Next was the 4 on 2 handicap match between The Hillbillies and Danny O’Neil and the man called Shiro. Standard stuff, Hillbillies come out, Alex Conners gets in everyone’s faces including mine. I should stay professional and perhaps I did respond a little strongly to what he said, but as I told you then Alex, I have a blog and I’m not afraid to use it. Eli took the lead to shake hands and slap fives with his fans but Summer and Alex just would not allow it. Cutting him off numerous times. They eventually got in the ring, and Danny and Shiro came out to a response that would have made you think we’d just seen England score live in front of us. The building was shaking with the force and volume, which annoyed the Hillbillies something awful. So much to the point that before the match started, they asked us to stay stood up in respect for the US national anthem. While what the crowd did was disrespectful, it was a group of ingrates who hate this country. Danny got us into it, as we started singing Three Lions and chanting England! While it was happening. Then in true style, Danny grabbed the mic, and said that we should get our national anthem.

We all stood in arms and sang with all of our hearts, really making us a part of this contest. Then it began as all contests like this do. With Danny and Alex locking up. I must apologise as my memory of this match isn’t great. I normally take lots of photos to keep notes of things that happen as they do. I was too invested in this to take photos. I was just too hyped up on seeing Danny beat the snot out of Alex Conners one more time. Danny took the early advantage as you’d expect, but Alex fired back before tagging in Eli. It became, as I predicted, a more sportsmanlike affair. Eli getting the power advantage of course. Summer was tagged in, but Danny being a gentleman of course, would not hit her back, but this lead to a cheap shot from her, and tagging in Alex again.

Danny tagged in Shiro to a huge pop from the crowd as these two began brawling. Alex tried to throw Shiro around to which Shiro responded with counter rolls, which understandably annoyed Alex. I’m actually surprised non of the Hillbillies went so low as to do mock Shiro with some bad Karate Kid references. They went at it for a little while until Alex got the cheap shot in and went and tagged in the Scarecrow. Then those two started brawling. Scarecrow got the upper hand with some fast and quick strikes, as control switched between all 3 Hillbilly boys and Shiro took a pasting from each. After a while and a savage beating, Shiro mustered the strength and got the tag to Danny who went in and blasted his way through all of them, except for Summer, who slapped him.

This ended up with everyone on the outside and Eli grabbing the Golden Ticket briefcase and contemplated what to do with it. We were all hoping after all that tension and all of that emotional beatdown that Eli would finally turn on his evil leader and smash him over the head with the briefcase. Instead his master’s voice overpowered him and Eli turned on the fans by smacking Danny with the briefcase, Alex covering Danny and pinning him 1,2,3. The crowd were understandably enraged by all this, as the Hillbillies seize the day and steal one from our heroes.

Alec at one point during the match spat at the crowd in a similar vein to Justin Joy, but the worst part is, Alex, you almost got my mum with that spit. I find that deplorable. Had it hit her, you would have known about it, as I would have caused you a lot of grief. I know that back home you were a keen tobacco spitter, and entered contests at many a county fair, but fans that haven’t done anything to you aren’t target practice. You need to watch your actions, else one day someone from an unexpected place will come out there and show you what’s what.Next was the Women’s match between the returning Millie McKenzie and the former CPW Women’s champion Athena Furie. This match was supposed to take place at Road to History, but as mentioned before, due to a booking issue, Millie couldn’t make it, so we had the triple threat match for the title with Natalie coming out on top. That match coming about because Natalie complained that it should have been her getting her return championship match first as she has the return clause in her contract. Which is a very standard clause I will admit. But still she got what we wanted, but not wanting to take away a promise from the fans, we got this match at nearest convenience and could finally show it on the biggest show of the year. Millie hasn’t been with CPW for that long or wrestled many times with us, but as I’ve mentioned before, she’s a local girl, born and bred in Coventry, has wrestled in promotions all over the country, has held big time championships over the past 2 years and she’s only just turned 18. She has a bright future ahead of her, but then we have Athena who is a 2 x CPW Women’s Champion and tons of experience in general as well as in big matches, she’s wrestled all over the country for the past few years, and is a known name out there on the circuit and isn’t afraid to wrestle anyone, even with women twice her size. So we have talent vs experience here, let’s see which one wins out.

It started off quite sportswomanlike as you would expect, both of these young women are liked among our fans, and they started off with their grapple game, with matt grappling and standing wear down holds and takedowns, trying to get leverage over the other.
This then lead to a striking match, standing and on the move, but then it got to what we all wanted to see, the power game. Athena did everything in her power to make sure that Millie didn’t hit her with those German Suplexes that she is very well known for, which worked for a while.

