Frankie Summers – Blog #10

CPW Galaxy Blog #10
Gain and Glory

Hello once again CPW. It’s Frankie Summers here once again with an in depth recap of the latest CPW Live show. This time held at the Henley Green Adult Educational Centre. A lovely airy venue with high ceilings, good acoustics and plenty of seating room for our beloved CPW Galaxy.

It started up as I opened up for the show with Dominic Dewinter with Sweet Caroline in usual fashion to get the fans warmed up. After this I explained that I was too ill to announce the show. My throat is still iffy from the last show and I would not have lasted the whole event. However we had a very suitable replacement, I announced and handed the show over to the lovely former CPW Women’s champion, Miss Caitlyn James.

I went to the back to man the doors, and as a result got this highly detailed recount of what happened throughout the show. We opened up with a 1st round Qualifier for Ruler of the Galaxy tournament. Isaac Quentin III came out first. He was once one of the most hated villains in CPW, but now since he lost his winning streak, he comes out to crickets. It’s almost as if the crowd don’t see him as a viable threat anymore. Fifi cames out to his usual hype, dancing to the ring and getting the crowd into it. It opened with Fifi trying to hug Isaac, to which Isaac left the ring multiple times. When the action started properly it was back and forth grappling with both men swapping advantage, until Fifi countered with the Thump. Isaac struck back with multiple fisherman’s suplexes. Fifi got up, slapped Isaac, and hit the Famouser, followed by a standing Famouser. Fifi nearly pinned Isaac but got him back up and hit the Fifi factor. Isaac cowered in the corner and Fifi went for the stink face. Isaac hit the low blow which ended in a DQ. In frustration he assaulted Fifi after match with strikes, before hitting the Stroke. Fifi wins and advances in the Galaxy tournament. Meaning we have Tom Lindsey and Fifi in the semi finals.

The next match was the Nextgen title match between Drake Wynter took on Alex Conners. Drake came out to a really good response. He seems to have turned over a new leaf. Alex came out to his usual boos and chants. He went back to shouting at audience members which seems like he is going back on his improvements. When his music ended, Caitlyn was bullied by Alex into proclaiming how great he thinks he is. I love how you push around someone smaller than you to do your bidding, but you won’t try it on me anymore. The match immediately went to tooth and nail. Drake got an early pin attempt that Alex took exception to. He left the ring to regroup, before getting back in to follow with some grappling and mat work. But while Alex had his back turned Drake clocked him, knocking him out of the ring. He took his time getting back in, so Drake went after him with strikes on the outside, threw him back in the ring, but Alex caught him on the way back in with strikes. Heckling the crowd as he went. More cheap moves like chokes and strikes from behind. Drake fought back but Alex caught him with the takedown. When he got up Alex hit the sleeper, Drake rammed him into the buckle, tried to get to the other corner but Alex ran after him with the clothesline. After this Drake was thrown in the ropes and hit with running knees, followed by a slam, then a clothesline. This lead to a couple of near falls, angering Alex more. Drake got up and fought back with tackles and a swinging neckbreaker. He went for the finish but Alex caught him off again, hit the Kentucky Family Clutch, Drake countered, this lead to mid ring strikes, Alex trying to end it but Drake near taking his head off with a clothesline. He went for the finish again, but was once again countered. Alex went for the KFC again, locked it in and turned it into a rear naked choke. Drake tapped, Alex Conners retains to the disappointment of everyone. He didn’t let go of the hold after which shows his savage side again. I still feel to blame for this. However with this new submission finish, he’s going to be tougher than ever to get by. It’s a move that if he gets close to you, he can lock it on. So each time you chant KFC, you want him to lock in that move.

