IPPV details for CPW vs The World……..

For the first time in our 6 year history we are going LIVE by PPV. Don’t miss any of the action of this huge Super Show featuring Cara Noir vs Tommbie, Will Starr vs Steve Valentino and more!!! For ONLY £5 you can get to be part of this historic occasion so book yours now.


With season 7 approaching and everything going to be bigger and better than Season 6 for FiFi this will be no different FiFi wants to remain at the top but also push to be better than ever. FiFi is going to...….


Its the latest addition to the CPW family as New Blood Wrestling takes centre stage this month. Saturday 27th April LIVE from the Henley Green Community Centre in Coventry the first show of a new era takes place and will feature the eagerly anticipated debut of Lucia Lee as she takes on Luna Rox in

Ready or Not match announcement……

FIFI booked his place in the History 6 main event with his Elimination 2019 Match defeating 19 other men and one of those guys was James Cross who asked for this match after FIFI broke his nose and he has got his wish LIVE at Ready or Not!

Frankie Summers – Blog #10

CPW Galaxy Blog #10 Gain and Glory Hello once again CPW. It’s Frankie Summers here once again with an in depth recap of the latest CPW Live show. This time held at the Henley Green Adult Educational Centre. A lovely airy venue with high ceilings, good acoustics and plenty of seating room for our beloved

See CPW LIVE this Saturday night

Catch your favourite CPW stars Saturday 29th September at the Henley Green Community Centre in Coventry! Doors open at 6pm and tickets can be purchased via our CPW Box Office or on the door (slightly higher price)


  Beerfoam Aftermath So since the events of the Morris show as I will call it, there has been some conflict. On social media I have observed the gripes of some of the in and out of ring talent, regarding the current situation with the championships, match decisions and a boat load of other things.

FRANKIE SUMMERS – BLOG #6 Media day in Birmingham

CPW Blog Entry #6 July 21st 2018, CPW joined forces with journalist ‘Brit Wrestling Fan’ Tom Baker and the Oasis Market stall Pro Wrestling Cartel and the UK Wrestling Cosplay group to put on the Wrestling Fun Day. It featured NBW star Corey Johnson too, who has wrestled in CPW before and was meant to