Millie started out the match very fairly it seems, but after a while it seems that her mean streak came through, stalking the more experienced Athena with very deliberate strikes and a lot of failed pin attempts that Athena kept kicking out of. I don’t know whether it frustrated Millie in the end, but you could see that killer look on her face as tried to do those suplexes. Instead when it didn’t work, Millie went for the underhook powerbomb instead, she also hit a Spear that almost took Athena out of her boots. Then she took Athena to Suplex City, with 3 German suplexes in a row, which certainly rocked Athena, but she kept with it, firing back with strikes, getting the upper hand again and even landing a flying cross body block which Millie kicked out of. They kept fighting until Millie hit another suplex variation and got Athena down for the pin. She couldn’t have used the Canadian Destroyer as all Piledrivers are banned in CPW of course.

This was a solid match and well worth the wait. I’m disappointed that some of the fans didn’t pay attention to some of it as they were focused on the Russia vs Croatia penalties, I know that the world cup is only every 4 years and it’s extremely rare that a result other than our own matters, as we don’t tend to get far, but still, these two women put on a fantastic match that a small section of the crowd were diverted from. But lots of respect to both of these women. They put on a good, high intensity match, and I expect to see more from both women soon.

Now before the next match, I have to bring this up. We had a technical issue regarding the sound system, which I retroactively apologise for, so Caitlyn couldn’t use the mic. Then I, out of the crowd told her to tell them about my blog. She told me I could tell them myself, so it finally happened, my CPW public debut. From behind my laptop and into the spotlight. I’m not sure how many of the fans read the blog, but I’m still going to keep making it as it seems to be a hit with people who have done. I’m sorry that they are quite long and wordy but these are in an depth analysis of each show. I have to thank everyone in the CPW Galaxy for the big pop you gave me and the chants, it makes me feel welcome and happy that I’m not part of this great industry, so Thank you all.

Next is the 6 man tag team match between Kieran Young, Morris and George as they take on the Bashbys, that’s Bashby and Bob and Shaun Ruben.

According to social media, I don’t know if we should take that Bashby’s first name is ‘Real’ or maybe it’s pronounced the Spanish way, like ‘Ray-ahl’, but maybe I’m thinking too much about this. These guys were not pleased that they couldn’t make their big entrance with their music, but Dominic came out and gave them a piece of his mind which the fans certainly appreciated. I understand how you feel boys, but the show must go on regardless.

This one came about because at the last Next-Gen show, George came out and beat Bashby for his Academy championship on his debut and his first time trying. He won after turning his own finisher against him and turning into his own. Now George has the belt, Bob is number one contender and now we have 5 of the Academy’s best and a former CPW champion in Kieran returning after that horrible injury last year, so let’s see what will go down. This match was so fast paced for a good chunk of it as we have 6 very athletic young guys, and a lot of it went by in a blur, so I can’t remember much of what happened sequentially, but I do remember some of the things that happened. From what I remember Morris started off with Shaun Ruben, Morris not being one to ever back down from a fight, and Shaun being very intense as normal. He doesn’t speak much, he just likes to get in there and throw people around. Some quick tags between both teams to begin with, we saw George come in and wrestle with Shaun, in only his second match, and Shaun being the stronger guy got the advantage, and put him into there corner, allowing Bob and Bashby to go after him one after the other.