Next was the women’s match between Valkyrie Victoria Adams making her debut against champion Natalie Wild. I don’t know much about Victoria so I’m going into this match without knowing what she can do, but she got a good response from the crowd. Natalie got her usual response as is to be expected with her seeming stranglehold on the belt. She got into an argument with a fan straight off but didn’t hesitate to get in the ring. The match started with a face off. Nat shoved Tori three times. Tori answered with a knee and a savage swinging DDT which caused Nat to roll to the outside, seemingly unconscious. Caitlyn and Dale went to inspect but she got back in. Tori took her down again with a snapmare which made Nat powder out again, she then hit Tori again with another cheap shot. Then took advantage with roughnecking, tried to put Tori away but countered, took Nat down again, Nat reversed and took down Tori. Brought her up again for more knock downs including a double thrust, then a choke on the rope, followed by shoulders in the corner. Tori countered with the sunset flip, 2 count. They fought with strikes to their feet Tori went for the DDT again, Nat countered with the neckbreaker. Nat was angered by this. Dominic came out to encourage support for Tori who got Nat in a rear naked choke, Nat was fading and couldn’t answer the 3 arm drops. Victoria Adams is your NEEEEWWW CPW women’s champion and with a submission finish too. It’s good to finally see Nat get her comeuppance by someone out of the blue who she couldn’t possibly be prepared for. That’s one trophy out of the Power Couple’s cabinet.

Match 4 was a singles match between the chosen one Will Starr and Justin Joy. The crowd popped for Will as they always do. Rightly so. Justin still has his fans but doesn’t enjoy the great response he once did since turning on Craig West. Justin asked for the crowd to be quiet. Obviously it didn’t happen. They squared off for what seemed forever before starting with a Justin feigning a grapple. Will got a headlock in before Justin countered for a near pin. They broke off for the crowd to heckle Justin more. Will even got in on it. They locked up again and Will got the better of the exchange. Justin took time out to muse over himself. Another lock up lead to Justin taking advantage, still Will took Justin out with a dropkick and started on the weardown moves, driving his elbow into Justin’s leg. He fought back out and began with roughnecking attacks, taunting Will but Will got the better of him by catching the leg and hitting the leg whip. Justin took Will down again before more roughnecking. Then the elbow in the corner, then a cannonball getting a near fall again. He kept Will grounded, before using Will’s own moves against him. Will tried to fight back but was taken down again for another 2 count. Justin went for the tornado slam. Will countered with a beautiful pendulum DDT. Both men down which lead to a brawl between them. Will got the advantage but Justin hit the elbow in the ropes, cross exchange, Will his the clothesline, near fall again. Will went for a single leg Boston crab. Justin got to the ropes. Will hit the spring back kick, then the teardrop suplex, followed by the flying forearm. Another 2 count. Will went for the finish. Justin hit the superkick, then the tornado slam, Will kicked out somehow. This was getting tense. Justin went for the sidekick again. Will countered, another exchange, Will hit the spinning wheel kick. Then another slam, signalled for the super star elbow. He Missed. Justin took Will down once more and went for his own elbow. Will kicked out once more which enraged Justin. Will was put on the buckle. Justin went for a superplex. Then Will fight back and hit the wheel kick from the top. Went for the single leg Boston again. Justin tapped out. Your winner is the chosen one Will Starr!

Next was the tag team open challenge between the Merseyside Murder Squad and whoever would take their offer at the gold. They’ve been champs since History and have been in firm control of those belts ever since. The champs entered with the solid intensity they always do. The just silence went over the crowd before Seth Skyline took the mic and gave his speech to say there were no possible opponents they could face. Putting out his high opinion of himself. He then announced he will now be going by his real name of Scott Obermann. Dan Evans took over to throw out the challenge again. First to come out was Stevie W. To the shock of everyone. Even the Murder Squad when Stevie said he came out to take the challenge. But who would his partner be? It could only be one person. HEY HO. Let’s go! It was George.The murder squad tried to dismiss the challenge as a joke. Would that be a mistake? Dan started with George, giving a waist lock takedown to George twice. He went for a 3rd but George stomped on his foot, Scott jumped in but George hit them both with a cross body block. HEY HO Steve-o took advantage and even did some double teaming before Steve was tagged in and was taken down by Scott. Hard strikes ensued. Steve countered with a reverse atomic drop. Then a regular one. Dan was tagged in and went spare on Steve with kicks and stomps. A tag out which lead at a doomsday device attempt. Steve reverse and drove Dan’s head into Scott’s groin. The squad took advantage again working over Steve with no respect. A hit to the buckle with frequent tags. Once again passing them off as a joke. Steve was being punished from all side and even George was being taunted by them. Steve desperately tried to make the tag. Steve wriggled out of his trunks and made the tag. George took Dan out with a top rope clothesline. Then worked on both after the trunks were put on Dan’s head. Steve hit the giant swing, George hit the splash from the top. Dan broke the pin up. George went for a head scissors. Dan countered with the bomb into the post. All 4 got in the ring and in the confusion Steve got the roll up, George kicked Dan and separated the squad, Steve got the roll up the crowd went ballistic. The squad had finally been beaten but no title changed hands. Which is a real shame.

