears. We can only hope that Mr Richards beats you senseless, Tom, and I wouldn’t blame Dominic if he did the same to you, Marcel. Yet that still wouldn’t be anything near what you deserve to have happen to you. You have forced the hand of everyone, and we’ve all just about lost our patience. Personal beef with these guys aside I’m looking forward to a great match, and regardless of what happens, I’m sure we will see Tom get a kicking, his luck is bound to run out.

Next I would love to give a massive shoutout to Paul Tucker, Melissa Stoff, Abbie Greaves and everyone else who got out there around the city to spread the good word of CPW, to widen our audience and get to what should be an absolutely barnstorming series finale.

Overall this is going to be a very exciting show. This is only what’s been announced. I can’t say for sure what else will happen, but it will be great to see what we have even if it’s all we have. There are scores to settle and they will be. Championships to be decided, and they will be. CPW are pulling out all the stops to close off our year in the best possible way. I’ll be giving you a full run down after the show. Who knows what we will see, as well as what else could happen. See you there. This is Frankie Summers signing off.

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