From here, it was just a beat down on George really. Bob halfway through, used a move I’ve not seen him do before, as he got that big Samoan Drop and levelled him out, and shockingly George kicked out, showing how for someone so young with a slender frame, just how tough he is. I mean a move like that can wind you so easily, especially when someone like Bob who is 6ft 5 does it to you, that’s just crazy. Still, he fought back which garners a lot of respect from me. Even Shaun pulled out something I didn’t expect to see. I associate Shaun with ground and pound tactics, and a technical style, but this time he went and did a 450 splash, that is not an easy move to do, but I think Shaun got desperate needed to come up with something new and high risk to take out his opponents and it’s a shame that it didn’t get the job done as it was well executed. In the end Bob was still beating down on George. He went for a back body drop, but George flipped over him and hit him with his Arc Neck Breaker which I don’t know the name of, and managed to get the tag to Morris who just went in there and cleaned house. In the end it just turned into a pier six brawl with all 6 of them beating the hell out of each other. It all culminated with Bashby signalling to Bob to grab George so he could hit him with the Superkick. George moved and Bashby hit Bob with the Superkick, hard enough to knock Bob down, then in the shock moment George rolled out and in an explosion of emotion Bob stood up and out of nowhere, hit Bashby with that big cutter, the B.O.B and left them to it. Bashby was taken out, Bob was gone so now it was Shaun and all 3 members of the opposing team. Morris got in here, tried to hit Shaun with the Wasteland. Shaun countered and went for the DDT, Morris countered that, picked him up, hit him with the Wasteland and got the pin, ending a losing streak that has been going since November, and over one hell of an opponent.
Everyone impressed me here, with Morris picking up the win, and giving us all that sweet taste of success as he shows why he is the future of this promotion, and showing everyone why his is the major fan favourite that he is. George showed his versatility and proved that he can rumble with anyone regardless of size difference and Kieran showed no signs of ring rust at all, considering he’s been out of action for over 6 months.
Also their opponents, Bashby was fast and intense, Shaun was innovative and showed what variety he has in his move set and Bob showed that he doesn’t need anyone else, becoming a lone wolf as it were, but even in the match showed his power and size and how he can use it. But the good guys showed that they won’t be put off by anyone regardless of size. All around very solid match and everyone deserves their due.

Lastly it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for, the one that’s been building for months now. The Let’s go to War match between Mr Richards, the challenger taking on the long time now CPW Champion Tom Lindsay in his 3rd History main event in a row. Say what you want about Tom, but he came from the Academy back when CPW first started. He’s worked his way up the ranks and now sits atop the house of cards, and he did hold 2 championships at the same at one point. He started the rumble this year at number 1 and ended up winning it. One way or the other he has overcome every obstacle this year, no matter how much the fans disapprove. Sure he’s a cheating punk and has a bad attitude, but he wouldn’t have these things if he didn’t earn them, but now he has Marcel at his side, he has become even more of a threat.

This however has not stirred Mr Richards. The face of CPW, the man who swept the annual CPW awards, picking up 4, including Best Feud and Best Match with Dan Evans. Even winning award for that legendary Spear through the stage. Of course Mr Richards has had to take a step back due to his knee surgery, but his doctor cleared him for one more fight, so he could use it to give it all one last time to fight and beat Tom Lindsay. No Holds Barred, No Disqualifications and a man in each corner. Dominic DeWinter for Mr Richards and Marcel for Tom Lindsay. This couldn’t have got any more personal if it tried. This was more than just about the championship. This was about pride, and honour too. After all that Tom has done to CPW management, others on the roster and even the fans.

It started with Mr Richards taking Lindsay in a lock up on 2 occasions and Tom being thrown aside like a rubbish bag. There was no way Tom could match power with Mr Richards as Mr Richards beat him around the ring and into a suplex, Tom kickied out and used his experience rolling to the outside and as Mr Richards made his way out to join him Tom went for the cheap tactics. He clipped one of the knees, and began brawling outside, with a pivotal point being Lindsay suplexing Mr Richards on the concrete floor.

Mr Richards was in agony once again. Lindsay smelling blood rolled Mr Richards into the ring 1,2 kick out and the champion continued his assault with two vicious knee shots to the head but still Mr Richards wouldn’t lay down so Tom immediately went for the weapons, pulling out two tables and positioning them in uncompromising positions as Mr Richards made his way back into the ring Tom was immediately on him and a top rope manoeuvrer led to another unsuccessful pin and that point Tom went back to the weapon isle this time it was a chair which he positioned between the middle ropes and attempted to whip Mr Richards into the waiting danger but a reversal saw Tom shoot head first BANG and that bang was soon followed by several more as Mr Richards went to town on Tom crashing chair shot after chair shot including a leaping shot which saw Tom escape to the outside throughout this Marcel was trying to interfere but Dominic cut him off each time. He also came over to try and argue with me and my friends I attended with on occasion. On the outside Mr Richards took control climbing the apron to hit a superman punch as Tom fell hopelessly to the floor at this point the crowd were screaming for blood. This was deserved I say, a bit of retribution for all the pain you have caused, Tom.

Mr Richards picked up the body of Tom and proceeded to try and hit the head of the champion of the ringside apron but the wily champion reversed it and crashed the challengers head onto the unmoving wood of the ring, in the two went and this saw the first of two brutal table moments as Tom catapulted Mr Richards into the table that he had set up on the turnbuckles Tom you could see in his eyes was in the zone and he locked in the single leg Boston Crab, shades of the great Rollerball Rocco, right in the centre of the ring, nice and high to put all the pressure on that weakened knee. The crowd and Dominic begged Richards to not tap and in the end he made it to the ropes.