Next was the triple threat championship match between Morris, Leyton Simms and Anthony Mafia in his first defence in months. After this Dominic Dewinter came out to make an announcement regarding the triple threat belt. The belt is now shockingly being disbanded. Now to be known as the Godiva Championship. The winner of the match will be the new and first Godiva Champion. In representation of our fair Berg of Coventry. As of the beginning of the match this belt was vacant. Morris took off taking out both opponents, knowing they’re a team and can work together. They brought it back against Morris and began hammering away on him. Morris kept fighting back however and it ended in all 3 men going down. Simms got angry and stomped on Morris hard as Mafia stood by. Then the kicks started, Morris fought through it, struck back and took both opponents out. It went see-saw with control between the bad guys and Morris. They kept hitting him but Morris kept in there. Mafia went for the pin but Simms broke it up. Some descension there. But they shook it off and took down Morris again. Morris shoved Mafia then dropkicked him into Simms on the top rope then hit an incredible double Samoan drop. The crowd exploded. Morris got a near fall, then Simms got up and started attacking again, after an argument with Dale. Morris got a 2 count after yet another breakup by Mafia. Then many strike backs from the team against Morris but he countered them all until they struck eachother. Mafia went back to pin Morris again but Simms lost it. He abandoned Mafia, after hitting the Jailbreaker and leaving allowing Morris to hit the Samoan and pick up the win. Morris is the new Godiva Champion.

Next was the singles matches asked for on social media. Jake Casanova vs Beast. Beast has had a lot on his mind and wanted to take it out on Jake one on one. However CPW management ruled a dance off before the match. Beast declined but he was told he’d lose and be suspended if he didn’t take part. He eventually got in and did the funky chicken. I’ll admit you made it work Beast, regardless of how hilarious it was. You do have some good moves and weren’t afraid to take a dose of potential embarrassment. Then at round 2 Beast suplexed Jake to take advantage and went for a pin. Jake kicked out. This was followed by a choke with the knee, beast degrading Dale in the process. He then went back to Jake who fired back with clotheslines and forearms. They went for a cross exchange where Jake eventually got the upper hand after a trip. Jake got him in the corner and smacked him with elbows. Whipped him out but Beast caught him and went for Beast mode and missed. It wasn’t enough as he took down Jake just after. He them went for a death valley driver that was countered to a sunset flip. After a 2 Jake got on top, hooked the leg and got the 3. Beast was Furious and attacked Jake and shouted at Dale again. He hit the belly to belly and Jake was thrown out of the ring. He then declared Dale’s decision was wrong.

Then the music hit and out came Mr Richards to face down this monster. He removed his protective knee brace that he has needed for so long. Got in the ring, threw Beast down and hit him with the Pedigree, he addressed him and the crowd. Mr Richards declared the beast was slain. On October 20th Mr Richards challenged Beast to a No DQ match for the CPW title. Dominic came out and said he refused to sanction the match. The crowd protested and said how much they and I wanted. Dominic made the match official reluctantly. This match is one I have wanted to see since Media Day. For all of us that you attacked and disrespected. This one is for us. We signed off with a dance off with Jake. Mr Richards, Caitlyn, Dominic, Dale and I, joined by Fifi requested the crowd who could join in and dance to Jake’s entrance theme. I think we all did rather well, even those who didn’t know the dance like myself. This was a great show with amazing efforts put in by all, we had thrills, spills, laughter and surprises. Also a few groans of disappointment when I said I wasn’t hosting but it didn’t matter as Caitlyn did a wonderful job as as always. October 20th is going to be a telling moment on the path of Season 6. Can Mr Richards show Beast up again? Will Beast pull it out of the bag and dethrone our King? We can only hope the Lion will slay this monster and get rid of him once and for all.

For now this is Frankie Summers signing off.


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