This forced the break which Marcel did not approve of Tom then locked in a leg lock but that was quickly thwarted by Mr Richards who you could clearly see was in a bad way. Tom in his seemingly confident state repositioned the remaining table adjacent to the near side turnbuckles but as he climbed to the middle rope his gloating to the fans became his downfall as Mr Richards dragged his faltering body right under Tom grabbing the champ by the neck and slamming him right through the table! This seemed the end as Mr Richards covered the champ 1,2 in came Marcel to break the pin and he was soon followed by Dominic DeWinter who cleaned the clock of Marcel with two thunderous shots and the two spilled outside brawling and this continued until they were out of sight back to the ring and Mr Richards had hit the Kings Crown but had let his attention divert to the outside stuff instead of pinning the champion and Tom had recovered hitting Richards with the DDT at 2.9 or there about Richards just managed to kick out. The two brawled to their feet and we got to see it the first Pedigree since History 4 but man the champion kicked out!!! Mr Richards was shocked pleading with official Stevie W that it was a 3 but Tom seized that moment hitting Mr Richards with a low blow and Tom wanted this over with and went and got the famous sledgehammer as he raised it high above his head to end the match and maybe Mr Richards life Dominic DeWinter was their to save the day grabbing the hammer, Tom knew trouble lay behind him and as he turned he charged at Mr Richards who moved out the way but as Tom returned from the ropes he crashed a shot into Mr Richards gut which was then met with a thudding Superkick and it reeled Mr Richards back to the ropes, Tom threw a Haymaker at Richards which was blocked followed by the kick to the gut, Pedigree, pin, and the match was over. The winner of the match and NEWWWWWWW CPW champion! Mr Richards!

I will admit I went ballistic at this point. The first time I’ve ever seen Mr Richards wrestle was just amazing and I can see what all the fuss is about. To see a perfect end to this horror story is what makes this what I would love to nominate as my personal match of the year, such a great contest between both of these men as they all gave 110%. I saw Tom in the dressing room afterwards and he was beat to hell, groggy and broken. Of course I had nothing but respect at this time as we need to remember as much as we don’t like him he is still human and he had that belt for a reason, other than being a dirty cheat, and he showed what that other reason was on the night of History 5. Under it all he is as tough as nails and a great competitor. I take my hat off to both of these men in what was the most emotionally charged and emotionally draining match I have ever watched, and I’ve been all over the country watching matches in all different promotions. But my local promotion that has welcomed me as part of their family in just a few short months, yet feels like forever has given me a match, and a show that will stick with me for a long time.

I want to take my hat off to everyone involved in this. To Management, to every member of talent and refs on the roster, the security, logistics and website staff, our hosts at the venue, to Hakimpur Cash and Carry for sponsoring us so wonderfully. But most of all I want to thank the readers and of course the fans of Coventry Pro Wrestling. You’re a unique breed who are part of the show yourselves, with how you interact with all of us, and how you emotionally invest with every single person on our roster. You’re the greatest and have made little old me feel welcome in this promotion. I even had one kid ask for an autograph from me, which was super special to me.

Now moving on from here we have Pre Season. Saturday 11th August we have a Fun Day with the NextGen Wrestling brand and then its onto our 3rd Annual Summerfest on August 25th.

Then on 21st July, a different kind of event as we head to the Oasis Market in Birmingham in conjunction with Pro Wrestling Cartel to do our Media and public meet and greet day with any wrestling fans who come over. There will be work shops and you can meet up and talk with the talents and myself of course. All of these before we kick off Season 6 in the Autumn.

I’m not generally a football fan, apart from when the international seasons come around, but I wanted to end this by saying it’s coming home, but the result of the match with Croatia says otherwise. I’m saddened by the attitudes of some who mocked the fans for getting their hopes up for this tournament, but we had a right to this time, this was the best England has done in 28 years, that’s longer than I’ve been around. But we do the get Golden Boot for scoring the most goals and it’s possible we will get the 3rd place slot, so something will be coming home after all. It’s sad but we have a fantastic team and we should be proud of them regardless of what happened.

I must thank you all for reading on this far and all of your support, wrestlers and fans alike. It does make me so happy that what I type and put on the website means so much to so many people. I’m sorry if some of the information isn’t quite correct with this one, but I’m only going off memory for a long show with epic barnstorming matches with massive stakes, and all of them had so much going on, calling them move for move would have been impossible from here. So, until next time, This is Frankie Summers signing off.

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